Saturday, December 18, 2010


Rob:  *Sulking*  “Not fair!”

Kristen:  “What’s the matter, Honey?”

Rob:  “Well, tabloids are saying that we won’t be spending Christmas together.”

Kristen:  *Sadly smiles*  “We talked about this, Rob.”

Rob:  “I know… But still…”

Kristen:   *Kisses her man*  “What do they know?”

Rob:  *Sighs*  “It bothers me.”

Kristen:  “Why?”

Rob:  “Because… Zac and Vanessa were reported to have called it quits… Ryan and Scarlet…”  *Shakes head*  “I mean… it’s like… it’s like they’re waiting for us to break up…”  *Narrows eyes*  “Which IS NOT going to happen… Ever!”

Kristen:  *Embraces her love*  “Your family misses you, babe…”

Rob:  “…And you did not spend Christmas with yours last year---”

Kristen:  *Stares at Rob’s eyes*

Rob:  *Stares at Kristen’s eyes*

Kristen:  *Thinking*  I fucking cannot believe this!  I don’t want to spend a day apart from him!  Shit!”

Rob:  *Thinking*  Bloody hell!  This is not right.  I can’t be away from her.  Just the thought of not spending a day with her is already killing me!  Damn!”

Kristen:  *Idea pops in her head*  That’s right!  I’m going to surprise him.  I will go to London with him.  Mom and Dad will understand.

Rob:  *Idea pops in his head*  That’s it!  I’m going to call Mom and Dad and tell them Kristen and I will be spending Christmas with them next year. We celebrated Christmas with them last year… It’s only fair that I stay with her this year.  I will surprise her and go to L.A.!

Kristen:  *Yelps*  “Things will be okay, sweetie!  I promise.”

Rob:  *Already feeling giddy*  “I believe that, baby!”

***To be continued…***


  1. awwww love this one...the spirit of Christmas is getting into RK...this reminds me of "The Gift of the Magi"...RK trying to please each other...awwww i hope RK will spend lots of Christmases together now and in the future:)

  2. @sollee I hope they will spend ALL Christmases in their future together =)

  3. @Fay3v oh yes :) and New Years too:)