Thursday, April 14, 2011


***Are we sure that the motorcycle was a present for our dear girl, Kristen, from her Twilight cast mates?  For the sake of this post, this news is 100% confirmed (happy smile).***

 Dear Diary,

My brother, Bear, and I need sleep.  Honestly.  We haven’t been sleeping soundly lately.  Daddy should chill.  He’s going to have anxiety attack if he continues to worry like a mother hen all the time.  I have to admit, it was funny at first.  But after 5 nights straight with, like, no sleep, better believe it I’m pissed.  Even my dear brother Bear’s cute bark is now turning into an annoying growl.  And Mommy…  Jeez!  She should stop milking the situation for her amusement. 

What’s with all this commotion you ask, dear diary?  Well… wonder no more as I’m here to “transcribe” minutes of the, um… events.  It’s that darn motorcycle’s fault; the one they gifted mommy for her 21st birthday.  Let’s just say I don’t think it’s a good idea.  Oh, no!  Don’t get me wrong.  Mommy loves it!  She had fun riding that thing.  Daddy supervises her like a hawk.  Don’t be surprised if you’ll see daddy with tired, bulgy eyes or with bruises and stuff.  Daddy’s been mommy’s shadow since that motorcycle came to our lives

So, when mommy and daddy came home after mommy’s birthday celebration, both were giddy; laughing, kissing, touching… all lovey-dovey (no surprise there… they do it every freakin’ time, birthday or no birthday… jeez!). 

So, mommy told daddy that she likes all her birthday presents with this amazing glint in her eyes.  I kinda know what particular gift mommy was talking about.  Daddy’s response was a long, hungry kiss (if you can call it that… Bear and I call it “hungry suck!”… Tee-Hee!). 

Well, after a while… Like 100 wet and lingering kisses; gazillion “I Love Yous,” moans, flips, position changes, grunts, push & pull, flinches, quivers, and twitches later… I heard daddy say, “Baby, please don’t ride your new bike without me.  I don’t want you get hurt.”  
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” mommy responded, “I’ll be careful!”  Such assuring words from my beautiful mother but I kid you not, dear diary, there was a mischievous smile on her face… Of course!!!

Naturally, daddy overreacted.  “Listen to me Kristen,” daddy started, throwing mommy a stern look; “You are not to ride that bike without supervision.” Then, in his pleading voice, daddy added, “Baby, if you get hurt…”

“Rob, I’ll be okay.” Mommy assured daddy.”

“No! Kristen you have to promise me… Baby, please?  You won’t ride that bike without me.”

Mommy smirked, kissed daddy on the lips, gave him a tight embrace.  “Alright, baby,” mommy finally said… but the smile lingered.

That night, while mommy and daddy were sleeping, I heard daddy yelled mommy’s name.  He got up, so abruptly, that he almost fell off the bed.  “Kristen!” Daddy yelled again.

Mommy woke up, quite worried.  “Baby, what’s wrong?” She asked.
Daddy stared at mommy for a long time; he was almost in tears.  Without a word, he grabbed mommy and held her ever so tightly to him.

“Honey, what?”  Mommy asked again.

Daddy was obviously distraught about something.  “You’re okay,” daddy whispered hoarsely; cradling mommy’s face.

“Did you have a nightmare?” 

“Yeah.”  Daddy nodded. 

Mommy got up.  “I’ll get you water.”

“No!”  Daddy called out. 

Mommy heard the anxiety in daddy’s voice so she hopped back on the bed and crawled on daddy’s lap.  Daddy must have had a really bad dream because he held on to mommy really, really tightly.

“Tell me,” mommy said, kissing away the worry on daddy’s face.

“I dreamt you took the bike on a ride…and… and…”  Daddy’s voice was shaken.

“Oh, baby…” Mommy’s kisses began to get intense.  “It’s only a dream.  I’m okay.  I’m here, sweetie.  I’m here with you.” Mommy said between kisses.

That started a different kind of yelling; of daddy yelling mommy’s name… and mommy yelling daddy’s name… Let’s just say daddy demanded “something” to forget about his bad dream ---whatever that dream was--- and mommy was only too happy to oblige.  By the time daddy finally forgot his nightmare, the sun was already up and it was time to get up.

That was only the first night, dear diary…


Sunday night came and I was sure we’re all going to sleep soundly knowing how little sleep mommy and daddy got the night before.  After mommy and daddy’s long and loud shower, they lay on the bed, turned the T.V. on and watched a little bit.  Our parents fell asleep with the TV on a few minutes later.

About two hours later, daddy started yelling mommy’s name.  “Kristen, come back here!” 

