Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why KStew's Voice Gets, um, Hoarse... Strained...

MamaStew:  “So how was your flight?”

KStew:  “It was uneventful, mom.”

MamaStew:  “That’s good.  No papz?”

KStew:  “The usual.”

MamaStew:  “How’s Rob?”

KStew:  “Still sleeping.”

MamaStew:  “That’s good.  That boy works so hard. I’m glad he’s resting.”

KStew:  *Clears Throat*  “Yup.”

MamaStew:  “Why is your voice like that?”

KStew:  *Blushes*  “I just woke up, mom.”

MamaStew:  “Do you have laryngitis?”

KStew:  *Coughs*  “Umm…”

MamaStew:  “Honey, why is voice strained?  And what in the world did you yell at?  Why were you screaming?  Were you watching sports? Were you…” *Stops*


KStew:  *Covers face*  “Mom, I gotta go.  I think Rob is awake.”

MamaStew:  “Oh, okay, sweetheart.  Thank Rob for me again for the Mother’s Day present he’d sent”  *Chuckles*  “And… Um, just… uh… Drink a lot of water.”

KStew:  *Laughs*  “Okay, mom.  Bye.”

RPattz:  “Who was that, babe?”

KStew:  “Mom.  Just checking on me.”

RPattz:  *Grins*  “What happened to your voice?”

KStew:  “Shut up!”  *Tackles Rob*

… And that tackle is probably why we won’t see Kristen on Snow White…. (PreggyStew) Kidding!!!  *Sigh*  Sorry, can’t help it.  Have a wonderful weekend, sweethearts.

Here wishing for a baby Robsten very soon!!!  --- Ofie

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  1. I'm wishing for the same thing :) love it so much <3