Sunday, October 10, 2010


(Originally written on 2/24/2010 at 8:23PM & posted at my other blog: Existence of Constant

I guess I’ve become one of the obsessed RobSten fans who comb the Internet to follow their activities because even at work, I set aside time for my, hrmm, research-net-surfing pleasure. I don’t know who Robert Pattinson was or Kristen Stewart for that matter until mid January of this year. The first time I heard of Twilight was before the movie came out. My then 13-year old niece bragged about the book and screamed her excitement about the movie that was (then) about to come out. She excitedly summarized the book for me and I, as a doting aunt, listened carefully and pretended to be just as excited as she was. The truth was, I was telling myself, “not another vampire movie!” I mean, really? What other premise is there for a vampire book or movie? And what’s so exciting about a vampire falling for a teenage girl? And will there be more gorgeous vamps than Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt? I didn’t think so.

Then, at 2:00AM on January 17, 2010; after talking to my sister over the phone for an hour and a half, I’ve decided to switch to HBO and Twilight was on. I told myself to watch the first part thinking that it will, well, help me fall asleep! And lo and behold! I watched the whole film… rewound, (DVR)… watched it again… and again… at 11am that morning, and again, at 6PM that day, and 1am…. I didn’t just jump in the bandwagon! I THINK I BOUGHT MY OWN TWILIGHT WAGON!

The following day, I went to Borders and bought the books, read the 4 books (hated Eclipse at first) in 6 days. Once I read “Breaking Dawn,” then I began to appreciate Eclipse. Now I love the series. Staphanie Meyer is such a good story teller. I’ve read and re-read the books. I found myself “attuned’ to New Moon. I cried when Edward left Bella. I suffered with Bella. I tasted her pains. I fell in love over and over again when Bella and Edward finally reunited in Italy. I felt the love bursting inside me as I read the words spoken by Edward to Bella when they finally returned to Forks. What a ride! The best ride ever. Eclipse worried me the first time I read it. I thought Stephenie Meyer ran out of ideas. And of course, I thought wrong! I laughed and giggled as Bella tried to “seduce” her vampire sweetheart (when Edward “kidnapped” her). I felt young and alive. Which was why I began to start counting the days until I could see "Eclipse" when I saw the Eclipse stills online… I couldn’t wait to see the movie. It’s the first time I’m going to see Twilight on big screen! I can hardly wait! Breaking Dawn was simply magical. Great ending to a great series.

The wedding was perfect in spite of Jake’s attitude when he showed up, almost ruining it for Edward and Bella. The sweetest honeymoon ever. It was hot and sexy but in a subtle way. Not as descriptive as romance novelists do in their books; but Stephanie Meyer managed to ignite the imagination. Renesmee was a gift in this book. No one could have written these books better than Stephanie Myer. Awesome! (I'm applauding and giving her a standing ovation).

Now why did I love the books so much? I appreciate how it was written. To me, it’s the most romantic story to date. Fast-paced and, I don't care what you say, believable. I was a witness to Bella's love for Edward and to Edward's devotion to Bella. I felt every joy, love, pain, danger, doubt, assurance... It was written in a way that gravitated us towards every character in the book. Just when I thought I could never find another book that will stir up my emotions the way Philip Pullman did in his The Amber Spyglass when Will and Lyra, in spite of their great love for each other, had to live apart! I cried so hard while reading the ending of that book.

Twilight (all 4 of the books) was another concept of love. The kind that will withstand any storm; no matter the intensity the storm is. It’s the kind of love only a few will experience in their lifetime. It does happen (the love I mean, not vampirism, lol)--- and my hope is that Rob and Kristen will have this kind of love to last them to eternity-- in real life, that is...(I’m wishing here, I know!). Thanks Stephanie Meyer…

There’s more…. I am such a fan now of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. After watching Twilight twice in a row the first time, I went online, googled them, YouTube them, scanned the twitter world for those messages/posts mentioning either Rob or Kris and both; visited online forums, etc…. My fascination was beyond curiosity.

I find Kristen Stewart’s face the most stunning, most gorgeous, most beautiful in the world! She has no bad angle. I don’t care how she wears her hair! Long or chopped; her breathtaking face takes the beating of hairstyling for her movie roles graciously. You can't make this girl unattractive.

