Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Christmas morning…

GrandmaPattz:  “Robby, are you not excited to open your presents from St. Nick?”

Rob, Jr.:  “That’s alright, Gramma.  I know that Santa Clause didn’t bring the presents!”

GrandpaPattz:  “Of course they were brought by Santa while you were asleep last night!”  *Encourages Rob, Jr., to open his presents.*

Rob, Jr.:  St. Nick is too tiny to carry all these presents, Grampa.”

GrandpaStew:  “Oh, but Santa has magic!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Thinks*  “But… But… Mommy said, he’s tiny!  And Daddy hinted that Santa is a girl!”

GrandmaStew:  “Rob?  Kristen? Why are you confusing Robby.”

Kristen:    “What?  We did no such thing, Mom.”

Rob:  *Turns to his son*  “Son, when did we tell all these things about Santa or Saint Nick?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Well, Daddy… You and mommy didn’t want me to hear so you talked about it in hush voice; like whispering… But I heard it.”

Rob & Kristen:    *Look questioningly at their son*

Tom:  *Smirks*  “This is going to be fun!”  *Claps hands*

Rob, Jr.:  “Remember last night after we decorated the tree, you sent me and T.J. (Thomas James, younger sibling, tee-hee) to sleep?”

Rob:  “And you did.  Mommy and I tucked you into bed, read you a story about Santa…”

Rob, Jr.:  “And fell asleep!”

Kristen:    “Right!”  *Suddenly nervous*

Rob, Jr.:  “I woke up coz I had a bad dream…”

Tom:  “Ooooh… How the plot thickens…. Go on Robby, tell us what happened next!”

Kristen:    “That’s okay, Tom.  I’m going to talk to my son in the kitchen while I make him his favorite hot cocoa.”  *Takes Rob, Jr.’s hand*

Rob, Jr.:  “Mommy…”

Rob:    “Yes, baby?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Why did you ask daddy to let “Little Saint Nick” come last night?  So you could help him bring it the presents?  Coz he’s so little he can’t carry the “load?”  You did say, "Come, Little Saint Nick... Give me your load," right?”

Grandparents:  *Gasp*

Rob:  “Honey, you’re going to take Robby in the kitchen, right?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Oh, and daddy?  Why did you want Santa Baby to hold on to Little Saint Nick?  Aren’t they one and the same?  So is Little Saint Nick a baby?  A girl, maybe?”

Tom:  *Guffaws*

Grandparents:  *Eye husband & wife questioningly*

Kristen:    *Clears throat*  “Oh, uh… I will tell you in the kitchen… Daddy and I will…”  *Turns to Rob*  “Honey? Are you coming?”

Rob:  *Wiggles eyebrows*  “Oh, I did, baby!”

Kristen:  “Shhhh!!!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Stands up and walks with parents*  “Was that why you were gasping last night, mommy?  Ha, daddy?  Because you helped Little Saint Nick carry the presents?  Or should I say Santa Baby?... Oh, and is Little Saint Nick really that tiny, mommy, that you needed to bend down to look at him and speak to him?"  *continues to mumble as he walks with his parents to the kitchen*  “…Well, when I knew Santa was here, I ran back in my bedroom coz I want him to know I’m a good boy… So, did Little Saint Nick come last night, mommy?  Did you carry him in your hand… coz he’s tiny… Did he forget to bring his magic?”

Rob:  “Believe me, Son.  Little Saint Nick is not so tiny and he always brings his magic with him.  ALL THE TIME! Ask mommy!”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yey!”

Rob:    *Whispers to husband*  “Shut up!  You’re not helping!*


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  1. LOL>. always a good one... but I think you made a tiny mistakes with your names there and put Rob's name instead of Kristen :)