Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday, I’ve shared with two close friends about this suspicion (or theory if you must) that my sister presented to me.  It’s simple; yet, it made sense.  She isn’t a fan.  Yes, she read the books.  She wasn’t impressed.  It just didn’t do anything to her and so she never watched the movies.  She, though, knows about my love for Rob and Kristen and anything Twilight; but mostly, my love for Rob and Kristen.  She said that I love Twilight because of Rob and Kristen; and not the other way around.  She’s right.  Very right.

Of course, we, devoted Rob and Kristen followers, have plenty of discussion about this unfortunate event on Twitter and in private.  We all have our speculations/theory.  Yes.  Speculations.  Nothing more than that.  Not one of us knew of the truth.  Not even the tabloids.  We based our opinions on the stories fed to us by tabloids who are reaping $$$ out of this... And of each other's take on this issue.  Somehow, we're influenced by someone else's opinion... 

My sister was so patient during the first week of this heartbreaking event. I poured out my “soul” to her… told her what was going on… how my heart was breaking… who tweeted; what was said; what was happening… The U-Haul and all…


At 10am yesterday, she called me and said, “Get ready, we’re picking you up; we’re going shopping.”

I said I was not up to it. 

She said, “Freakin’ turn your computer off and log off from twitter. You’re nuts!”

I was actually on Twitter. So yeah…

Then she said:  “This is what I know about this shit.  It happened on the 17th; then your Rob and Kristen were out and about on the 19th, lovey-dovey and all; and again that Sunday at this award show… Then Monday came, the news broke; photos were released.  Where were Rob and Kristen?  No one knew, really.  Then, there’s this supposedly statements from her and that old guy she allegedly cheated with.  There was no follow up. No one spoke of it.  Neither camps did.

Tabloids feasted of this issue. Writing stories that their source – which I think was their imagination— shared with them; that other tabloids pick up; then a blogger picks up and blogs about it — that innocent & simple minded people interpret as the truth…

But where are Rob and Kristen in all of this, Ofie?  Where's their family?  Where are their people?  Where are their friends?  They are quiet.  Why?  Because there was no issue.  There was nothing.  NOTHING!  They knew the truth.  They knew what happened.  I bet that Rob already knew everything from the very start.  From when this old, unscrupulous guy started giving her attention.  I bet that your Kristen told her Rob everything.  When I say everything, I meant, what really took place; from the beginning of time, to how those pictures were taken; what was really there than what those photo-shopped looking photos want to convey.  

So, from when the news broke to this day; everything you heard, you read is just that.  SPECULATION. OPINION. THEIR CONCLUSION. THEIR TWISTED INTERPRETATION... AND NOT THE TRUTH. The U-haul didn’t mean anything.  They both have gazillion of dollars.  I would leave my home too if vultures start camping in my frontyard! You said both are very private people; both level-headed.  Why do all this when the issue is hot; when all eyes are on you? (I thought of this too, by the way; and even twitted about it). Again. NO ONE KNOWS BUT THEM.  

Your Rob and Kristen are okay.  They are probably somewhere, having a great vacay.  

You want more?  Here's my take on this and it is not the truth:  If, for example there's a pinch of truth on this cheating thing... You know what I think?  She is young. She is vulnerable.  I think he is her life.  I think she loves him way too much.  I think she wants to keep "it" permanent.  I think she wants marriage.  I think she wants more from this relationship than he does.  I think he's not ready to settle down but loves her very, very deeply. I think that made her insecure.  She talks about him and mentions him as his boyfriend.  He never did mention her in his interviews as his girlfriend.  You see him screwing women on films.  Going out to parties, meeting girls while you are away; although you know he was going there and meeting friends.  These are just films.  These are just parties.  Kristen doesn't want to act out her jealousy because she's supposed to be very secure, a strong woman.  She of all people should know that sex in films are just that... But jealousy is an evil thing.  Jealousy eats your up.  Jealousy clouds your judgement.  Add the insecurity.  Add that pig who probably brain-washed her... Probably feeding her vulnerable heart and self that Rob was unfaithful to her... Then we have a poor girl who was very, very vulnerable... And voila!

But I think it's the former.

So until your Rob and Kristen come out and speak from their hearts, get on with your fucking life!

So, get up. Shower. Get dressed.  We’re going shopping!”

And we did!


I want to thank my friends who have lifted me up during the first week of this heartbreaking event; and who continue to be there... 
Tanya, you are a true friend.  
Gillian, thank you for welcoming me with open arms.
To all my FilFam - 
Sincerest thanks to all who didn't condemn, didn't hate...
Who, instead, lifted the other so we could all move on...
So we could all be positive...
So we could hope again...
As HOPE makes us stronger...


  1. I, by the way, have a "feeling" about what is "there." My heart is filled with love and hope... My heart is smiling...

