Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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K: "Baby, for dinner--" 
R: "Like always: RAW !!!"
K: "You mean rare."
R: "Hell no. It's often!"
K: "The steak, Rob. Your dinner."
R: "Oh. OH!" *Grins* "I thought--"
K: "What?" *Raises eyebrow*
R: *Coughs* "I got, um, worried there when you said rare."
K: *Rolls eyes*
R: "Um, Yeah. Steak. Medium-well."
K: "And for dessert?"
R: "You--"
K: "Chocolate pudding.”
R: *Eyeing his girl* “Kristen, I'm not asking you.  I'm telling you."  *Grins*  "Mmm... Chocolate pudding...On you--- yeah!!!”
K: *Laughs* “Is making your dinner gonna be this complicated?”
R: *Narrows eyes*  “You know what I want. I don’t know why you're even asking.”
K: *Guffaws*  “One track mind.”
R: *Takes K into his arms* “I think dinner is served!” 


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Monday, May 30, 2011



What?  You're just gonna smirk there 
and let my imagination run wild?
Ahhhhh.... I can read you.  I know what 
the answer is...
Is your answer:  "A-PLENTY?"





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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, he'll find a way to talk about his girl...

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Let's not misquote Rob, please...

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You Tell 'Em Rob!!!

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Where There is Rob... There's Kristen....

As tweeted today... 5/29/2011
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why KStew's Voice Gets, um, Hoarse... Strained...

MamaStew:  “So how was your flight?”

KStew:  “It was uneventful, mom.”

MamaStew:  “That’s good.  No papz?”

KStew:  “The usual.”

MamaStew:  “How’s Rob?”

KStew:  “Still sleeping.”

MamaStew:  “That’s good.  That boy works so hard. I’m glad he’s resting.”

KStew:  *Clears Throat*  “Yup.”

MamaStew:  “Why is your voice like that?”

KStew:  *Blushes*  “I just woke up, mom.”

MamaStew:  “Do you have laryngitis?”

KStew:  *Coughs*  “Umm…”

MamaStew:  “Honey, why is voice strained?  And what in the world did you yell at?  Why were you screaming?  Were you watching sports? Were you…” *Stops*


KStew:  *Covers face*  “Mom, I gotta go.  I think Rob is awake.”

MamaStew:  “Oh, okay, sweetheart.  Thank Rob for me again for the Mother’s Day present he’d sent”  *Chuckles*  “And… Um, just… uh… Drink a lot of water.”

KStew:  *Laughs*  “Okay, mom.  Bye.”

RPattz:  “Who was that, babe?”

KStew:  “Mom.  Just checking on me.”

RPattz:  *Grins*  “What happened to your voice?”

KStew:  “Shut up!”  *Tackles Rob*

… And that tackle is probably why we won’t see Kristen on Snow White…. (PreggyStew) Kidding!!!  *Sigh*  Sorry, can’t help it.  Have a wonderful weekend, sweethearts.

Here wishing for a baby Robsten very soon!!!  --- Ofie

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On Saturday 28th May 2011, @Ate_Ofie said:
How is it gonna be once our #Robsten reunite:

K: "Didn't housekeeping come to change the bedsheet, baby?

R: "Um, they came and cleaned."

K: "But these are the same bed sheet..."

R: *Sighs* "I didn't want them to touch the bedsheets, the blankets, and the pillows, okay? I told them not to touch the bed."

K: *Smiling* "Why not?"

R: "Well, I need your scent..."

K: "To?" *Eyes Rob suspiciously*

R: *Grins* "You know..."

K: "Sleep?"

R: *Smiles sheepishly* "That, too!"

K: "And?"

R: "You know..."

K: "No, I don't." *Raises eyebrow*

R: "Oh, shut up and kiss me, woman!"

Later... Much, much later...

K: "So, shall we ask housekeeping to change the sheets, baby."

R: "I don't care. You're here now." 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"SKYPE Me..."

I apologize if you find this too “naughty” and not to your liking.  Nevertheless, 
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Bear:  “Um, Jella, what is skype?”

Jella:  “Oh, that’s the thingee that allows mommy and daddy to voice call and see each other over the internet.  They do that a lot when they’re far from each other.

Bear:  “Oh, I get it.”

Jella:  “Get what?”

Bear:  “Well, you did say mommy and daddy can talk and see each other, right?”

