Thursday, October 9, 2014


I think daddy cried the first time mommy chopped off her long locks!

Let me tell you what happened…

Mommy was away on a trip and daddy was taking care of me. Mommy called and she was agitated.  She told Daddy that they’re about to chop off her hair; since they were going to cut it anyway for her next movie. Daddy was supportive.  He told mommy this: “Babe, you’d look beautiful. Stop freaking out.” But when they hang-up, I heard daddy choke and bit his fist, suppressing his emotions.

That night, when daddy sang me to sleep, the lyrics of “Bye, Bye Black Bird” were modified.  My daddy sang me, “Bye, Bye Sexy Hair!”  I didn’t complain. Daddy loves mommy’s long, luscious hair. 

Then, daddy saw mommy’s transformation in the Internet and I thought his smile will reach the back of his head!  He mumbles about mommy’s neck and nape and shoulders but I didn’t hear exactly what he said; but like I said, it had something to do with mommy neck, nape and shoulders.  

See, angel, that there is the most beautiful mommy in the world!”  He told me as he pointed at mommy’s smiling face on his laptop screen.  My mommy was really gorgeous.  Just like me!

Anyway, when mommy was picked up from the airport from that trip, short hair and all, daddy didn’t know whether to sit or stand, walk this way or that way.  He was restless.  It was fascinating to watch.  He even fed me twice!!!  Mommy should cut her hair more often. 

Then the front door opened.  Daddy whimpered and took mommy in his arms.  Mommy was trying to get to me but Daddy intercepted her.  Bad daddy!  But I stayed quiet.  He gave mommy a long kiss and a tight hug.  It wasn’t my naptime yet but daddy did his best to sway me in his arms until I felt myself falling into a deep sleep.  I didn’t know what happened while I was in LaLaLand, because when I woke up, Daddy was sooooo happy and mommy had this radiant smile on her face; and some red marks on her neck, nape and shoulders.  I guess mommy’s allergic to short hair.

I was so excited to see mommy and I told her everything that happened as she held me in her arms.  Daddy was smiling and saying how adorable I was.  Mommy cooed while I was sharing the events that took place while she was away.  My parents didn’t understand a word I uttered.  I knew that, by the way.  Bear, Bernie, and Cole told me that all my parents could hear were, “Abbb-bbba-bbbbb-bbbaaaa, shrrrrkkkkk… bbbabbbebba!”  Over and over.  What the heck?  I was telling my story in complete sentences! 

I digressed.  

We spent the whole afternoon shrieking and laughing and talking… Well, I shrieked and talked and daddy and mommy laughed… and there were lotsa kissing and nuzzling, and noises.  Sigh. It’s a good thing they thought I look cute when I roll my eyes.

After my dinner, I heard Grandma Jules’ voice!  “I’m here!” I heard her yell.  I called her name in response.  “I’m right here, Grandma!”  Yeah.  The Three Stooges, Bear, Bernie, and Cole laughed at me.  I knew I was shrieking but I was talking in my head.  So there!  I told them that they sounded more ridiculous than I did when they thought they’re talking, too, instead of howling. 

To this day, I still don’t understand why Grandma had to bring me to her house that time. I missed mommy so much but mommy’s short hair made daddy go crazy. He couldn’t stop nipping and biting mommy’s neck. Go figure! I don’t get it. I mean, mommy nuzzles my neck, too, you know, and tells me how wonderful I smell… 

Oh, wait… Hmmm… Maybe that’s it.  I guess it’s because I still don’t have much hair… So, I think when you have short hair, your loved ones can kiss your neck! I got it! Now I wish my hair grows long soon because daddy’s bushy beard makes my skin itchy when he kisses me. But it’s okay because I love my daddy so, so much.  But then again, mommy squeals and giggles when daddy rubs his face against her neck! I don’t get it. 

I wish my parents will understand “my talk” so I could tell them they’re weird. Bear told me that I got the eye rolling from my mommy.  I think I got it from my daddy.