Bear and I watched as daddy got up and ran outside.  When daddy came back to the bedroom, he was out of breath; but he was obviously relieved to find whatever it was he went to check outside for; and was more relieved (it seemed to me, at least) to find mommy fast asleep on the bed.  When daddy’s breathing evened out, he laid down beside mommy and took her into his arms; even slightly carried her so he could cradle her whole body closer to him.  Of course, that woke mommy up.  Mommy slowly opened her eyes and she stared right straight into daddy’s eyes.

“Rob?”  Mommy tried to get up but daddy didn’t let her.

“I heard the loud purr of a motorcycle and…”

Mommy eyed daddy suspiciously.  “And you thought I snuck out to ride that thing?”

Daddy, at this point, didn’t know how to respond.  Bear and I started laughing (well, I meowed and Bear barked to be accurate).  Daddy’s busted.  As in really busted.  Bear shook his head and whispered to me, “Daddy’s in trouble isn’t he?”  I nodded and we sniggered some more.

Daddy was quiet.  I think at one point he thought of denying it.  But like mommy said, daddy can’t lie.

Then an old commercial flashed on TV and it was some Big Dog Motorcycle ad where a man was riding a motorcycle… 

“I heard that,” daddy explained, “and it was loud and…”

Bear and I was so sure Mommy’s gonna get upset but she surprised us when she started laughing, like really hard.  She was rolling on the bed, laughing.  Daddy was dumbfounded.

“Oh, baby… you’re going to lose your hair worrying so much.”  Mommy said when she was finally able to speak.

Daddy was not amused.  He lied down, pulled the blanked over him, turned his back, and closed his eyes.

Mommy, of course, wasn’t done laughing.  Bear and I made a bet.  I called that mommy will win this.  Daddy will apologize.  But Bear, since he’s still a pup, bet that mommy will apologize to daddy.

Who won you asked?  Hmm… It was a tie!  Why?  Let me tell you why…

Since mommy couldn’t stop laughing, daddy pretended to ignore mommy.  But we all know that wouldn’t last, right?  Mommy moved and daddy felt her got up and he immediately turned around.

“Where are you going?”  Daddy asked vehemently.  Only to realize that mommy was still beside him; smiling at him.

“Really, baby?  Did you honestly believe that I would sneak out to go for a ride?”

Daddy shook his head.  Mommy believed him.  She knew Daddy was just trying to protect her.  He was only worried sick for mommy.

“I love you,” Daddy whispered, his eyes burning passionately on mommy’s.

Mommy kissed daddy.  Like their every kiss, it lasted forever… it triggered some deep emotions… the passion flared…And once again, dear diary, the screaming… the moaning… the grunting… etc…etc…etc… took place until the wee hours of the night.  Over and over…

That was only the second night…

Bear and I were sure that the third night was going to be better.  Yeah.  Right.

Mom and dad came home from work really tired.  But mommy insisted she makes dinner.  Daddy was having a beer, watching news in the living room.

“Baby, I’m going to the corner store!”  Mommy yelled so daddy could hear her.

I didn’t know daddy could move so darn fast.  He was like Superman, dear diary.  He was suddenly beside mommy offering to drive her.

“You’re tired.  I won’t be long.  It’s only a block away.  I’ll ask John to go with me.”

“You’re taking the SUV?”  Daddy failed to sound wary.

Mommy tried to suppress her giggle.  “Nope.  We’re taking my new bike, Rob!”

“I’m going with you.”  Daddy was already out the door.

“Baby, I was only kidding!”

Let’s just say daddy won that argument.  Daddy and mommy went to the store together… Um… to buy a gallon of milk.  Really.

After dinner mommy asked, “Do you want to go for a ride?”

Daddy threw mommy a suspicious look.  “I thought you were tired.”

“Yeah, but… Well, I guess we can do that later.” Mommy yawned.

When mommy said later, even I, a cat, was sure the next day or day after that, or next week… or much, much later… Not, like, an hour later!  Jeez.

So, to be sure, daddy stayed awake even when mommy was already fast asleep.  Every time mommy moves, daddy jerks.  He was ever so alert.

Past midnight, mommy woke up to find daddy drinking coffee while reading a book on the chaise lounge.

“Baby, you’re not coming to bed yet?  It’s late.”  Mommy got up and sat on daddy’s lap.  Daddy placed his cup of coffee on the table so he could wrap his arms around mommy’s waist.

“I’m not tired.”  Daddy was fibbing.  His eyes were closing of their own accord; hence the coffee.

Mommy smiled sweetly.  “We can remedy that.”

Daddy’s eyes glinted…

After a good loving session on the chaise lounge, mommy and daddy went back to bed.

“Why can’t you sleep?”  Mommy finally asked.

Daddy sighed.  “I keep having that damn dream. I fear that…”

Mommy’s eyes narrowed.  “Baby, this got to stop.  It’s not funny anymore.  I promised you…”

“I know… But I’m so scared, Kristen.  I don’t want you to ever get hurt!”

