Sunday, October 3, 2010


(Note:  I know it's obvious but just to be clear, this is fiction through and through. Tee-Hee! Thank you, my sweets, for visiting and reading the blog.)
Dear Diary,

So, yeah…

Willingly, I gave the support that my baby needed. It’s only fitting that Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend (and I don't have to tell you who she is!) attended the premiere of his non-Twilight movie, which he also helped produced, “Remember Me.”  

The media has been speculating for quite some time now about whether or not we are together... like together-together... dating... and all that comes with it.  Like, if we were Adam & Eve couple.  They can speculate.  I don't give a damn. 

Our relationship is something that Rob and I vehemently want to keep private.  So... Zip! Nada! No fucking comment, people!

After the BAFTAs, my baby and I, with our good friend, Tom (uh, no! Tom wasn't a decoy or something... he's my baby's best friend.  But like any best friend, he came to support my baby as well), flew to New York City together for Rob's premiere.

As I've reiterated in my previous entry, dear diary, I'm not the kind of girl who nags, who gets jealous, or gets clingy and possessive.  I'm a cool chick!  But come on!  Do I have to scream at the top of my lungs that I AM THE GIRLFRIEND?! 

Dude, prior to this event, my baby and I were seen hanging out in London almost on a nightly basis.  There was even a respectable Brit politician who witnessed our affection and twatted about it. 

Ha!  One would think!!!


As I've mentioned, we arrived in New York City TOGETHER! Did people have to ask, "Are you dating?"  Like, yeah!  Do we have to consummate our love and devotion in public to finally be tagged as "couple?"  Jeez-Louise!  And what came out of it?  Some shit-holes called it PR!  That we're already starting to trigger the hype for Eclipse!  That I was there because it's a business fucking deal!  Jiminy Cripes!  Gimme a fucking break!

Enough of this... On with my story...

So… My baby had to attend press junket.  He took me with him.  One would think to take her fucking hands off of my baby, right?  Let's just say I suffered a headache that day from rolling my eyes off too much.  I stayed quiet the whole damn time.  Ya know… Just chillin', being a goody-supportive girlfriend and all, while I waited for my baby to finish. 

The ride back to the hotel was quiet.  It was probably the weather... I don't know... but I was upset. 

"I love you," my baby whispered.

"I love you, too... and so do other girls!"  I responded without looking at him.

My baby laughed but held me throughout the ride. 

When we got back to our hotel room, my baby pushed me against the door, yanked my shirt (well, his shirt off of me; and started attacking my mouth with his; his hands all over me. 

"There's only you, Kristen," he said clearly and intently; looking straight into my eyes.

I don't know what I did but apparently, my action that day turned him on.  I guess my being quiet paid off.  Did he say I was jealous for nothing before he said there's only me?  Hmm... I thought he did but I wasn't sure.  When was I ever jealous? 

Moving along...

I realized that no matter how prepared I make myself be, it still kind of hard to watch your man holding someone else… kissing her… getting on with her in his movies.


"Baby, are you okay?"  My honey leaned to ask me when his first kissing scene with the bi---, I mean his co-star, flashed on the screen.  Freakin-ay!  Come on!  Was I okay? 

I responded, "Peachy-creamy!" I was sarcastic, of course.

And what did my baby do?  He leaned closer to me and started to nibble on my earlobe, then trailed soft kisses on the side of my neck!  Um, let's just say I forgot about that stupid, fucking kiss on the screen for a while.  Well, until the next one came.

"Babe, this is hard," I whispered truthfully into his ear.  "I hope you'll handle this better when someone else is fucking me on the screen!"

It was dark, dear diary, but I swear I thought I saw fire in my baby's eyes.

"You are fucking quitting!"  He hissed, obviously terrified with the vision I presented to him.

Good!  I tried to hide the smile that threatened to curve my lips; and before I could respond, he turned my head toward him and sucked the life out of me!  And throughout the movie, when the scene was with the effing girl, he'd pull me closer to him, hold me tighter, nuzzle my neck, or kiss me.  I didn't think we were caught.  We have mastered the art of inconspicuousness! Yeah, baby!

We attended the after-party and I guess on our way out, crossing the street to the venue, someone took a photo of my Rob with his... er.... his "little buddy" still singing the Star Spangled Banner!  I swear I didn't do anything... Well, didn't do anything that he didn't like or appreciate, that is! Nice… Haha!

Yup!  I affect him as much as he affects me.

That night, my baby made love to me like we were dying or something!  It appeard that it still bothered him that I would be doing a movie, ON THE ROAD, where intimate scenes cannot be avoided.  Of course we talked about it afterwards... and in the morning, and over lunch, and over dinner... yeah, you got my drift!  Hey, drowning 'that' thought via hot, long, mind-blowing lovin' works wonders! 

We're both aware that no matter what, it's going to hurt; but for as long as we have faith in one another, we'll be okay!  Love isn't an issue and will never be an issue between us.  Our love for each other is permanent.  It's there... binding us together... especially when we're apart.

While he was filiming BelAmi, various magazines claimed that my baby and I broke up; or he was messing up with some brunette in New York City.  Mind you, dear diary, he was in Hungary when the news came out.  There was even an article that came out narrating an account by an alleged friend of mine saying I was pressuring Rob to shack-up with me; that I wanted him to marry me (like I need to pressure him into doing THAT!). 

Being apart from each other is always tough.  This will never get easy.  It’s not something that either of us will get used to.  Being away from him is like breathing under water.  Dramatic, but yeah, it’s that hard.

But I have to give it to my man.  Every time there’s an article that comes out about him that he knows will upset me, he’s the first one to reach out and assures his devotion to me.  I trust him.  He didn’t have to.  But he does it anyway; and that makes him so endearing.  If I wasn’t in love with him already; I’d fall for him again… and again.

We know that there will be days when we probably cannot stand each other; pissed at each other... these are tough times that will happen.  We're not perfect.  We both have flaws.  

However, after having been together for a while now, we know when to shut up... We know when to give in... We know when to stop.  I'd like to think that we've matured and we grew up together. 

Rob's my best friend; my soul mate.  We'll always have an open communication. 

My baby and I love each other and that is that!!!

It’s only me,
Rob’s Kristen


  1. speechless..this is so beautiful, bb!i am so melting..WORDS!!

  2. sa totoo lang syempre kahit papano may konting jelly jelly ehem lol pero syempre alam nila na "for art's sake" lang yung mga love scenes..robsten do trust each other i know..galing mo talaga ate ofie:)

  3. Oh~ Robsten is strong~ Best to them~

  4. @believe_them Hey, bb! Love makes people romantic, hehehe. I'm sure that R/K express their love for each other through words and deeds! Thanks for reading.

    @sollee Oo naman, bb. But there's just no way na hindi sila affected maski just a little bit. But yeah, it's that love and trust that make it easier. Thank you, girl. Touched naman ako.

  5. LOL! I can't wait to read Rob's "Dear Diary" regarding the premiere/screening of On The Road. I think there would be a lot of fainting & smelling salts... :p