Tuesday, June 11, 2013




scrolling down...down... up...up...

tap...tap..tap... scrolling down... up....


Bear:   "Come on, Jella... Tell us!"

Bernie: "I gotta say, you're a fast typist!"

Jella: "Hush you, two.  I'm reading here."

Bear:   "So?  What did the "fortune teller" tweet about?"

Jella: *sighs*  "Said mom and dad are over and people need to move on... and dad is with that singer who sang Peacock... and doesn't like dad."

Bernie: *chokes*  "What?!? No one hates dad!"

Bear:  *rolls eyes*  "So, how did she get all that information?"

Jella: *serious face*  "She probably has a Magic 8 Ball."

Bernie: "Uncle CJ has one and it says Mom and Dad are getting engaged within 2 months; getting married within 8 months before the baby's born."

Bear:        "I don't get it.  How can daddy be with peacock girl when he's totally into mommy?

Jella: "They don't know that.  They chose to believe a version of dad who doesn't love mom."

Bernie: *guffaws*  "Right!"

Bear:   *contemplates*  "Wait...Do we call Uncle CJ uncle or auntie?"

Jella: *thinks seriously* "Well, that's a good question, Bear."

Bernie: *thinks deeply, too*  "Well if Uncle CJ is Auntie; so what should I call Alana?"

Jella: "Hello? We're supposed to be researching here!"

Bear:  "Sorry, Jella.  My bad.  So, what about the Krisbians and Robsessed?"

Bernie: *double fp*  "Even I know they don't want mom and dad to be together!"

Bear:  "I don't understand the hate."

Jella: "Oh, I do.  Completely."

Bernie: "And how about the so-called writers and bloggers?"


Jella: "They have sources."

Bernie: "Bear, are you talking to them again?"

Bear:  *blushes*  "Well, I was trying to correct their errors so I barked and barked but they got it all wrong."

Jella: "I told you they'd rather write what people want to read so their story will sell."

Bear:  "Who do you think their sources are?"

Jella: "I heard daddy told mommy that they probably talk to their imaginary friends."  *ponders*  "Maybe we should write are own blog."

Bernie: *Laughs*  "You know damn well, Jella, that the ninnies and the crazies will do anything and everything to bring us down."  

Bear:  "I heard Uncle CJ said..."  *halts*  "Uncle or auntie?"

Bernie: "Yeah, Jella? Uncle or Auntie?  Because he is made like dad but acts like mom?"

Jella: "Just call him CJ, jeez!"

Bear: "Well, CJ wants to shoot them all with his neon water gun."

Jella: *shudders*  "Oh, I hate those. That's a great idea!  Go get mommy's credit card and let's order lotsa water gun!"

Bear: "I'm on it!!!"

Bernie: "I'll help!  I'll get dad's"

***five minutes later***

Jella: "Well?"

Bear:  "I didn't get it."

Bernie: *shakes head*  "Nah. I didn't get dad's either." 

Jella: "What? "Why the hell not?"

Bear:  "Daddy is busy with mom."

Jella: "Oh, they're talking.  Yeah.  They're doing that a lot lately.  Reconnecting's the word for it."

Bernie:      "I get that.  They're really connected, Jella."

Bear:         "And I don't know how they understand each other, though."

Jella: "What do you mean?"

Bear:         "Well, dad said, "Unggggg..." and mom responded, "Ahhhhhhh."

Bernie: "Then, dad disconnected; then reconnected."

Bear:         "And dad said, "Oooohhh...." and mom said, "Mmmmmm...."

Bernie:      "Is that Brittish talk?  Like another langauge?  Dad's British after all"

Bear: "Probably."

Jella: *closes laptop*  "Well, kids, our work here is done!"

Bernie: "No! How about our research."

Bear: "We're supposed to be helping!"

Jella: "Nah. Mom & Dad know what they're doing.  You'll see. This, too shall pass."

Bear: "But how about the false reports and the hate and the lies..."


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason...



Rob:          “You’re ready, babe?”

Kristen:       “Just about.” *Snatched the jacket lying on the table*

Rob:           “That’s mine.”

Kristen:      *Raised an eyebrow; then turned to reach for the sunglasses*

Rob:           “That’s mine.”

Kristen:      *Smirks; pulled the thick green jacket from the closet*  

Rob:          “That’s mine.”

Kristen:      “And I’m going out.”

Rob:          “And you’re mine.” *grins*

Kristen:      *Tries to hide her smile*

Rob:          “Wait. Do you have your ring?”

Kristen:      “I got it!”  *rolls eyes*

Rob:          “Okay… so… um… have fun, babe.”

Kristen:      *tiptoes & leans to give her man a kiss*

Rob:          *Kisses her back*

Kristen:      *Kisses him deeper*

Rob:          *Not wanting to be outdone, kisses her with more passion*

Kristen:      *Kisses him some more… with her hands on him now*

Rob:          *Grabs her forcefully to him*

Kristen:      *Out of breath* “I really need to go.”