Mommy used her magic touch to ease daddy’s worries and half an hour later, daddy was fast asleep.  And every time daddy woke up, mommy did her magic… until it was once again time to wake up.

That was the third night…


The other night was quite tolerable but not enough to enjoy a restful slumber.

Daddy and mommy with some of their friends “played” a little bit with mommy’s new bike.  Our parents were tired when they got home but they were laughing.  Obviously, they had fun.

Then it was time to sleep.

Mommy assured him that she’s safe; that she’s not going sneak out to take a ride in the dark with the bike.

After their, ah… well… their, um, nightly habit… daddy and mommy fell asleep right away (to my relief and delight… and Bear’s, too!).

Past midnight, mommy got up to go to the bathroom; then went to the kitchen for a glass of water.  That was probably when daddy woke up and found mommy gone.

“Kristen!”  Daddy speedily got up and started searching for mommy.  Of course it didn’t even take him 10 seconds to find mommy in the kitchen.

“What?  Did you really think I waited until you were sleep… So I could take the bike for a ride?”  Mommy asked; her hands on her hips.

Daddy didn’t know what to say as he remained mum…

“Rob?”  Mommy raised an eyebrow… This meant war… Hehehehe…

“Well…”  Daddy sounded like a little boy who got caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

“I-um…”  Daddy has his own magic tricks.  He smiled that smile that always makes mommy melt… Then threw mommy that look that promised mommy something she really enjoys… Mommy started to step back as daddy walked closer to mommy.

“Stop!”  Mommy pleaded; but the sudden sparkle in her eyes contradicted her words. 

Once daddy bridged the gap… until there was no gap at all… His lips started to do the talking on mommy’s soft skin.  Their hands were all over each other.  It still boggles my mind how they could find satisfaction from wrestling on the countertop or against it…the bending, thrusting in and out, repeatedly over and over; while the lips sucking some part of the body; and while the hands groping on some “hilly” parts struck me as real work!  Bear thought mommy and daddy were hurting each other that he almost jumped on daddy or mommy.  I know he would have done it had he not been confused!

That was the fourth night, dear diary… A few hours sleep… That’s all!


Last night I heard daddy promised mommy that he’ll try to relax so both of them could sleep soundly… Soundly my ass!

In the middle of the night, mommy’s phone rang and I guess it was Uncle Tay checking on mommy.  Daddy was snoring at this point.  He finally relaxed.  Mommy and Uncle Tay’s conversation shifted from “what’s up” to, I guess, “the motorcycle was awesome!” 

Guess what?  The snoring daddy was no longer a snoring daddy but a worried-sick daddy!

Daddy got up and said, “Baby, I’m going for a ride!”

Guess what, dear diary!  Mommy dropped the phone and tackled daddy.  “Are you crazy?  It’s dark! You can’t drive that darn thing!  You will only hurt yourself!”  And so on and so forth…  Yup!  How the wheels have turned, eh.

Mommy went on outlining the reasons why daddy shouldn’t take the bike for a ride!  Daddy has this satisfied expression on his face.

“Rob, I love you.  I don’t want you get hurt.”  Yup.  Like a broken record.  Mommy was adamant for daddy to understand why he should lay off the bike.

Awww… That was sweet… Yeah!  That sweetness was translated into extended tackling fest on the floor.  I think mommy and daddy fall in love some more everything they say “I love you,” to each other… which takes place many times a day (I kid you not dear diary.).

The, um, tackling left them naked the whole night which led to more tackling… *sigh*

That was the fifth night…

It’s about 8pm here, dear diary… So far, so good…

Now I want to ride that darn motorcycle...

But for now, dear diary… I need to sleep…

Wish me luck.

Jella (and Bear)


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Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble

Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born
Worry, worry, worry, worry
Worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone
We'll I've been...
saved by a woman
I've been...
saved by a woman
I've been...
saved by a woman
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now

Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
Feels like every time I get back on my feet
she come around and knock me down again
Oh, worry, worry, worry, worry
[ From: ]
Sometimes I swear it feels like this worry is my only friend
We'll I've been saved...
by a woman
I've been saved...
by a woman
I've been saved...
by a woman
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now

Oh..., Ahhhh....
She good to me now
She gave me love and affection
She good tell me now
She gave me love and affection
I Said I love her
Yes I love her
I said I love her
I said I love...
She good to me now
She's good to me
She's good to me


  1. Hi sweet!
    I notice some time ago that didn't see you on twitter for while and just now I realize that I lost your return. Welcome back! *hugs*
    What can I say about this post?! Loved! Brilliant and humorous as always, congratulations on such creativity bb!
    See ya! =)

  2. Loved it! Such fun...hahaha.

  3. Wow, love this!~ It's funny yet very sweet.