Saturday, October 19, 2013

One Strong & Determined Swimmer!




Hi.  My name is TeejeeCee.  Well, I think that’s my name because my caretaker, Auntie FATE, calls me that.  My name does sound Japanese if you asked me.  Uncle Desty --- very funny dude; Desty is short for Destiny; Auntie Fate’s younger brother --- told me that my mommy and my daddy totally and truly expressed their love for each other, without hesitation, somewhat initially  in Japan.  I don’t understand it but I don’t have any other reason why I am called that:  TeeJeeCee.  Weird.  Say it fast 3 times and you would think you’re talking in Japanese/Nipongo.  Auntie FATE, though, simply said that I am special; and very precious and that’s what TeeJeeCee means.

You must be wondering how I got here.  Miss Kismet, the young lady who’s preparing The Stork who will fly me home, said that I was the best swimmer amongst so many of us.  I remember it clearly that day.  Me and gazillion others were pretty much chillin’ and then it started to quake.  We got so excited.  For some reason we’ve always known that there is this beautiful GLOBE where we’re allowed to grow and be granted life; and the only way to get to that globe is by swimming through THE TUNNEL; then jumping really high and fast towards the globe.  So many quakes came and gone and, before me, none managed to jump fast and strong enough towards this magical place and POOF! So many got wasted.  Some got sucked into the wrong passage way; into the wrong globe.  This globe has an exit door that leads to this white ceramic chair with a flush… And that’s according to Mother Nature.  I met her already.  She said that others got splattered onto luminous skin.  I’ve learned a lot from her, actually. She added that there were actually a few who somehow got trapped into this elastic and elongated tube-thingee. 

Let me be clear:  The quake is the key and there had been plenty of quakes; sometimes 3 times in a row with half an hour interval, sometimes less.  The quake is always caused by colliding with holder of this Life-Giving-Globe.  When it quakes, you know that the tube has inserted into the owner of the globe… then you feel the jerk, and then you just find yourself swimming… swimming out of the tube or the passage way into this opening, like a gate, towards the globe…  And that’s when so many swimmers fail. 

Until me!

Miss Kismet said I’m strong.  I guess I am.  Before I was called TeeJeeCee, I was called YSimply Y.  I was one of the many Ys in our lake.  But I recall with clarity that on that day, the quake was so intense it practically washed me towards the tube… We swam and swam… I just kept swimming.  I saw an opening and I called out to the others to follow me but just couldn’t swim the way I could.  With determination and this feeling of love bursting inside me, I pushed myself into this globe and I got through!  Ha!  I got through!  And I was welcomed with a bang!  Xs!  Finally!  I was thrilled.  These Xs are awesome!!! And the feeling was glorious.   I felt myself got stronger.  I felt… alive!  I was given life!  And I waited… happily to be known.  Then, as days go by, I realized I’ve always been taken cared of.  I have Auntie Fate, Uncle Desty, Miss Kismet and Mother Nature!  It was amazing.

Auntie Fate has been guiding me throughout the process and helped me grow.  The globe was a world of wonder and love.  I feel so many things.  I have so many questions but thankfully, my caretaker helps me understand.

The day I was discovered was a joyous day.  I felt as though the love multiplied gazillion times. 

And soon I will meet my mommy and my daddy face to face.  The Stork isn’t ready yet so I have to stay in the globe until it’s ready to take me to my mommy and daddy. 

I hope my parents will not keep TeeJeeCee as my name.  I have a feeling they don't like this name.  It’s just weird.  I should be called Lucas!  Or Christopher!  Or Junior!  Yeah!  Junior!  I'm a Y after all and I need a strong name.  Yes?
Well, I have a long way to go.  I need to get bigger.  I need to be healthy.  I kinda like In and Out burger and hot Cheetos but ever since I was discovered, mommy has been taking more veggies and fruit.  *Sigh*  Daddy is watching her like a Hawk… According to Uncle Desty!  Daddy likes In and Out burger but mommy said that if she can't have it; then he can't have it. PERIOD!  Auntie Fate agrees with the healthy stuff!  It’s for my own good, I know.  

Oh, by the way, it still quakes… It’s more often now than ever before.  The quakes are much bigger and louder and more constant!  Miss Kismet said it’s my fault that Mommy likes to produce quakes all the time.  I don’t get it.  Thankfully, per Uncle Desty, my daddy enjoys producing these constant big and loud quakes with mommy…  Auntie Fate said the quakes make them happy.  The quakes don’t bother me.  I am secured now and soooo, soooo loved!

So, the next time I talk to you, I’d be bigger and stronger and I may have more stuff to tell you. I can't wait to meet my daddy and my mommy.  Auntie Fate said my parents rock!  

Right now, I have to go because we have an after-shock!!! 

Until then…