Wednesday, July 6, 2011



This is kind of explicit or suggestive;
so I suggest that if you’re not
into this kind of “stuff” to
not to continue reading this post.

I apologize in advance if this offends you. 
This is, as all of my posts, FICTION.

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Jella:  “Mom and Dad okay?”

Bear:  *Sighs*  “I guess…”

Jella:  “You guess?”

Bear:  “Yeah, coz they’ve been really lazy.”

Jella:  *Laughs*  “You mean busy.”

Bear:  “No! L-A-Z-Y, Lazy!”  *Shakes head*

Jella:  “Lazy?  What do you mean lazy?”

Bear:  “Lazy.  As in lying on bed.”

Jella:  “Oh, so they’re busy.”

Bear:  “Jella, I’m telling you.  They’re lazy.”  *Exasperated*  “Mom & Dad are so lazy and I’ll tell you how I know this.  One:  They’re so lazy they couldn’t even put their clothes on.  Two: They get thirsty from lying on bed but they’re too lazy to get up to get a glass of water.  So they just drink each other's spit; sucking each other’s mouth like vacuums.  And not only that!  Daddy gets so thirsty he sucks on mommy’s other set of lips.”

Jella:  “We-we-wait!  What do you mean other set of lips?”

Bear:  “I know!  I was so surprised!  I didn’t know mommy has two sets of lips.”

Jella:  “Dude, you’re being silly.  Humans have lips and they’re located just below their nose.”  *Chuckles*

Bear:  “That’s what I thought! Well, you’re wrong.  We’re both wrong.  Apparently mommies have lips below their nose; and lips below their belly button!”  *Nods head*  “Neat, huh?!?”

Jella:  *Thinks*  “Ohhhhh.  I thought… Well, that figures.”

Bear:  “Figures what?”

Jella:  “Why daddy feeds mommy’s other lips with his long fingers.” 

Bear:  *Crunches whiskers*  “Well, whatever it is that daddy feeds mommy there; surely is delicious because mommy loves it!  She moans long-- and it's not just any moan-- it's a moan that pulls from the gut; through her throat... and then finally through her lips... A throaty, deep moan! That must be some finger-food, daddy feeds her!”

Jella:  “But daddies don’t have lips below their belly button, do they?”

Bear:  “No; but they seem to have a built-in straw.  A huge one!”

Jella:  *Gasps*  “Oh, right!!! I remember.  Mommy had to really open her mouth to suck it and the more she does; the more daddy’s built-in straw grows and stretches.”

Bear:  “That’s right!”  *Gets quiet*

Jella:  “What?”

Bear:  “I just don’t know if mommy likes what she sips from daddy’s straw.”

Jella:  “Why do you say that?”

Bear:  “Coz she spits out some of it.”

Jella:  “Think about it, Bear… If mommy doesn’t like daddy’s juice, then why does she keeps on pumping it until daddy has no more; until he twitches & grips on to mommy so tightly?”

Bear:  *Ponders*  “I guess you’re right, Jella… I just don’t get why they get lazy every time they reunite after being away from each other for a while.  Before mommy arrived, daddy was soooooo active… picking up his undies and clothes on the floor; making sure the room looks pretty for mommy… And then, the moment mommy arrives, boom!  That’s it!”

Jella:  “That’s it, what?”

Bear:  “Mommy didn’t even have the chance to appreciate daddy’s work because daddy yanked mommy’s shirt off; then, sniffed her, licked her, tasted her like he’d never eaten for days…”

Jella:  *Sniggers*  “You got that right!”

Bear:  “Then, daddy just flung mommy’s clothes everywhere… Mommy’s bra is still hanging on the ceiling fan, mind you!”

Jella:  *Guffaws* 

Bear:  “Then, mommy got so impatient that she yelled at daddy: “Fucking, hurry!!!” over and over!!!”

Jella:  “Yup!  That sounds like mommy.”

Bear:  “Then when they’re finally without clothes… that’s when they get lazy…”

Jella:  “Why do you say that, Bear?”

Bear:  “Coz, that’s when they just rely on each other.  When mommy was above daddy; he gets so lazy that he wouldn't even thrust... So, he holds mommy’s waist with his big hands; and just lift her up and down… REPEATEDLY... OVER AND OVER... You know what I mean?”

Jella:  “But you can’t call that lazy?  That’s actually creative!  That’s their giving and taking ritual.”

Bear:  *Thinks again*  “Yeah, I guess you can call it that.  Coz, when it was daddy who was hovering mommy… Mommy just laid on her back as daddy pounded… "  *Sighs*  "Jella?”

Jella:  “Yes, Bear?”

Bear:  “So, why do mommy and daddy do that?”

Jella:  “You mean the work out?”  *Sighs*  “Bear, my dear brother, mommy and daddy need the work out because they need to get fit for their job, you know… I once heard daddy that it’s the best work out ever… And it’s true, coz it wouldn’t take them an hour to perspire.  Even when they do it slow and tender... They still end up twitching in the end... Whatever speed their workout is... they burn calories!”

Bear:  “Ohhhhh… And by the way, you once told me about their feeding ritual...”

Jella:  “When they work out, they perspire and they have to replace the liquid that comes out from their body so they share their spit to replenish… Plus, I heard that working out makes you hungry.  So, mommy allows daddy to lick her… for nourishment, you know… And they have a lot of ways to feed each other…”

Bear:  “Oh, I noticed…  Sometimes, they feed each other while they’re working out… And you’re right… They sweat like crazy!!!”

Jella:  “So now you believe me when I say they’re not being lazy.  MOMMY AND DADDY GET BUSY WHEN THEY’RE TOGETHER.  ALL THE TIME!!!  They love working out.”

Bear:  “I noticed.  They don’t fucking stop!”

Jella:  “Bear!!! Watch your language!!!”

Bear:  “Well, I can’t help it!!!  They yell “Fuuuuuuuck!!!”  Mom and dad, both; while working out, Jella!!!  And the moaning and groaning… And the constant pumping, pounding, slapping…Ugh!”

Jella:  “Umm, Bear… They’re not done yet!”

Bear:  “I guess they’ll never be done.  They even worked out while taking a bath… I heard them… and the “Fuuuuuck”  and “Yeeeeeeeessssss” were moaned and yelled over and over.

Jella:  “So, what are they doing now?”

Bear:  “Yoga.”

Jella:  “Oh, boy.  How’s daddy taking it?”

Bear:  “Like a little kid in a candy store!”

Jella:  “Wait till mommy does her backbends and inversions yoga poses…”

Bear:  “Well, mommy isn’t wearing anything now… And I heard her say, “Baby, this is what we call a full boat pose…”  And daddy just grabbed her… And he’s about to work mommy out again.”

Jella:  “So she’ll never get to show him her other advanced yoga poses.”

Bear:  *Groans*  “So this means more workout?”

Jella:  “More work out!”

Bear:  “So they’re busy… Not lazy!”

Jella:  “You got that right, boy!”



  1. Wow, girl, you're getting less subtle recently.

  2. Awww!! They are getting into the Robsten "busy" business eheheh Love this even more!

  3. Ohhh Dearr...This update really killing me...My husband even curious why I smile,laughing n lesigh while I in front off my notebook..Hahaha...Thank U Ate 4 this fucking update..Soo LOOOVVEE it...Jella-bear have to be soo lucky too hehehe

  4. OMG...I found this blog by mistake, and started reading it, and I was LMAO!! This is so, so funny! The one w/TomStu and the kids was rich, but the Bear/Jella ones are hysterical! Do you write these on some sort of schedule? Or is this just a one-time thing?