Kristen Stewart, to me, epitomizes the definition of beauty and charm! Flawless skin, smoky green eyes, and smile that will outshine the sun (she should smile more often). I found her rather charming in spite of her “hard,” punk-like façade. She uses the words “dude,” “buddy,” “cool chick,” and words that are cool to utter. She is endearing. She does overthink what she’s going to say but that makes her even more fascinating! More human; because she cares about and means what she says. She’s real. She just doesn’t blurt out words that people want to hear. She’s in show business but I don’t see her still acting when the movie camera stops rolling. When she avoids to respond to a question, though, she compensates by explaining why; not realizing that she’s actually giving out the response… Very endearing, indeed. She’s grounded in spite of her huge success. Now, please, let me, for a minute or two, brag about her acting skills! Delivery, facial expression, body language… Perfect! She’s a natural. The camera loves her as well. She is such an effective actress. She is the next Angelina Jolie! She has the goods to make it and last in the business. Kristen Stewart is the next Big Thing! She's like a chameleon. She becomes her character; very believable.

Yes, she smokes. So what? She buys her own cigarettes, right? She’s young. She will mature. It’s going to be her choice to whether or not to quit one day. I can’t wait to see The Yellow Handkerchief and The Runaways… and of course, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!
Robert Pattinson… Sigh… And just when I thought there’s nobody who can outdo Brad and Tom as vamps, comes this beautiful young man from Britain that made me, well, eat my words! I thought that Rob was the Perfect Vamp! The voice. The face. Even his smell! (Borrowing lines from Twilight—lol). I find him captivating! Effective! He is a talented young man. He has this charisma that commands attention. A great match to Kristen (Kristen’s Bella or Bella’s Kristen---lol). He compliments/complements his leading lady. I’ve seen clips of his up and coming movie, Remember Me, and I’ll agree with Kristen, he’s quite bold in this film. This young man is the next Brad Pitt. I believe that, whether or not you share my sentiment.
It could be that I’m blown away by Edward and Bella’s love story that Rob and Kristen’s portrayal convinced me that they are, indeed, who they’re playing in the movie/book. I get why fans go gaga over this couple. I get why RobSten was born. I get why there’s such great “market” for these two. I get why there’s so many all over the world who wish that Rob and Kris are in love in real life, just like Edward and Bella are in the book. I get it. I buy it. I live it (ask my husband, lol). The way they steal glances; the way they secretly smile at each other; consciously but subtly touch each other… Torture! How they act ignites the curiosity of people to a level that’s undoubtedly unsettling! There’s a publication in London who’s soliciting pictures of Rob and Kris and they’re willing to pay! I get that, too! It’s wrong, totally. These people (paparazzi and tabloids, etc.) are vultures who feed on the weak! And I, as a fan, am weak! I’m weak because I would love to see Rob and Kris happy and in love! But by me wishing to see such photos of them mean aggravating their privacy! It’s not fair at all. It’s not right. Famous as they are, they are still human beings who need their life back after every success.
So, I sit at my little corner in Connecticut, as I continue to admire Robert and Kristen; continue to wish and believe that they are, indeed, truly and madly in love (and faithfully, too, for that matter --- hey, it’s my wish, back off!); continue to pray for their little piece of heaven and for their forever! I continue to hope that I’d soon see Kristen accepting her BAFTA and Oscar’s Best Supporting Actress and/or Best Actress award… her speech heartfelt and tear-jerker, thanking everyone who made it possible, and dedicating it to her family and to her man, her only love, Rob! (Again, leave me alone, it’s my dream! Haha! Go blog about your own dream!). “If you believe, you can move mountains.”


  1. wow! what a beautiful, awesome, endearing, entirely heartfelt post from you:) know ate ofie true love always prevail..and i believe in robsten as well..thank you for sharing your love for robsten:)

  2. nice post,i like this part: kristen has no bad angle, its so true..i love them both,i also agree with the update..*haha*: they are in love with each other.
    i love this blog, n always wait n read your post.thank you for making robsten for life :)

  3. I have the same feeling towards Kristen! She's the most beautiful creature (both inside and out) I've ever seen. She can never look bad, no matter in pants or minis, with or without makeup, wearing a smile or bitchfacing... LOVE her so much. >333

    I have a shorter history of Robsten addiction but just as deeply obsessed as you. Btw, your blog is beyond awesome! Keep it up~