Rob:          “Okay.” *Kisses her some more*

Kristen:      “Okay.” *Kisses him some more*

 *Phone buzzes*

 Kristen:      “I gotta go.  Watch out for tweets while I’m gone.”

Rob:          “I’ll text you.”

Kristen:      *Hesitantly detached herself from her man*

Rob:          *Holds her tighter to him*  “I love you.”

Kristen:      *Sighs*  “I love you.”

Rob:          “Are we good?”

Kristen:      *Laughs*

Rob:          *Laughs*  “I mean… “

Kristen:      *Raises the other eyebrow*

Rob:          *Grins BIG*  “You know…”

Kristen:      *Suppressing laughter*

Rob:          “We, um, need to continue to make up for the lost times.*

Kristen:      *Guffaws*  “You mean we’re NOT done doing the, uh, make-up sex?”

Rob:          *Nods enthusiastically*  “You gotta admit, babe, it’s hot!”

Kristen:      *Smiles.  Looks away*

Rob:          *Quiets down*

Kristen:      “I missed you, you know.”

Rob:          *Sighs… Taking Kristen in his arms once more*  “I missed you fucking much*

 *Phone Buzzes*

Kristen:     *Touches the screen of her phone*

Rob:          “Damn it!  Tell CJ he’ll get his fucking free dinner!!!”

Kristen:      *Sighs*  I am going to dinner with friends & I will be the fucking topic..."

Rob:          “Fuck them all!”

Kristen:      *Laughs*

Rob:          “Laughs*

Kristen:      *Kisses Rob one more time*

Rob:           “Stay.”

Kristen:      “OK!”

Voice on the phone: “OH, HELL NO!!!”

Rob:         *Laughs*  "She's coming!"

Kristen:     *Kisses Rob one more time*

Rob:         "Hold on..."  *Removed the hat from his head and placed it on Kristen's*

Kristen:     "Eww... you're sweating..."

Rob:         "You like it!  Admit it!  You love my scent on you."

Kristen:     "How do I look?"

Rob:         "Perfect!!!"

Kristen:     "Watch out for your crazy fans, RPattz!!!  They're going to say I hid your stuff when you left our home that's why I am wearing your stuff; and then they'll say I'm desperate for attention..."

Rob:        *Scowls*  "Baby..."

Kristen:   "Shakes head*  "It's fucking okay, Rob.  I get it.  It's not your fault."  *Laughs*

Rob:       *Laughs* "Loonies!"

*Phone buzzes*

Kristen:   "I'm fucking late.  Sure you don't want to come?"

Rob:       *Raises eyebrow*

Kristen:   "Oh yeah... That's right..."  *Kisses Rob*  "I love you."

Rob:        "I love you."  *Furrows brows*  "The papz will chase you."

Kristen:    "I know, babe.  I will give them either my best smile... Well, that or flip them!"

Rob:        *Hugs his baby one more time*  "You, fiesty you!"

Kristen:     "You love me for it."

Rob:        "Want me to show you?"  *Smirks, then kisses her nose*

*Phone buzzes*

Rob:       *Dagnabit!"

Kristen:   "Go tweet or something... You have CJ's password!"  *Laughs*

Rob:      *Laughs*  "Fuck them!"

Kristen:   *Laughs---Kisses Rob; then leaves with a smile on her face*


Bernie: "Does this happen every time one leaves and the other stay?"

Bear:  "Pretty much."

Jella:  "Well, it's different now coz they've just had a lover's spat thingee."

Bernie:  "So, is that the reason why there's a lot of sound coming from their bedroom lately?"

Bernie:  "Oh."  *Crunches nose*  "Because they're fighting?"

Jella:     "No, because they're wrestling."  *Rolls eyes*

Bear:  "OH, I know that.  Like on TV! Wrestling..."  *Thinks*  "The Wrestlers on TV has something on though, Jella.  They wear costumes!"

Jella:  *Rolls Eyes*

Bernie:  "That's right!!! Mom and Dad don't!"

Bear: "Hmmm..."

Bernie:  "Hmmm..."

Jella:  *DoubleFacePalm*



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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh, yeah, she's ba-ack...

This by the way is fiction... LOL ... Just sayin'...

Bear: "Foot rub?"

Bernie: *hums*

Bear: "So, laundry's done, ha."

Bernie: "Mmhmm..."

Bear: "MmHmm..."

Bernie: "This is nice."

Jella: "The power is back to the queen." *grins*

Bear: "And everything is perfect again."

Bernie: *Confused* "What?"

Jella: "Just shut up and watch Mom at her best!"

Bear: "Jella, do you think Dad--"

Jella:  "Yup! He missed her Queen; so he brought her back!"

Bernie: "What the hell are you, two, talking about?"

Bear & Jella:  "Just hush newbie and watch Dad dote on mom, you'll get it."

Bernie:  "Hmm... Mom & Dad look so content..."

Bear:  "Shhhh.... do you feel that?"

Jella:  "Do you hear that?"

Bernie:  "What?" *even more confused*

Bear & Jella:  "Harmony!!!"