Friday, December 10, 2010

Who's in RPattz Christmas list this year?!?


Robert Pattinson’s Christmas List:

1.   Summer Camp Voucher for Sam Jennings

2.   A Panic Room Kit for Sarah Altman

3.   Maid Service for Kristen Tilson

4.   Karate Lessons and Membership for L.A. Gun Club for Melinda Sordino

5.   Mountain Climbing Trip for Maddy

6.   Gold Coins for Lila

7.   One way ticket to L.A. for Maya Osbourne (so that that Finn guy won’t have a chance to ever, ever get close to her!)


8.   Five-Day Program at Space Camp for Lisa

9.   A corn field and a baby strap for Jessica “Jess” Solomon

10.        A pack of Camel Cigarettes for Lucy Hardwicke

11.        A Night of Love for Georgia Kaminski (Since she’s wanting to experience love before it's too late).

12.        A brand new mobile home for Tracy Tatro

13.        A brand new car and "Whatever makes her happy" for Robin

14.        A car “JUMPER” for Sophie

15. Dance Lessons and a new tie for Zoe

16. A 2-day pass at Disneyland for Emily Lewin

17.  Six pairs of ballet shoes for Martine

18. A brand new Fender Artist Series Marle Haggard Signature Telecaster for that beautiful, amazing woman who played Joan Jett in the Runaways!

19. A dance pole and fucking new, two dozens sets of sexy lingerie for the fucking sexy Mallory (Oh, Mallory... Look what you do to me... Look down, my dear!!!)

20. $500 "Adults-R-Us" Gift Certificate for Marylou (Damn you, Dean!!! That girl is MINE!!!)....

21. A Love that lasts beyond forever for Bella Swan (Whatever you say, Edward Cullen!  I'm not being greedy, but... Bella Swan is MINE!)



(The individuals in Rob’s list are the movie characters played by his 
beautiful girlfriend, Kristen Stewart!!!


  1. just amazing ate ofie hehehe...beautiful gifts about a real baby hehehe....ate ofie are you going to do one for kristen too? :)

  2. awww loveeeee this entry!!!!..oh rob yes just give kristen the love of your life your true love :) though i guess he is already doing it and kristen loves him as well:)..and i have to agree with grace_anne13, what about a real baby:)

  3. awwwww love it ofie....

    yeaaaahh she just need rob, no matter what need "him", u know wht i mean, right?? LOL
    ohhhh we need their "product", remember bout our 1st chat at twitter?? LOL

  4. so sweet and funny ofie, another brilliant idea from you, i like this very much :)

  5. wow..from ur list, made me want to watch all of Kris's movies..thx ofie :)

  6. Awwww.... BBs..... You're all so sweet! Thanks for sharing your comments. Sorry for the late reply. I've been so busy and I had to deal with a Cruela DeVil! LOL! But... You, all, make me feel warm and fuzzy! Thanks a million, friends! --- Ofie

  7. lol, i am now going to watch all of these movies. some twice