Sunday, May 15, 2011


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I close my eyes and I feel nothing but the intense emotion I feel for you.  Love isn’t even the word to describe it.  It’s more… Every time my heart beats my mind reaches out for you as though I am nothing without you.  My existence, now I know, craves your presence… longs for your existence.  You are the air I breathe.  Food will never satisfy my hunger and no liquid will quench my thirst.  You are, my love, the only sustenance my body needs to survive. 

I open my eyes now and I see you… And God, how I love you!  You are the vision of the perfect life I once thought was impossible to attain.  Needless to say, you are my beacon of light; illuminating the darkness that lingers from time to time.  You, love of my life, skillfully draw how passion should be felt just by gazing at it; something that not even the best artist could illustrate.  I see you.  You are my home.  You are the only one thing I can never live without.

I reach out to you and my every pore comes alive.  One touch and I fall for you even more; every damn time.

And you love me…  That I know.  It’s that thought that fuels me to go about life.  It’s your love that is my shield against the unwanted and cruel bits and pieces thrown at me.  It is you why I find the strength; why I breathe; why I am…

The distance is our enemy when we are away from each other.  I hate every fucking mile that separates you from me.  But even then, the thought that I’ll be coming home to you make it bearable.

Why others do not know what their future is astound me.  Are they not sure of what they have now that they can’t see their tomorrows?  Or am I too conceited to predict our future?  No.  I know and I have faith.  You are, and only you, are my future… my forever. 

When I hold you at night before sleep takes us, I am certain of our tomorrows.

When I wake up, your skin against mine, there’s no room for doubt about forever.

When you whisper, “I love you,” once, twice, and every time, my faith soars much higher, much stronger.

My Princess, you are what make me… ME!  I am nothing without you.

Yours forever.



Shut up and take me.  NOW!!!

Yours Always.


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  1. I guess that's what the two of them wanted to say to each other! Thanks for this awesome post:)

  2. Hey, bb. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. It's totally love what our R & K have for each other. I'm sure that they are in each other's mind every second of every day! Take care and have a great week.

  3. Ohh GOD....Ur every single word sooo touching BB...Sometimes, what and how U write its almost describe what U are in person and I believed U are soo nice,kind,lovely and sweet person..Thanks GOD we All have U in this fandom..Miss U n GBU..Have wonderfull life BB..