    Thank you, all, reading.

    1. OMG. LOL. I meant... "THANK YOU, ALL, FOR READING!"

    2. I thank God all the time, bc my twitter sweeties are the nicest/coolest ladies I've known! They are not condemn and judging her, we are disappointed, but we are here for the better or worse.
      I believe something is OFF with this situation too. Lots of things don't match. Especially the no video bullshit story. Pics can be very convincing/persuasive, you can show what you want people see. Video tells us what is really going on. So yeah, no video, no proof. It was their motto, now it's mine! ;)

      Thanks for all your words!

    3. Great post, but I'm confused about the line "I thnk it is the former" former what? Your sister gave one big explanation that Rob knows everything and that this was driven by jealousy/insecurity, what do you mean by former though? sorry if I misunderstood.

    4. She was leaning towards the her first thought... That Rob knew before we ever did; that she did tell him... The second part is just her take on the issue.

      Thanks, bb.

  2. I think you're right, we don't know anything!! We can just trust our judgment about 2 people we have seen grow during these past 4 years...I love them, and I know they can make mistake as everyone of us! I just hope for them to be honest and to fight for their relationship if they think it's worth it... I think that we should learn from this "episode" to be more detached, it's not our life! We don't have to know about their every move and their every feeling, but we can respect them and love them from afar... And maybe enjoy your funny fics, because we all need some romance and humour every once in a while... Thank you for your post and thank you for your blog!

    1. You're very welcome. It's like this: We will continue to support both of them, whether they remain together or separately. I, naturally, hope that they decide to stick together. But whatever their decision is going to be, I will support them by watching their movies and wishing them both the best.

  3. Thanks Ofie.I agree with what your sister said.I already have my suspicion when the story hits the headlines.Kristen knows that the papz were their,and she knows that it will hit the headlines.I doubt that she waited till Monday or after the news broke to tell Rob.I guarantee you that she probably told Rob when she gets home that day.Theirs a lot of theories about what happened.My gut is telling me,that one of those theories are probably right.The big question is where is R/K right now.We haven't heard anything from them,even their friends and families are not talking.Unless I heard anything from them that their relationship is over then I believed that it's official.

    By the way I will still stick to my suspicion that she was set up.

    1. It is difficult being in the dark. Not knowing how they are or if they're even together breaks my heart everytime... but hoping makes it incredibly better. It's being said a gazillion times already the "there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long the tunnel is." I hope to see both Rob and Kristen come out stronger from this; together or not. Together is always better, though. Tee-hee. Thanks, luv.

    2. Thanks ate ofie, I know that Kristen will be fighting for him and I'm sure that they will not throw away the best thing happened to them.Rob is a good guy and have a big heart.I agree together is much better.But who knows right,they might be together now,the Stewart's have a lot of properties around California areas.I also doubt that they're in LA area right now,the papz are everywhere.

  4. NO matter what happened, I just hope everything would be ok at last. I love them and I embrace them for their glory and failure, good and bad, right and wrong.

  5. I love what your sister had to say. We know nothing! Nothing but what the tabloids made up and fed us. I, for one, try every day to stay out of the fray and hope for peace and happiness for all....

  6. I've read it carefully.. it's a possibility. I believe they probably had a problem in their relationship, - maybe had had this problem for a long time - and we knew nothing about it. All the rest is mere speculation. I agree that she is young, that she let herself be fooled by the old guy. But somehow, although it's hard to admit it because they looked so happy in public, there was something in her relationship with Rob which made her un happy - unhappy enough to get involved with someone else. I'll leave you some quotes here from a marriage counsellor which I fofnd on a forum baout marriage, coping with infidelity tec. I think they might help you understand. :)) Keep on the nice blog...
    Quotes from that MC:
    1 "I have yet to find an affair that happened 'out of the blue.' There are problems in the relationship that seem to be fixed by an outside person.'
    2 "The cheater is not in his/her right mind when cheating, it's a kind of addiction. Plus, the cheater rarely gets into that situation by him or herself. I think that in most cases both spouses have lost track of one another's love - not necessarily by any one's fault - and then one or the other succumbs to the temptation to cheat.'
    3 "Nearly ALL who fall for the temptation to cheat do so because they are looking for a solution to a problem they sense at home. I have YET, in all the time I've been involved in this, to find one single person who cheats because they are simply dishonest. Not discounting the idea that they may exist - but haven't run into that yet. The dishonesty comes as a result of choosing to have an affair, the affair does not happen due to dishonesty - at least in every case with which I've ever been involved."
    Hope that helps...

  7. This is the most inspiring thought I have read since that thing happened almost two weeks ago.

    The fact that you wrote this proves that you are brilliant and a true fan. Thanks very much.

    Believe it or not, I feel immensely better after reading this. Thanks again!