Jella:  “Your point?”

Bear:  “That’s why daddy makes sound... you know... like talking... voicing his emotions and what not.”

Jella:  “Like how?”

Bear:  *Imitates R’s voice*  “Oooh, baby… Shit!!! Fuck!!! Ungggg!!!”

Jella:  *Frowns*  “NO! NOT LIKE THAT.  It’s more like: ‘Let me see you, baby… Damn, you’re so wet…’’

Bear:  “So who gets wet and why?”

Jella:  “I haven’t really figured that out.  Must be mommy.”

Bear:  “I doubt it.  I think it’s daddy.”

Jella:  “Why do you say that?”

Bear:  “Because after daddy skypes with mommy, he always wipes his tummy, his groin area, sometimes his thighs, and the table… well it depends where he sits or lies down while skyping with mommy.  Sometimes he just wipes himself but not the bed.  It still is a mystery to me where the liquid thingee comes from.”

Jella:  *Thinks hard*  “Oh.  All the while I thought it was mommy coz I did hear her say one time to daddy, ‘I’m wet only for you, baby.’”

Bear:  “Do you think the skype thingee gets you wet?”

Jella:  “Possibly.  But I once saw daddy skyped with Uncle Tom but daddy didn’t get wet.  Or when mommy skyped with grandma Jules… it’s like a normal phone call; only mommy was able to show grandma her new bling… the one daddy gave her.”

Bear:  “Should we skype and find out?”


Monday, May 23, 2011


I apologize but the weather is making me feel somewhat reflective.  I meant to write something humorous, like Bear and Jella discussing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s kiss at the Billboard Awards; but I guess my emotions are dictating me to go the other way.  I hope you will still find this post worthy of your time.  I thank you, in advance, for visiting RobSten for Life Blog.

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May 17, 2011


Oftentimes I wonder if my being away is as difficult for you as it is for me.  I know it’s not easy and I wish there were ways I could make a living without being away from you.  I’m neither the most romantic nor the most creative when it comes to expressing my feelings for you; let alone putting my emotions into words.  However, having spent time with them has taught me so much about love.  At my age, you would think I’d seen it all.  But alas, Cara, I know better now.

I stood not far from them as they said their goodbyes.  Watching them cling to each other, not wanting to let go, ripped my already broken heart into pieces.  “I love you,” she whispered over and over, her eyes brimming with tears.   Perhaps he tried to be strong for both of them as he held back the tears.  But he gripped her so closely to him, kissing her eyes, her nose, her face, then her lips.  Mind you, Cara, they will only be apart for a couple of weeks, three at the most; but the separation, the thought that they won’t be in each other’s arms, brought so much sadness that’s hard for them to contain.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve witnessed their goodbyes so many times before.  I should be used to this by now.

“I’ll think of you, Baby, and I’ll miss you like crazy,” she said, her hands on his face.

He closed his eyes savoring her every word.  “I fucking love you so much,” he groaned before taking her lips one more time.  It was a long, passionate kiss, Cara; a kiss that possibly helped their goodbyes a little easier.

Aware of the time, I cleared my throat and told them that it was time to go.  Neither of them glanced my way but saw them nod to acknowledge me.

He’ll never love anyone but her.  And she, I’m certain, would do anything for him; maybe even die for him.  That’s how powerful their love is for each other.

Let me tell you one incident, Cara, which I’ll never forget.

One time, I was told I was needed and because I didn’t want them to wait, I arrived half an hour early.  He opened the door, greeted me in his usual kind, friendly manner, and offered me a beer.  She waved at me and said hello.  “We won’t be long,” he said and went back to sit beside her.

I couldn’t really see what they were doing because the back of the couch was blocking my way.  They were, however, sitting face to face.  Not wanting to look like a freak watching them, I focused my attention on the TV.

“Don’t move,”  I heard him say; like he was scolding her.  That, by the way, only made her giggle.

“Sweetie, you’re doing it wrong,” she said, and burst out laughing.

“Well, do you want me to do it or not?”  He asked, obviously flustered.

“Fine,” she sighed, still holding a big smile on her face.

They were both seriously focused on whatever they were doing.  I guess it was out of curiosity when I found myself walking towards them and stood behind them.  My eyes bulged out when I saw what they were doing.  He was fucking painting her nails!

