Sunday, July 10, 2011

Accent, work out, and horseback riding...

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Jella:  “So, why do you talk like that?”

Bear:  “You mean like daddy?”

Jella:  “Yeah.”

Bear:  “Daddy’s teaching mommy how to talk like he does.”

Jella:  “And?”

Bear:  “Well, I couldn’t help but pick up the accent.”

Jella:  “What did you learn then?”

Bear:  “That there are two words that can be spoken the same; be it with mommy’s way of talking or daddy’s.”

Jella:  “What are these words?”

Bear:  “Fuuuuuuck and Yeeeeessssss… Oh, and every sound they make when they they’re hovering each other.”

Jella:  “Mommy’s learning daddy’s accent then?”

Bear:  “Ooooh yes, darling.”

Jella:  “Shut up!”

Bear:  “Sorry… I got carried away.”

Jella:  “Is daddy a good teacher?”

Bear:  “I--- um--- I’m not sure.”

Jella:  “What?  Mommy needs the training.  She needs to speak like dad before she goes to London to shoot Snow White.”

Bear:  “There’s just too much I LOVE YOUs when they talk…”

Jella:  “What do you mean?”

Bear:  “It’s just that… They’d start talking, like, you know, converse normally, talking about stuff…”

Jella:  “But I think that’s good.  That’s how it’s supposed to go.  Mommy needs to hear how Brit speaks.”

Bear:  “Yeah, I know that.  But then daddy would say, “you’re a natural,” then mommy kisses him and say, “you’re a great teacher.”  Then, daddy goes, Well, Miss Stewart, you get an A+.  Then, mommy smiles and bats her eyelashes and say, “Why, thank you Professor Pattinson.”  Then, they kiss.  After a while daddy starts saying his I LOVE YOUs; and then mommy says it back… Then, daddy calls mommy MRS. PATTINSON, my princess… Then, mommy, for some reason, starts calling daddy, “DADDY,” which makes them both giggle… Then, they forget the lesson… Then, they decide to work out.  I mean, it’s frustrating, Jella, coz, then, they forget about me.”

Jella:  “Did mommy gain weight there?”

Bear:  “Maybe.  Daddy has been feeding her.”

Jella:  “And daddy?”

Bear:  “Well, I guess.  Mommy has been feeding him as well.”

Jella:  “Oh, okay.  Then they need their work out.”

Bear:  “I know… But all the time?  Even in daddy’s trailer?  Don’t you think that’s too much?”

Jella:  “No.  Not at all.  This is good then.  Mommy’s getting the exercise she needs; plus her accent lessons…”

Bear:  “But no time for me.”

Jella:  “Oh, get over yourself.  I’ve read the adoration people are pouring over mommy, daddy, and you via tweets and blogs, and some articles… like you’re one happy family.”

Bear:  “Oh no!  I’m famous again?”

Jella:  “Shut up!  Just enjoy the ride, kid.  So, what else did mommy and daddy do?”

Bear:  “Did I mention to you that mommy adored daddy’s new haircut for hours…”

Jella:  “That’s not new.”

Bear:  “…Without clothes on.”

Jella:  “Like I said… That’s not new.”

Bear:  “Mommy showed daddy how to ride a horse, by the way.”

Jella:  “How did that go?”

Bear:  “Exhausting.”

Jella:  “Why do you say that?”

Bear:  “I watched them and boy was that intense.  Daddy pretended to be the horse… I didn’t know horse can be ridden like that.”

Jella:  “Like what?... You know what?  I got the picture.”

Bear:  “I love mommy.  I’m gonna miss her.”

Jella:  “Like I miss daddy.”

Bear:  “And I miss you.”

Jella:  “As I miss you.”

Bear:  “We’re coming home soon.”

***** The End *****


  1. Ohh my gosh!! The "horse ride" part kills me!! Must be a wild ride with Horse Pattison ^^

    Amazing one, once again ;)