Tuesday, December 14, 2010


RobSten Preparing for Christmas

Rob:  *Trying to take a peek at Kristen:’s list* 

Kristen:  “Baby, don’t cheat!”

Rob:  *Grins*  “I have an idea.  The best ever, babe!”

Kristen:: *Eyes Rob knowingly*  “No!”

Rob:  “What?  Really, Kristen… It’s not going to cost us any money… At all!”

Kristen::  *Sighs*  “Okay… Fine, let’s hear it!”

Rob:  *Pulls Kristen on his lap*  “For our present for each other… it has to be made by us… not store-bought!”

Kristen: *Squints eyes*  “But I thought you want a…”

Rob:  “I know but this is better, baby!”

Kristen:  “You mean, like you composing me a song or me knitting you a beanie or cooking your favorite dish… baking your favorite pie… But we do that a lot, Rob!  You've written songs about me and for me... And I always make your favorite dishes and desserts..." ***(Secretly smiles as she added:  I'm your favorite dessert!)***  "I thought we’re going to make this Christmas extra, extra special!”

Rob:  “And it’s gonna be more, babe!  I promise!”

Kristen:  “So… what are we going to make?”

Rob:  “Well…”  *Starts to get giddy!*  “One:  We don’t need ingredients, supplies…”

Kristen:  “Go on…”

Rob:  “Two:  It will totally be ours… Something that no one can take from us… No one can duplicate…”

Kristen:  “So how are we going to make it?  Do we have to, like, contact someone… search for something…”

Rob:  “Absolutely not!  WE ARE DOING IT OURSELVES!  TOGETHER!”

Kristen:  “Will I like it?”

Rob:  “No, baby… You won’t like it!  YOU WILL LOVE IT FOREVER AND EVER… MORE THAN ANYTHING!”

Kristen:  *Starts to get suspicious*  “And how are we going to make it?”


Kristen::  *Starts to get it!*   “And will you work for it?”

Rob:  “Like my life depends on it!”

Kristen:  “Will I see it grow?”

Rob:  “Enjoyably so!” *Wiggles eyebrows*

Kristen:  “Will it be…. INSIDE ME?”

Rob:  *Beams*  “YES, BABE!.... FOR NINE MONTHS!!!”

Kristen:  *Stunned*  “W-What?!?”

Rob:  *Kisses Kristen:*  “Yup!  That’s right, babe.  WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A BABY!... YOU KNOW… AS OUR PRESENT FOR EACH OTHER…”

Kristen:  “Well… Um…”

Rob:  “We can start now…. No more trip to the pharmacy… No more fucking elastic wrapper… And no more shooting in the air!”

Kristen:  “You’re serious?”


Kristen:  “Ha?”

Rob:  “Girl… Boy… It doesn’t matter, Baby… She or he is going to be perfect!”

Kristen::  “And HE or She will make us happier, closer, more inspired... Plus, your family and mine will love and adore him or her... ”

Rob:  “I can't wait to be a daddy!  Let’s start wrapping our present, baby!  ”

Kristen::  “NO!  NO wrapper… Remember?”

Rob:  “Like I said… You’ll love my idea…. Damn, I’m good!”

Kristen: “But you can’t do it without me!”

Rob:  *Laughs*  “Well….”

Kristen:  “Don’t you fucking think about it or I’m going to….”

Rob:  “You know I’m only kidding, Babe… Jeez!”

Kristen::  “So shall we start working on our present?”

Rob:  “HELL, YEAH!”
(Thank you to may good friend, Anna (@patronuska) for her manips!... Luv yah, girl!)

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