Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"SKYPE Me..."

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This is fiction.

Bear:  “Um, Jella, what is skype?”

Jella:  “Oh, that’s the thingee that allows mommy and daddy to voice call and see each other over the internet.  They do that a lot when they’re far from each other.

Bear:  “Oh, I get it.”

Jella:  “Get what?”

Bear:  “Well, you did say mommy and daddy can talk and see each other, right?”

Jella:  “Your point?”

Bear:  “That’s why daddy makes sound... you know... like talking... voicing his emotions and what not.”

Jella:  “Like how?”

Bear:  *Imitates R’s voice*  “Oooh, baby… Shit!!! Fuck!!! Ungggg!!!”

Jella:  *Frowns*  “NO! NOT LIKE THAT.  It’s more like: ‘Let me see you, baby… Damn, you’re so wet…’’

Bear:  “So who gets wet and why?”

Jella:  “I haven’t really figured that out.  Must be mommy.”

Bear:  “I doubt it.  I think it’s daddy.”

Jella:  “Why do you say that?”

Bear:  “Because after daddy skypes with mommy, he always wipes his tummy, his groin area, sometimes his thighs, and the table… well it depends where he sits or lies down while skyping with mommy.  Sometimes he just wipes himself but not the bed.  It still is a mystery to me where the liquid thingee comes from.”

Jella:  *Thinks hard*  “Oh.  All the while I thought it was mommy coz I did hear her say one time to daddy, ‘I’m wet only for you, baby.’”

Bear:  “Do you think the skype thingee gets you wet?”

Jella:  “Possibly.  But I once saw daddy skyped with Uncle Tom but daddy didn’t get wet.  Or when mommy skyped with grandma Jules… it’s like a normal phone call; only mommy was able to show grandma her new bling… the one daddy gave her.”

Bear:  “Should we skype and find out?”