Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Note:  None of the photos used in the post is mine.  Credit goes to the owner.  Thank you.


Bill Condon:  “No Rob.  You can’t do that.”

Rob:  *Insistent*  “It’s only for this Christmas, please.”

Bill Condon:  *Turns to Kristen*  “Are you, two, serious?”

Kristen:  “Pretty much.”

Rob:  “We’ve already bought the tree.”

Kristen:  “And my mom had already brought in the decorations and trimmings and stuff.”

Bill Condon:  “And you’re going to decorate as a family on Christmas day?”

Rob and Kristen:  *Smile*  “Yup, that’s the plan.”

Bill Condon:  *Shakes head*  “Have you talked to her parents?”

Rob:  “Kristen and I are hoping that you would do that for us.”

Bill Condon:  *Confused*  “Because you want to play house and family?”

Kristen:  “She already calls me Mom and she calls Rob Dad… So, it’s not, like, we’re just playing.”

Rob:  “Let’s call it a dry run!”  *Smug*

Bill Condon:  “Let me get this straight…”  *Scratches head*  “You want to bring home Mackenzie Foy home so that you can decorate a tree together on Christmas morning…”

Rob:  *Smiles dreamily*  “… And open presents…. Bake cookies together…. Then dinner with the family….”

Kristen:  “Nothing over the top, really.”

Rob:  *Hugs Kristen*  “Oh, Baby… Tell Bill what we got Renesmee for Christmas!”

Kristen:  *Hugs Rob*  “We ordered her  a locket… An antique with inscription, More Than My Life!

Bill Condon:  *Sighs*  “Don’t you think you are… um… taking your role as Bella and Edward too seriously?… I mean… Do you even know Renesmee’s real name?”

Rob:  “Of course!”

Kristen:  “Absolutely!”

Bill Condon:  “And you want me to ask permission from her parents if you could bring her home with you for the holidays?”

Rob and Kristen:  “A-huh!  That’s the plan!”

Bill Condon:  “You’re serious, aren’t you?  You do want Mackenzie Foy to spend Christmas with you…so you can celebrate as a Family?”

Rob:  “Mackenzie who?”

Bill Condon:  “Um….”  *Looks at Rob; then at Kristen*  “You know… Mackenzie Foy?.... Renesmee?”

Kristen:  “Oh, yeah.. yeah..yeah…”

Rob:  “That’s right!  Uh, Renesmee… Or, just for the Holidays, we can name her, Robstena!”

Kristen:  “Oh! So perfect, baby!”

Bill Condon:  “Oh, God!”


  1. I love this one , it's perfect

  2. Hilarious!!!
    Love it, simply great, I bet that´s what they´ll be thinking everytime the see her little eyes. Rob would totally be thinking, that that´s how beautiful they´re baby-girl will look just like Kristen, and Kristen would be thinking that she´d better get cranking on her Christmas gift for Rob, cause I bet there own little one will be even more beautiful, but I don´t know why but I want them to have a boy!

  3. that was just too funny....
    can you please do one of jella with robsten, i love those..