Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bear:  "Dad told Mom they will celebrate Mommy' Day all night & day! First, they were loud, then quiet, then loud again."

Jella:  "Boy, let 'em celebrate."

Bear:  "But I'm scared!"

Jella:  "Of what?"

Bear:  "What kind of celebration is this when the confetti is mom's clothes being ripped by dad... and mind you, mom was still wearing them!"

Jella:  "Was mommy in pain?"

Bear: *Contemplates* "Well...She did moan but…”

Jella:  “But?”

Bear:  “But I saw her eyes glazed, then she pulled daddy on top of her.”

Jella:  “And that made you scared?  I don’t get it!”

Bear:  “I’m not finished!  What confused me was when dad started kissing mommy’s tummy and said, “You’ll be the best mommy, princess.  But then, dad went lower that made mom groan in pain.

Jella: “Bear…Listen… Don’t over think it… Wait… Daddy hurt mommy?”

Bear:  “I don’t know… I’m not sure… I thought at first that mom was in pain but then mom yelled, “Baby, again… right there…” Then, mommy made this sound that was quite… um… infectious, I think.  Coz dad started to make the same sound… then I wanted to make the same sound so I covered my ears and walked away…”

Jella:  “That’s the right thing to do, boy.  So why are you calling me now.  It’s not even 10am here.”

Bear:  “I think our parents are dead!”

Jella:  “What?!?”

Bear:  “I think they killed each other the last time they dueled in bed.”  *cries out*  “Oh, Jella, I didn’t know what to do.  First, mommy was riding daddy like a horse; then daddy was bending mommy, touching her all over… and I saw daddy bumping his hips against mommy's while gripping her so tightly... and I was gonna rescue mommy but then mommy was doing the same thing to daddy... then, they were yelling each other’s name… then… then silence… That was, like, an hour ago… and now they’re not moving!!!”

Jella:  “Did mommy yell daddy’s name and added, “I love you?”

Bear:  “Um… Yes! Plenty!”

Jella:  “Did daddy scream mommy’s name and added, “I love you?”

Bear:  “Gazillion times!”

Jella:  “Okay…Listen boy and listen closely… Our parents are not dead.  They are exhausted.  They just had the best bed-exercise ever.  It keeps them fit.”

Bear:  “So I have nothing to worry about?”

Jella:  “Nope!  But they will do it again when they wake up.”

Bear:  “Um… Daddy’s awake, I think he still wants to celebrate mommy’s day and do some more bed-exercise because his hands are on mommy’s… um…”

Jella:  “Where?”

Bear:  “Well, Jella… This bed-exercise thing… It confuses the hell out of me because now daddy’s licking mommy’s breast!”

Jella:  “Bear, have I not taught you anything?  Jeez, daddy’s hungry; so now he’s going to lick and suck mommy… it’s for sustenance!”

Bear:  “Can you stay with me on the phone and help me get through this, Jella.  This mommy’s day thing is kind of all new to me.”

Jella:  *sighs*  “Fine!  Just let daddy and mommy celebrate.  It's mommy's day and daddy will pamper her.  When I say pamper... Believe me... He will do anything for mommy.  Daddy loves mommy so very much.  But remember, there’s daddy’s day, too.  And daddy’s birthday is coming up.  That’s when mommy becomes daddy’s fantasy! Mommy shows daddy just how much she adores him and how much she loves him.  It's anything for daddy on this day... Like the lat time, daddy had mommy wore this…”

Bear:  “Okay… okay… Don’t tell me.  Let me get this through first.”

Jella:  “I’ll be here.”

Bear:  “You’re the best big brother, Jella.”

Jella:  “Luv you, too, kiddo!”


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  1. imagining bear&jella on the phone haha..
    love this ofie :)

  2. Another great one! Poor Bear being introduced to Rob and Kristen's "feeding" times. LOL!!! At least Bear has Jella for guidance and support while he learns how his parents love. Can't wait for the next one Ofie.

  3. Bear is really adorable, I shudder to think that he was just 2 days from death when he was rescued by our R/K. Anyway, another amazing post! You write animal dialogue like you're Dr.Doolittle(for grownups)