Just recently, when daddy told me that he’s going to the Big Apple and that mommy and I were going to follow, I thought we’re really going into a Big Apple! But that’s another story I have to tell you later. I’m just going to talk about mommy’s short hair for now because like I said, it makes daddy goofy; always nuzzling mommy’s neck and the back of her neck, and her shoulders. Aunt Dakota even joked that mommy’s short hair may bring in a baby sister or brother sooner rather than later… whatever that means. I still remember swimming that tunnel… So many of us wanting to reach that globe and only I made it… and that’s how I think I came to be. Auntie Fate and Uncle Destiny said I’ll forget all about that when I grow a little older because I’ll have new memories. I still remember it and sometimes I tell that story to mommy and daddy… It was kinda traumatic so to speak… but I know what they hear when I talk.  They coo and smile and kiss me and say, “Awww….”

It’s tough being a baby, you know.

So, I know you saw mommy with her hair shorter.  She got another haircut.  Daddy and I got to see it done this time.  I like this Big Apple place but we will be going home soon so I have to concentrate on my parents’ voice as they sing me nursery rhymes.  I don’t know what’s so funny with “Mary Has A Little Lamb.”  Mommy giggles and Daddy whispered loudly to her, “It’s not that little, babe.”  And mommy responded, “Don’t I know it!”  I’m telling you, mommy’s short hair is making them giddy and lovey-dovey. 

I’ll be quiet now.  I love my daddy’s voice singing to me and my mommy’s arms around me….

Oh god, it’s “Wee Willie Winkie!” Now mommy’s lost it!!!


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IMAGINING:  Photoshop, The Trend… And “Loving Under The Sun”

Rob:  “So, I’m in Chicago and at the same time in NYC.”
CJ:  *Sniggers*  “Nope!!! Your location has been pinned!  You are in New York ---Whoring!”
Kristen:  “Sorry, babe.  Tomorrow you’ll be in London or Toronto; maybe at the same time, too!”
Rob:  *Sighs*  “They see me everywhere.”
CJ:  *Coughs*  “My thought went elsewhere and I have nothing good to say so I’ll shut up now. My mamita taught me well!”
Rob:  “What?!”
CJ:  *Sighs*  “Ugh! You’re so slow for a British hottie!  No wonder even your fri---”
Rob:  “I’m smart.”
CJ:  “Yeah, your Ninja Skills is perfecto, hottie-daddy!  You pulled it off!  No one saw you and your Kristen as you frolicked the beautiful beaches of The ---- Well, it’s not the crowded Venice Beach that’s for sure.”
Kristen:  *Narrows eyes at CJ*  “Oh, don’t go there!”
Rob:  “It’s not fucking funny!”
Kristen:  “Right?!”  *Kisses Rob*
CJ:  “Don’t hate me!  Hate the “users”!” *Doing the quotation marks with his fingers*
Kristen:  *Sighs*  “That’s enough…. The papz followed me the other day.”
Rob:  “So you were photographed withdrawing money from the ATM… Did they get your pin number?”
Kristen:  “Dude, do you even know my pin number?”
Rob:  “Of course!!! Oh-Five-One-Three!!!”
Kristen:  *Guffawed*  “And yours is Oh-Four-Oh-Nine?”
Rob:  *furrows brows*  “You knew that!”
Kristen:  “Seriously? That’s your pin number?  My birthday?”
Rob:  “Damn.  Is that too easy?  Shall I change it to 0421?”
CJ:  “Can we go back now to our plan of action strategy?  We know the papz has followed Kristen…”
Rob:  “And we know they juiced that up for 2 days…”
Kristen:  “Like I only have one outfit!”
Rob:  “But you have almost all my shirts, babe.”
CJ:  “Everybody knows that.”
Kristen:  “No one commented about---”  *giggles*
Rob:  “We pulled it off, Mama!!!”
Kristen:  “Really?  You called me Mama?”
CJ:  “Shut up now, you two.  I have an amazing idea!”
R&K:  “Well, go on…” *Both are giggling at this point*
CJ:  “Well, since the papz have been following Mama-Kristeta while she and her new man… that’s me, thank you very much, drive around --- I'm thinking, why don’t we give them something juicy... You know... We can hug --- or betteryet, kiss!”
Rob:  “You will hug and kiss my wife?”
CJ:  “That’s the idea.  Yes.” *Smiles big*
Rob:  “And you claim to be gay.”
CJ:  “Correction:  I’m not gay.  I’m a beautiful woman trapped in this sexy man’s body.  There’s a difference.”
Kristen:  *Laughs*  “Okay… I don’t know where you’re going with this but humor us, Ceej!  Continue.”
CJ:  “Don’t narrow your eyes at me Papa-Rob-A-Hubba-Hubba!!! This is going to work. One huggy-huggy picture… then I’ll photoshop it once the paparazzi releases it.  I’ll substitute my pretty face with your equally pretty face.”
Rob:  “So, I’ll be you.”
CJ:  “Precisely! That’s the idea!”
Rob:  “You have to grow a beard.”
CJ:  “I’ll buy the beard… no worries!”
Rob:  *Thinks* “Do I look fat to you?”
CJ:  *Gasps*  “You… You DID NOT go there!!!”
Kristen:  “He did!”
CJ:  “I’m not fat! I’m--- I’m— I’m a voluptuous she-male!”
Kristen:  *Hugs CJ*  “Yes, you are, sweetie.  You are.”
Rob:  “Why don’t I just take my wife outside and kiss her senseless.  The vultures are there 24/7!  There’s no need for Photoshop... And you don’t need to PRETEND to be a macho man.”
CJ:  *Shakes head* “Uh-uh.  Not gonna work.  That’s not the trend.”
Kristen:  “What?”
CJ:  *Sighs*  “Your crazy fans and the Media don’t believe in real pic or real sighting of you and your Lickable-Rob-bable-hubby.  You need PHOTOSHOP!  I’m telling you, I know these things.  Am I not the one being bullied in IG?  Am I not the---”
Kristen:  “Fine!  Fine!  But you don’t have Photoshop and you don’t know how to manipulate a photo.”
CJ:  “That’s where you’re wrong, Sissy!  I know you’re going to say that so I come prepared.  Let me show you how talented I am.”  *Leaves the room*