“You missed a tiny spot there,” she said, pointing.

“I’ll get it,” he assured her.

“Um, this is nice,” I said, trying to hold my composure.

“She couldn’t do her right hand so I do it for her,” he supplied without looking at me as he was focused doing the task of painting her nails; like it was but natural.

I have no words, Cara, so I went back to sit on the stool, smiling like a buffoon and feeling somewhat light.  That’s how they are.  Their love is without effort.  They accept each other the way they are.  Even the simplest thing they do it together.  They are a team.  They are each other’s strength; each other’s reason.

Do you know that when one of them travels, the other is always there to welcome him or her back?  What the camera is yet to capture is a reunion like no other.  You see, Cara, he prefers her in his arms all the time.  When the prying eyes aren’t looking, her spot is on his lap because his arms belong around her waist.

The usual black SUV picked us up when we arrived at LAX.  He knew, like I knew, that she was sitting inconspicuously in the back.  As soon as we sped away from flashing lights, he pulled her to him, sat her on his lap and kissed her thoroughly, forgetting that there were other people in the vehicle.  It wasn’t awkward if that’s what you want to know, Cara.  Maybe at first but not anymore.  There’s a moment of silence, like they’re savoring that very moment; just kissing and touching; and gazing at each other’s eyes; smiling like they’re the happiest people to ever live.  Then, the “I love yous” and the “I miss yous” were muttered, like a broken record.  Perhaps moments like that make them the happiest couple on earth.

If they could buy time to make it stand still, they would have bought it a long time ago so they’ll never have to part ever again.

If they could influence the distance to stop from growing, they would have done it so they’ll never be far from each other at all.

If they could dictate when, how, where, or with whom to do their jobs, they would have demanded it from the start so they’ll always be working together.

Oh but they know, Cara… They are confident; their faith never faltering… that they are each other’s future.  Their loyalty in each other will take them there, to forever.  Even, I, Cara, believe it.  If you had asked me then what I think about their future, I would have said, “Only time will tell.”  But after watching them nurture their love – their relationship – I am now hopeful of their tomorrows.  Yes, they are young.  There are challenges ahead of them.  But they have the major ingredients to make it through.  He puts her before himself; and him before herself.  Doubt is just a thing of the past now.

So, Cara, we drove in silence for the first minute of our drive to the airport before her phone rang.  “Hey, baby,” she greeted him, her voice hoarse from crying. I smiled because I knew that both were already looking forward for that moment when they are back in each other’s arms.

“I miss you already,” she said sighing. And before we arrived at the airport I heard her say, “I love you,” for the nth time; she then added, “I’ll be home soon.”

You see, Cara, she was going back to her place of birth; the place she was supposed to call home.  But it’s not difficult to grasp the fact that her home is where he is; no matter where that is.  Only with him, beside him, will she truly be home.

Their life isn’t as complicated as many people believe. They are in love. They plan for their forever.

And, I, Cara, want forever with you.

You are my home.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Jella:  “And that’s why I’ll be seeing you sooner than you think.”

Bear:  “All because of Prince Charming?”  *Shakes head*  “Jella, I don’t get it.”

Jella:  “Dude, you’ve lived with Mom & Dad for, like, forever… And you still don’t get them?”

Bear:  *Thinks* “They’re, um, very protective of each other.”

Jella:  *Sniggers*  “Yup.  They give a new meaning to that word.  I guess when our parents say, “I’m just protective of you,” what they really mean is, “I’m jealous and that’s it that!””

Bear:  “Mommy gives daddy that sideway look; brows jerking a little downward… Doesn't have to say a thing… And then daddy gives mommy whatever she wants.”

Jella:  “Or, when daddy starts talking in that thick Brit accent of his, slightly high-pitch…”

Bear & Jella:  *Guffaw*

Bear:  “But then when something pissed off dad, mommy simply sits on his lap, wraps her arms around daddy’s neck…”

Jella:  “Then in her sweet voice, she whispers, “Aww, baby, don’t get mad…””

Bear:  “…Followed by soft kisses on daddy’s eyes… nose…”

Jella:  “…And before mommy’s lips get to daddy’s lips…”

Bear:  “…Daddy’s no longer upset!”

Bear & Jella:  “Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Whipped!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!”

