Monday, July 4, 2011


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This is fiction.  Yeah.


Rob, Jr.:  “Grandpa! Grandma!”  *Runs to embrace grandparents*

Grandpa Pattz:  “Robby!  You’re a big boy now!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Embraces Grandpa*  “Yes! I am.”

Grandpa Pattz:  *Embraces Robby*  “Oh, how I’ve missed you so…”

Rob, Jr.:  “Did you have a comfy ride from the airport to here, Grandpa?”

Grandpa Pattz:  *Smiles*  “Why yes, thank you.”

Rob, Jr.:  “Mommy and Daddy stayed up late to steam clean the car.”

Rob:  *Wide eyes*

Kristen:  *Clears throat; looks at Rob*

Grandma Pattz:  “Cleaned the car?”  *Was sure the car needs cleaning*

Rob, Jr.:  “Yes!  Mommy and Daddy stayed in the garage for a long time, cleaning the car for you, Grandma.  I went looking for them because little JP woke up and I found them in the garage.”

Rob:  “Whoa… Robby…”  *Coughs*  “Why don’t you help me bring---”

Rob, Jr.:  *Ignores his daddy*  “…But I saw that they were using the steam vacuum--- Well, I couldn’t really see because of the steam on the windows --- but the car was rocking, so I figured mom and dad are working really HARD preparing your ride---”

Kristen:  “Robby!!!”

Rob, Jr.: “Oh, that’s alright, mommy.  I took care of JP.”

Grandma Pattz:  “Oh, my lord.”

Rob:  *Shakes head*  “Um, Robby, could you check on your brothers, please…”

Rob, Jr.: “Okay, daddy…”  *runs* 

Grandma Pattz:  “My god, Rob! Kristen! The kids notice everything.  Jules called me and told me about the David and Goliath incident.  You should have been more careful. ”

Rob:  “Why do you think we were in the garage, mom?”

Grandpa Pattz:  “Well…” *Chuckles*  “I’d say that was creative!”

Rob:  *Beams*  “Oh, yeah!”

Kristen:  *Elbows husband*  “I’ll check on the kids and then start cooking.  Mom and dad are joining us for dinner tonight.”


Kristen:  “Baby TJ is fast asleep.  Let’s eat.”

Grandma Pattz:  “This is an intricate dish, Kristen.”  *Nods in approval*

Rob, Jr.:  “That’s because mommy makes sure she has everything in the pantry, Grandma.”

Kristen:  *Kisses son’s forehead*  “That’s right, son.”

Rob, Jr.:  “---And daddy helps you organize the pantry all the time, huh, mommy?”

Rob:  *Chokes* 

Rob, Jr.:  “When mommy is in the pantry, daddy asks me to look after my little brothers so he could help mommy in the pantry.  I always do a good job taking care of my brothers.  And daddy does a really, really good job helping mommy as well.”  *Giggles*  “Because when they come out from the pantry, they're sweating like pigs!” 

Grandparents:  *Dumbfounded*

Rob:  *Clears throat*  “Because it’s hot in there and I have to carry—”

Grandpa Pattz:  *Threw a knowing look at Rob*  “Well… when you lift boxes upon boxes of canned goods, of course you’ll, um, perspire.”

Rob, Jr.:  “That’s why daddy takes his shirt off…”

Little JP:  “Mommy kwisses daddy’s chest!”  *Innocent eyes*

Grandma Pattz:  “Rob!  Kristen!”

Grandma Stew:  “Really?”  *Lashes sideway glance to both Rob and Kristen*

Rob, Jr.: “Oh, but there’s nothing to worry about.  Daddy and mommy always take shower after their pantry time!”

Kristen:  “Robby, sweetie, eat your food.”

Rob, Jr.:  “Okay, mommy.  This is delicious.”  *Thinks*  “Oh, Grandma? Grandpa?”

Grandparents:  “Yes, Robby?

Rob, Jr.:  “You’ll be surprised how clean our clothes are.”

Rob & Kristen:  *Look questioningly at Robby*

Rob, Jr.:  *Turns to grandparents*  “We have another new washing machine and new dryer!”

Grandpa Pattz:  “Another new washing machine and new dryer?”

Rob:  “You’d better finish your food, Robby. Mommy made loquat pie for dessert.”

Rob, Jr.:  *Pretends he didn’t hear his daddy*  “Yeah.  It just got delivered yesterday.  I guess it’s working well for us. Right, mom?”

Grandpa Stew:  “Why what happened to the set you purchased not even three months ago?”

Kristen:  *Shrug shoulders* 

Rob:  *Grins*  “It wasn’t, um, sturdy enough.  It couldn’t hold, am, a HEAVY LOAD.”

Kristen:  *Pinches hubby’s tummy*

Rob:  *Laughs but kisses wife’s lips*

Little JP:  “I saw mommy kwisses daddy’s showts.”  *Continues to eat*

Grandparents:  *Gasps*

Kristen:  *Blushes*  “Do you want more potatoes, JP, honey?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Mommy?”  *Crunches eyebrows (like his father does sometimes)* 

Kristen:  “Yes, sweetie?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Why does daddy remove the buttons of your shirt when you do laundry together?  And why do you rip daddy’s shirt?”

Rob:  “Oh, um… Well, the old washing machine did that…”

Kristen:  “So we bought a new one…”

Rob, Jr.:  “Oh. Okay.”  *Continues to eat*

Rob:  *Winks at Kristen*

Rob, Jr.:  *Groans*

Little JP:  “It’s eawly, mommy?”

Rob:  “W-What?”

Kristen:  “What is it honey?”

Grandma Pattz:  “Are you alright, Robby?  JP?”

Little JP:  “I’m not sweepy yet!”  *Pouts like his daddy*

Rob, Jr.:  “I haven’t even finished my food yet!  And I want dessert!”

Kristen:  “No one’s sending you to bed yet, Robby.  What is this all about?”

Rob, Jr.:  “Well…”  *Scowls*  “Daddy winks at you… And when he winks, that means it’s time for us to take our bath, then go to sleep!  So he can kiss you all night!!!”

Rob:  *Shakes head; smiling*

Kristen:  “What?  Does not true!”

Guest:  “Yes, too!  That’s why in five years you have three kids and another one on the way!”

Rob, Jr. and JP:    “Uncle Tom!!!! You’re here!!!!”  *Rush to jump into Uncle Tom’s arms*

Grandparents:  “Well… the more the merrier!”

***THE END***


  1. LMAO ;D I love it! u always crack me up bb..:)

  2. lol Its really a family affair. haha Thanks bb!

  3. This is too funny, you really need to keep going with this stuff. If the golden couple ever do tie the knot, you should send these to them. I bet they would laugh their _ss off. You are so talented ..... love ya.

  4. God!! You kill me with this Future Robsten!! Rob Jr. is such a teaser... =P
    As you said "the more the merrier..."

    You're a genius! ^^

  5. so funny what a cute family they are haha