Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Rob, Jr., KNOWS RELIGION!!!

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GrandpaStew:  “Did you enjoy your trip abroad, Robby?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yeah.”

GrandmaStew: “Did you like Dubai.”

Rob, Jr.: “Yeah.”

GrandpaPattz:  “They pray five times a day there.”

Rob, Jr.:  *Shrugged shoulders* 

GrandpaStew:  “And how about The Vatican?”

Rob, Jr.:  “It was okay.  The mass was solemn.”

GrandmaPattz:  “And how about Japan?”

Rob, Jr.:  “We visited the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. People prayed, too.”

Rob:  “We also visited a Buddhist Monastery when we were in Kathmandu.”

Kristen:  “Well, we explained to Robby that religion plays a big role in a lot of cultures around the world.”

Rob, Jr.:  “They’re alright, I guess.”

GrandmaStew:  “So, can you tell us what you’ve learned from your trip, Robby?”

Rob, Jr.:  *Sighed deeply*  “Well, I’ve learned that people DO NOT pray enough.”

***Everyone was amused/flabbergasted***

GrandpaPattz:  “You don’t think so?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yeah, they pray… But… Not enough.”

Kristen:  “But, honey, the religious ones, like the nuns, the priests, the monks… they practically pray the whole day!”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yeah, but…”  *scrunches nose*

Rob:  “Tell us, son.”

Rob, Jr.:  *Shrugs shoulders*  “They’re not really religious.”

Kristen:  “Sure they are.”

Rob, Jr.:  “I know, mommy.  But they’re not as religious as you and dad are.”

Rob:  *Furrows brows*  “What do you mean?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Well, I know that you and mom pray more than everyone else.  You’re very religious.”

GrandpaStew:  *Chuckles, shaking his head*

Rob, Jr.:  “You don’t believe me Grandpa?”

GrandpaStew:  “Oh, boy…”

Rob, Jr.:  “Tell them, mommy!  Tell them, daddy!” 

Kristen & Rob:  “Um… Uh--”  *Quite confused*

GrandmaPattz:  “Why don’t you tell us?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Fine.  Mommy and Daddy pray more.  Every night, I hear them call on God and Jesus.  Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, they’re still praying.  They pray long and loud.”

Kristen:  “Oh, God…”

Rob, Jr.:  “See!  Mommy calls on God!  A lot!  Especially at night.  Mommy yells, “OH, God! Oh, God! Right there!  Godddd!!!”  And Daddy would, then, call out Jesus’ name… Like, “Jesus.. So good!”  And they do pray with feelings, too.  They just don’t kneel.  They also close their eyes; especially mommy.  Mommy loves to kneel.  Ask daddy!”

Rob:  *Clears throat*

Rob, Jr.:  “… Oh, and, like in the morning, when I wake up, they’d still be praying.  My mommy and daddy don't just pray five times!  They pray, like, ten times!"  *spreads ten fingers*  "They pray so long that they get exhausted after… But praying makes them happy though.  Right, mommy?  Daddy?”

GrandmaStew: “Ah, yeah…”  *Clears throat*

Rob, Jr.:  *Remembers something*  “Oh, and when daddy goes to work and he’s out of town, he still prays with mommy… What’s the word again, mommy?  Sk—sca—“

GrandpaPattz:  “Skype!”  *Laughs*

Rob, Jr.:  “Yeah! Skype!  See, my mommy and daddy are better prayers.”  *Turns to Rob and Kristen*  “Oh, maybe mommy is a nun and daddy is a priest!”

Kristen:  *As red as a beet*

Rob:  *Coughs*  “Played that!”  *Coughs*

Kristen:  “Shut up!”



  1. Oh Lordy, that was so funny! RK will be in a lot of trouble... like in 5-8 years (?) with lil Robby lol

  2. Woww! Haha:D Amazing as always!!!!Robert Junior is a genius! I can definitely imagine their child like this!:D

    @Ofie: u are soo talented:) I have great fun while reading these:))

  3. OMG! Ilove Rob jr. so much!! if they have a kid like this would be awesome, party everyday!! That little monster eheh
    I always get so happy when i see you post a Rob Jr. adventure LOL

    Kisses <3