Jella:  “Yeah, but when dad’s really mad…”

Bear:  “What?”  *Worries*

Jella:  *Grins*  “That’s when mommy gets to wear those lacey thingees that make daddy giddy in excitement… and stuff that…”

Bear:  “Oh, you mean with cuffs?”

Jella:  *Confused*  “What cuffs?”

Bear:  “You know… like the ones that police people---”

Jella:  “I know what cuffs are!”

Bear:  “Yeah… those and…”

Jella:  “… Nurse Baby… Maid Baby… School Girl Baby… Biker Baby…”

Bear:  “You mean when they practice for their roles?”

Jella:  “You’re kidding me, right?”

Bear:  “Why else would mommy wear those clothes that don’t even fit?”


Bear:  “Well, tell me this then… If those clothes make daddy happy, how come he gets them off of mommy so quickly… even ripping them off of her?”


Bear:  “Ohhhhhhhhh…. Now I get it……”

Jella:  “Get what?”

Bear:  “Why mommy and daddy are so religious.”

Jella:  “You’re trippin’ man.  Religious?!?”

Bear:  “Hmmhmm…”

Jella:  “Why did you say that?”

Bear:  “Because, my dear brother… Mommy and Daddy follow Adam and Eve example… And… THEY CALL GOD A LOT WHEN THEY’RE NAKED!!!”

Jella:  *Stunned*  “You are dog genius, Bear.  You’re right.  They do call God a lot when they’re not wearing anything… We are so lucky to have such faithful parents, Bear.”

Bear:  “Do you think our parents are Catholics?”

Jella:  *Shakes head*  “Nah! I don’t see them wearing purity ring.”

Bear:  “Muslim?”

Jella:  “If daddy wants to die, yes.”  *Narrows eyes*  “Bear, do you think mommy will let daddy live if he marries more than her?”

Bear:  “What then?”

Jella:  “I don’t know… But they do worship each other!”

Bear:  “You’re right… Mommy does kneel to worship daddy a lot!”

Jella:  “And daddy bows down to worship mommy….”

Bear:  “Then they both call on God.”

Jella:  “Yep.  Once they’re on their worshipping position, they say, “OH, GOD!!!””

Bear:  “Or, “GOD, YESSSSS!!!””

Jella:  “Such devoted people…”

Bear:  “Our parents are, Jella…”

--- The End---

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I tried to capture Rob's lyrics 
but I couldn't make out the 1st paragraph.
I tried...
So here it is...

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Listen to Rob Singing the Song
Click:  http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2011/05/sofarsounds-rob-pattinson.html


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Sunday, May 15, 2011


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I close my eyes and I feel nothing but the intense emotion I feel for you.  Love isn’t even the word to describe it.  It’s more… Every time my heart beats my mind reaches out for you as though I am nothing without you.  My existence, now I know, craves your presence… longs for your existence.  You are the air I breathe.  Food will never satisfy my hunger and no liquid will quench my thirst.  You are, my love, the only sustenance my body needs to survive. 

I open my eyes now and I see you… And God, how I love you!  You are the vision of the perfect life I once thought was impossible to attain.  Needless to say, you are my beacon of light; illuminating the darkness that lingers from time to time.  You, love of my life, skillfully draw how passion should be felt just by gazing at it; something that not even the best artist could illustrate.  I see you.  You are my home.  You are the only one thing I can never live without.

I reach out to you and my every pore comes alive.  One touch and I fall for you even more; every damn time.

And you love me…  That I know.  It’s that thought that fuels me to go about life.  It’s your love that is my shield against the unwanted and cruel bits and pieces thrown at me.  It is you why I find the strength; why I breathe; why I am…

The distance is our enemy when we are away from each other.  I hate every fucking mile that separates you from me.  But even then, the thought that I’ll be coming home to you make it bearable.

Why others do not know what their future is astound me.  Are they not sure of what they have now that they can’t see their tomorrows?  Or am I too conceited to predict our future?  No.  I know and I have faith.  You are, and only you, are my future… my forever. 

When I hold you at night before sleep takes us, I am certain of our tomorrows.

When I wake up, your skin against mine, there’s no room for doubt about forever.

When you whisper, “I love you,” once, twice, and every time, my faith soars much higher, much stronger.

My Princess, you are what make me… ME!  I am nothing without you.

Yours forever.



Shut up and take me.  NOW!!!

Yours Always.


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