Saturday, June 18, 2011


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Jella:  "I meant to ask you this for a while now…”  *Crinkles whiskers*  “Bear, what happened to mom's thumb?  You were with them in Baton Rouge when it happened."

Bear:  *Thinks hard*  "Well, mommy was on top of dad kneading his sore muscles, then daddy started making sound... The next thing I knew, mom was already under dad."

Jella:  "That didn't explain how mom hurt her thumb, Bear."  *Rolls eyes*

Bear:  "Fine.  Maybe it was when mommy was taking out the clothes from the dryer, then daddy captured her from behind, then sat her on the washer--- I guess deciding to wash some more clothes as he peeled off mom's shirt -- well, dad's shirt actually -- then her undies... then his shirt -- which wasn't mom's, in case you want to know -- then his pants..."

Jella:  "Ugh. Bear, what the hell?  That still didn’t explain mom’s injured thumb!”

Bear:   *Sighs*  “Maybe it was when they were shooting the sex scene for their movie, Breaking Dawn, when dad broke the headboard.”

Jella:  *Getting frustrated*  “Then daddy should have been the one whose thumb got hurt.”

Bear:  “Or…”

Jella:  “Yes?”

Bear:  *Shakes head*  “Maybe it was when daddy sucked and licked mom’s fingers.”

Jella:  “He does that all the time.  Think again and think harder this time, Bear.”

Bear:  *Grins*  “I still think it’s the first reason I gave you.”

Jella:  “What?  While giving daddy a massage?”

Bear:  “You know it’s not only daddy’s back that mommy massages right?” 

Jella:  *Stops to think*

Bear:  “Well?”

Jella:  *Sighs*  “…And daddy loves it when she does that.”

Bear:  “And he wants the grip tight and fast.”

Jella:  “…And that’s how mom’s thumb got hurt.” 

Bear:  “Which, by the way, didn’t stop her from giving daddy the best massage there ever!  Thank god it’s not mommy’s mouth that got hurt!!!””

Jella:  *Beams with pride*  “Best wifey in the world!”

Bear:  “THAT SHE IS!!!”




  1. "there"??? whr is it bear?
    please enlighten me.... *giggles*
    awwww ofie i luv this bear n jella convo, they're totally cute n "innocent" *cough* hahahahaahaha

  2. i so love bear and jella so much they are so fun :) thanks honey love it <3


  3. A hand job will get you every time. LOL. Yes my mind is in the gutter with everyone else. And yes, Bear and Jella would know a lot about what happens behind closed doors. I love it when they share in their sweet innocent ways. Ofie you rock!!!!