Monday, April 18, 2011

WHO "STYLED" ROB ON THE TODAY SHOW?!? Well, let's find out...

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  1. hahaha lols!!!! you got the perfect pictures for this post ate ofie haha, it's only just about 30 mins since they've been away from each other i guess lols and rob already misses his girl lols!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha....LOL!!!

    Ofie, this is f***king amazing...oops, sorry about that :D
    You got the perfect pics, so funny =)))

  3. he got it bad! .... eeeeeee! <33333

  4. You know I was thinking the same thing when I saw him, a little sex hair going on here, but because it is not as long as it use to be to flop more, it sort of sticks out a little bit straight more. No doubt what was happening after they left the party that morning ;) Love you Ate....

  5. great and funny as always!!