Sunday, November 27, 2011

A New Pet for the Pattinsons!!!


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Rob and Rob, Jr. talking on the phone…

Rob, Jr.:  “Daddy, when are you coming home?”

Rob:  “We’re almost done shooting, son.  I’ll be home soon.”

Rob, Jr.:  “We miss you.  A lot, a lot, a lot… Especially mommy.”

Rob:  *Sighs*  “Well, you’re the man of the house while I’m away, so take care of mommy and your little brother.”

Rob, Jr:  *Sullen*  “I know… I think mommy misses you so much she’s getting a new pet.”

Rob:  “A new pet?”

Rob, Jr:  “A-huh.  And I heard her tell Aunt Liz that she’s keeping it in the bedroom.”

Rob:  “What is mommy getting?”  *Intrigued*  “A fish?”

Rob, Jr.:  “No!”

Rob:  “Hamster?”

Rob, Jr.:  *Giggles*  “No, Daddy.”

Rob:  “Do you know what mommy is getting?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yes!  I told you.  I heard her talk to Aunt Liz on the phone this morning.  Mommy said she misses you so much… So she’s getting herself a Rabbit!” 

Rob:  *Chokes*  “A r-rabbit?”

Rob, Jr.:  “And I don’t understand why she has to keep it in the drawer.”

Rob:  “Um…”

Rob, Jr.:  “… And I also heard that the Rabbit will help her sleep… so she won’t worry about you… Coz…Coz, mommy said she can’t sleep at night without you by her side.  I still don’t get how a rabbit can help mommy fall asleep.”

Rob:  “Um, son… Call mommy for me, please.”

Rob, Jr.:  “Mommy!!! Daddy wants to talk to you.  I think he doesn’t want you to get a Rabbit!!!”


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