Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Love does wonder, indeed."

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My dearest, it’s me again. 

We’ve been back here where he is currently working for about two weeks now since our trip to the West Coast.  I guess being apart from her is taking a toll on him.  I know how he feels.  He longs for her every second and every moment.  There’s just no way one can get used to being apart from a loved one, especially from the one closest to your heart. 

Every chance he gets he’s with her talking to her or texting her.  I guess they’re ironing out details of this very special event that’s taking place in their life very soon.  That, and of course, he just couldn’t be without her.

I’ve watched him in fascination going about his daily routine; dealing with the ups and downs of his “status.”  I asked him once what kept him sane and he just smiled and said, “You mean WHO keeps me sane?”  It’s HER.  There’s nothing ordinary about his love for her, Cara; or her love for him.  I just shake my head sometimes when people question their relationship.  If anything, theirs is the most solid union I know and will ever know…

Two weeks ago, seeing them reunite after being away from each other was absolutely a beautiful sight to see.  He held her the way he meant to hold her.  And she, Cara, melted in his arms. 

Them being together is always a happy occasion.  Time isn’t ticking fast enough for them when they know they’re going to be in each other’s arms.  “Are you almost here?”  She’d ask him over the phone or via text message.  It always makes him smile.  “Soon, baby. I can’t wait.” He would respond happily.  Oh, she knows what time he was arriving.  It’s the anticipation that makes their reunion even more exciting. 

Alas! We’re there… TOGETHER, AT LAST! And, oh, what a sight to behold.  The sweetest smile curved their lips.  “Fuck” isn’t a romantic word by no means; but when muttered by them gave it such sweet meaning.  “I fucking miss you,” and “I fucking love you,” were exchanged, as usual.  The intensity of their gazes and kisses multiplied that moment.  If they fell in love even more (if that’s even possible) I wouldn’t be surprised.  As usual, he caressed her face, her hair, her arms… Kissed her face... Nuzzled her neck… adoring her.

This made her laugh.  “I’m one hundred percent me, baby,” she joked.  This only made him hold her even closer to him.  Then, she closed her eyes and whispered words only meant for him.

These past few days had been tough for him.  He worked hard day and night.  I am not going to lie, Cara, I sometimes worry about him.  Sure, he’s young and vibrant; but the craziness sometimes gets to him.  He’s only human. 

“You know you’re allowed to relax,” I told him.  

“I will when she’s home,” he responded with a smile.  

Worry.  The moment he leaves, he begins to worry.  Always about her…more so now.

Have I told you that she is as protective of him as he is of her? When she cannot reach him, she calls me.  “Is he okay?” She asks with a tinge of panic in her voice.  I always assure her that he is taken care of.  And the moment I tell him she calls?  Man, there’s no stopping the man, Cara.  He’s instantly on his phone.  “Baby, I’m here!” And the moment he hears her voice, his face and his whole body relax.   I’ve never seen anything like “it.”

I’m not trying to portray them as this perfect couple, my dearest.  I’m just saying how perfect they are for each other.   Oh, they have their moment, believe me.  She is feisty who speaks her mind.  Sometimes too independent for her own good.  And he?  Well, not many people know this but he is stubborn.  So many people believe that it is she who is stubborn.  Such a wrong assumption.   I giggle sometimes watching them having a little skirmish.  He scowls. She scowls.  He cusses.  She cusses.  Then she stops; stays quiet.  That always drives him crazy.  Before I can shout, “foreplay,” they’ve already patched things up and they’re kissing and saying, “I’m sorry. I love you.”

Well, Cara, it’s four in the morning now and we have an early start in the morning.  He’s still probably talking to her on the phone or via Skype.  That boy never rests.  But what do I know?  That girl calms him down and soothes him.  Love does wonder, indeed.

Until then, my dearest.


  1. Is this Dean writing to the wife? So sweet if it were true, Ate, you do have a way with words. I so look forward to you updating, I check everyday, although I know you do have a life :) I will be waiting for your next entry.

  2. so sweet i love it a true love like never before .

    your fiction are so true and beautiful i love every one you make i can't wait for the next one :) <3


  3. Pink and Farah,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your taking the time to express you thoughts/comments.

    Love like Rob & Kristen's is truly an inspiration to us all. --- Love, Ofie

  4. your more then welcome honey :)

    and agree the love rob and Kristen share is so inspiring <3