Saturday, November 2, 2013

Daddy and Mommy's trick & treat...


Mommy and daddy held a Halloween party for their close friends.  I was with mommy but I’m still so tiny so she’s able to fit in this tight, leather number that drove daddy to madness... How do you know, you asked?  Well, I can hear, dummy! 

Daddy said, “You’re damn sexy.  You’re driving me crazy with want, woman!  Let me take that off.  I want to be inside you.”  Then, he growled the word: “NOW!”  It didn’t take long before I felt the quake; the vibration; the rhythmic insertion of the daddy’s tube to mommy’s gate.  It was soothing.  What I didn’t appreciate was the loud grunts and moans.  But once the final jerk and scream happened, there’s peace… Ahhhhh… So peaceful… Calm!  Yeah, I know the drill.  I live in this globe, am I not? 

Then, the most beautiful words were spoken:  “I love you.”  I felt mommy’s heart thud after daddy spoke those words and even my heart felt the impact of these words.  When mommy spoke these words to daddy, I felt my whole being become even more precious… like I could make mommy and daddy move mountains! 

So you see?  I am here because of LOVE.  Yes, LOVE!

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