Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bear: "Jella, I thought birthday is celebrated only once a year?"

Jella: "Yup!"

Bear: "Well, how come mom is still singing, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB, MY BABY?""

Jella: "Let her sing, kid." *sighs*


Jella: "You mean the cake."

Bear: "No! Mommy! *groans* "Now, DADDY'S LICKING HER!"


FYI, I'M now better than u when it comes to pleasing his woman! Bella's very pleased. It's ur bday but I'm d man! - EDWARD C.
Edward, You'll never surpass my skills in pleasing his woman. Ask Kristen. She's beyond pleased! No practice needed. - ROB P.

Rob's Birthday Menu: STEWART BURGER AND KRISTEN'S JUICE!!! Best meal ever! #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

It's 10:10 pm, HoboSperms now starts to complain:"We've already hit the target! Enough already!"

In 1 hour, a man will receive the best birthday gift ever! His girl will make sure he gets what he wants/needs! #HappyBdayRob Make us Proud!

It's 11:02 in Toronto; 61°F. Humidity: 63% due steamy sexin'! The man screaming "Kristen!" The woman screaming "Rob!"


Bear: "Jella, I think Daddy has gone koo-koo! He's been jumping on the couch ever since Mommy presented him her present!" *wink* hehehe...


Because it's his birthday, Kristen is making sure he keeps his woody big&strong! Such a thoughtful wifey! Well, Rob, Yodaman! #HappyBdayRob


K: "Babe, it's not even ur birthday yet!" R: "Can we call it a 'rehearsal dinner,' huh, baby?" K: "OK." R: "So, strip, luv!" #HappyBdayRob


Because it's his Birthday, Kristen is allowing Rob to take 10mins break between acts! Rob's expected to refuse!That's our boy! #HappyBdayRob


In 8 minutes,Toronto will have a power outage due to an unexpected power surge generated by 2 people having wild, raw lovin'! #HappyBdayRob


R: "Get ready, baby! Five more minutes!" K: "Oh, baby, you better bring it!"


MIDNIGHT: Boom! Kupaww! Blag! Unngggg! Yess! Shit! Hot! There! I love you! Oh, baby! Bam! Crash! Ahhhhh! #HappyBdayRob As you were! Enjoy!

The birthday cake was made of creamy skin with white-like filling, cut with Rob's elongated tool! Now it's time to blow... #HappyBdayRob

Because Rob loves Kristen so much, he let her "blow" his "candle!" Love truly is giving! #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

For his birthday, Rob will feast on his favorite sushi: "Kristen's sushi!" Enjoy, Rob. BON APPETIT!!! #HappyBirthdayRob #HapyBdayRob
R: "Baby, what are we waiting for? " K: "Oh, it's only 9:10 in L.A." R: "So?" K: "So, we wait." R: "OH, HELL NO!" *Grabs wifey!* K: *Moans*

The celebration has already begun in Toronto as the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign dangles on the door knob! #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

Now releasing HoboSperms...................... #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

Let's give credit to those hobo sperms swimming to meet the eggs, my lovelies! LOL! **Kisses**

Rob's favorite bday gift: His girl's creative idea to do it 25 times, 25 ways, and at least 25 orgasms in 1 day! You go Rob! #HappyBdayRob

It's 12:45am... 2 down, 23 to go! #HappyBdayRob


May mother nature never interfere the union of HoboSperm and HoboEgg tonight! Tampon will kill the event! Hoping for the best! #HappyBdayRob


HoboSperm: "I'm coming home!" Kristen'sEggs: "Hurry! Faster!"


"HoboSperm.... TOUCHDOWN!!!" *tears in my eyes*
HoboSperm wearing a cape: "I am Batman!"

In honor of her man's birthday, #KStew decided to wear only 1 item tonight: A birthday hat! Well, #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

For his birthday, #Rpattz wishes that Bear turns into a real boy! #HappyBdayRob #Robsten

May the product of intense love between our R/K be cooked perfectly well in K's oven!

Rob has everything. Health, Love, &Wealth. So I wish him longevity & a blissful life with Kristen & their future kids, & pets!

Rob knows how to love selflessly; so he deserves all the love K gives; & all our luv!

Rob, I have no doubt that you had an amazing birthday celebration.  You deserve every blessing you’re receiving. I wish you your Kristen and all that you wish for (to come true)...  Oh, and I wish Baby R/K by December 2011 (or ASAP, lol) to further strengthen your already solid and happy union. --- Ofie C.

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  1. omg ate ofie...can't help but laugh...hobosperms reaching their targets already ...... you're so amazing and talented keep on writing...i really hope you'll write a fanfiction...miss you....take care always and God bless <3<3<3

  2. I love this site. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. It is just great.

  3. Awwww... Thank you, my lovelies!!!!