Rob:  “What the hell?  What the fuck happened to my face?”
CJ:  “Oh, shush!  It’s the moonlight. No one will notice.”
Kristen:  *Couldn’t breathe from laughing at this point*
Rob:  “This is fucking terrible!”
CJ:  “Terrible?  Are you kidding me?  It’s perfect!”
Rob:  “Even our dogs will know this is fucking fake.”
CJ:  “I can assure you E will buy it.  Gossip cop will give it a ten! And Hollywood Life will report it first… I can see it now… “Twilight Lovers… Reunited!”
Rob:  *Glances at Kristen* “He’s a sane person, right?”
CJ:  “Hey!  Don’t rip my genius!”
Kristen:  *Still laughing hard*
CJ:  “Think about it… Okay?”
Rob:  “Make sure you give them hints that my wife and I just had a holiday under the sun. Okay?”
Kristen:  “What the fuck, babe?  You’re letting him do this?”
Rob:  “Why not?  Like he said, it’s the trend!”

 *** FICTION ***  *** FICTION ***  *** FICTION ***
 *** FICTION ***  *** FICTION ***  *** FICTION ***


Rob: “What?!? You deleted your IG account?”
CJ: “Yeah. The hate’s giving me wrinkles.”
Rob: “Kristen! Do you know about this?”
Kristen: “Why are you so upset?”
Rob: “Well, how am I going to log in to IG now?”
Kristen: *Looks at Rob questioningly*
CJ: “Rob logs in as me once in a while to check.”
Kristen: “You use our Jimmy account, too.”
Rob: “Yeah, babe… But ours is private.”
CJ: “Robby wants to see everything and I have everything.” *smiles*
Kristen: *Laughs* “Shut up!”
CJ: “Admit it. Yah jealous! Ya man wants a piece of The Ceej!”
Rob: “What the fuck?!”
Kristen: *Laughs harder*
CJ: “No worries, Daddy-Man… I’m reviving the famous CJ IG soon. I’m just projecting a little bit of drama… Mystery…”
Rob: “What is so mysterious about you?!”
CJ: “What? Don’t you know I’m Kristen’s new boyfriend!”
Kristen: “Yup. Yoma Lovah!”
Rob: “You’re enjoying this too much.”
CJ: “At least Kristen chose a good lookin’ lovah!”

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