Sunday, October 17, 2010


I know... I know... My mind is IN the gutter... yet again! I'm not gonna tweet this post because...
first of all, I just woke up... "Good morning, BBs!!! HAPPY ROBSTEN SUNDAY!!!"...
and I just got kinda super excited to see new photos of our MEGA-POWER COUPLE...
and my newly-awakened naughty eyes seem to be playing tricks on me...
So, BBs, I need lotsa pair of eyes to either confirm or deny what my eyes supposed to have caught! 
My apologies to those who will find this appalling and/or immature! 


  1. LMAO i love you!!! You always make my days better!!! This had me laughing for like 3 minutes straight!! My mind instantly went to the gutter too!! :0 in the second pic he's like 'okay okay *deep breath* i gotta control myself before i pop it out' and kristen is all like 'umm babe are you okay? do we need to make an emergency run to the trailer?' lol

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! freakin' i love you, too!!!! I know, right! I like how you think... This part is awesome: "kristen is all like 'umm babe are you okay? do we need to make an emergency run to the trailer?'... Thanks!

  3. LMAO!love it!first time i saw this pic my to be positive n clean *coughfailcough*

    and i agree w/ isabel!she has concern expression bout prob down there lol

    haha..everytime pic robsten come out, i'll always thingking of wut will Ate make this time *giggling*

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  5. Don't worry, my mind was in the gutter too when I saw these pics. There is one pic where she is sucking her jaw in too and I almost lost it from laughing so hard. I tell you all the time and I still mean it when I say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  6. Love it! My mind was not in the gutter but after seeing these with "their" comments, Ofie, I gotta tell you it went right down to the lowest of the gutters! LOL! You're the GODDESS, Ofie! Love your blog!

  7. LMAO i love how activitIES is underlined