Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh, yeah, she's ba-ack...

This by the way is fiction... LOL ... Just sayin'...

Bear: "Foot rub?"

Bernie: *hums*

Bear: "So, laundry's done, ha."

Bernie: "Mmhmm..."

Bear: "MmHmm..."

Bernie: "This is nice."

Jella: "The power is back to the queen." *grins*

Bear: "And everything is perfect again."

Bernie: *Confused* "What?"

Jella: "Just shut up and watch Mom at her best!"

Bear: "Jella, do you think Dad--"

Jella:  "Yup! He missed her Queen; so he brought her back!"

Bernie: "What the hell are you, two, talking about?"

Bear & Jella:  "Just hush newbie and watch Dad dote on mom, you'll get it."

Bernie:  "Hmm... Mom & Dad look so content..."

Bear:  "Shhhh.... do you feel that?"

Jella:  "Do you hear that?"

Bernie:  "What?" *even more confused*

Bear & Jella:  "Harmony!!!"

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