Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rob, Jr., The Musically-Inclined Child of #Robsten

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Rob, Jr.: *Crunches nose*  “Daddy, I’m confused!”

Rob:  “About?”

Rob, Jr.:  “My name.”

Rob:  “Your name?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yeah.” *Serious expression on his face*

Rob:  “Well, your Mommy named you after me.”

Rob, Jr:  “What?  Flippy?”

Rob:  “No!”  *Chukles* “Robert!”

Rob, Jr.:  “So, why did Marian at school called me, Tippy.  It does sound like Flippy to me.”   *Cups face with his palms*

Rob:  “I mean… Well---” *Lost for words*

Rob, Jr.:  “She heard her mommy say that it’s the TIP that made me...”  *Shrugs*  “Made me what?  I do not know.” *Tucks arms*  “Well, whatever that means. Marian doesn’t even know what it means.  But she thinks it’s funny.”  *Sullen face*  “I don’t get it!”

Rob:  “Don’t worry about it, son.”

Rob, Jr.:  “Then, Uncle Tom calls me Trumpet!” *Raises voice*

Rob:  *Clears throat*  “That’s because you’re learning how to play the trumpet.  You’re going to be good at it.  Maybe you will be a famous trumpet player when you grow up.”

Rob, Jr.:  *Smiles*  “Oh, yeah, ha?  Uncle Tom said Mommy plays your trumpet perfectly well!”

Rob:  *Furrows brows*  “H-he said that?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Uh-ha!  Remember you bought mommy a trumpet last Christmas?”

Rob:  *Coughs*  “Oh, that’s right.” *Exhales*

Rob, Jr.:  “So, has mommy been playing your trumpet, Daddy?”

Rob:  *Looks away* “Mmhmm.”  *Nods *

Rob, Jr.:  “Cool!  I haven’t heard Mommy play for a while now…”  *Thinks*  “But, Uncle Tom said Mommy practices blowing your trumpet every night.”

Rob:  “Um, Son… It’s not my trumpet.  It’s mommy’s trumpet now.”

Rob, Jr.:  “But you bought it!”

Rob:  “And gave it to Mommy… As a present.  Remember?  It’s not mine anymore.  Just like when I bought your video games… They’re yours now, right?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Owww… But what if Mommy gives away your trumpet?”

Rob:  “Believe me, Son.  She won’t.  It’s her most precious possession!  She’ll go crazy without it.”  *Smirks smugly*

Rob, Jr.:  “I’ll tell Uncle Tom next time he visits.”

Rob:  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll talk to him.”

Rob, Jr.:  “Wait, Daddy.  How come Uncle Marcus, when he was here last Sunday, he called me Brokie?”

Rob:  “Brokie?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yes.  He said that when Mommy made that video of his song, I Am Broken, and you were also there… Well, he said that after doing the video, that night, the Stork dropped me at your hotel room’s door.  Then nine months later, I was born.”

Rob:  “Son…”  *Takes son in his arms*  “Your name is Robert, Jr..  It’s a very good name for a boy.  That’s the name that Mommy loves so much, that’s why she picked it when you were born.  It’s our name.  Even Grandma and Grandpa love that name.  A lot of people would love to have that name as theirs.”  *Tickles his son*

Rob, Jr.:  *Giggles*  “Daddy, can I call you Pianie?”

Rob:  “Pianie?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yes. Pianie.  Coz you’re a good piano player.  I even saw you last night playing the piano with mommy.”

Rob:  *Gulps*  “You s-saw…”

Rob, Jr.:  “Yup!  Maybe you didn’t see mommy.  She was hiding under it… And your eyes were closed.”

Rob:  “Oh! Ah… I did f-find her…”

Rob, Jr.:  “You were humming loudly, too. That’s probably why you didn’t hear mommy.  I heard her slurping a drink… or something.”

Rob:  “I-uh…”

Rob, Jr.:  *Remembers something*  “Oh, and how come when you play the guitar Mommy sits on your lap?”

Rob:  *Yells*  “Kristen!  Baby, come here!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Giggles louder*


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  1. You are not only loads of fun, but psychic as well. Robsten's recent interviews revealed how carried away they were during the sex scenes, with Condon telling them repeatedly to stop thrusting. I read your older posts of Robsten in Rio, and it's like you were there. Amazing!