Monday, February 14, 2011

"I’ll do anything for you, baby!"

(All copyrighted photos belong to their rightful owner/s
No copyright infringement intended...
But this one here... Is a collage I put together
to celebrate Robsten's love and kisses!)


Kristen:  “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie.”

Rob:  “Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby.”

Kristen:  “Do you love me?”

Rob:  “Very much so.  To prove to you I love you with everything that I am, I’ll do anything for you, Kristen.”

Kristen: “You’ll give me your last breath?”

Rob:  “With pleasure!”

Kristen:  “You’ll swim the vast ocean just to be near me?”

Rob:  “In a heartbeat!”

Kristen:  “You’ll fight off the scariest jungle animal…”

Rob:  “With the strength I could muster, I will!”

Kristen:  “Will you let me go out with some of my girlfriends to Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday; get drunk and wasted?”

Rob:  *Chokes*

Kristen:  “Ha, Baby?”

Rob:  *Hisses*

Kristen:  “You know… go dancing on the ledge…?”

Rob:  *Grunts… then swallows*

Kristen:  “You trust me, right?”  *smirks*

Rob:  “Err… Of course!  Of course!”

Kristen:  “Hmm… So, is your answer yes?

Rob:  “NO!”

Kristen:  *Narrows brows*  “No?”

Rob:  “Yes!”

Kristen:  “Yes?”

Rob:  *Now frustrated*  “I mean, yes.  I trust you.”

Kristen:  “And you’ll do anything for me?”

Rob:  “Anything, baby.”  *Sighs*  “Do you love me?”

Kristen:  “Like, yeah!”

Rob:  “Will you do anything for me?”

Kristen:  “Mm-Hm!”

Rob:  “Promise?”

Kristen:  “Anything, Rob!  You got it!”

Rob:  *Puppy eyes*  “Then, don’t go to Vegas, baby… Please…”

Kristen:  *Embraces her man*  “God, I love you!”

Rob:  *Beams*  “I know!”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Rob & Kristen!!!
Wishing you, both, the kind of love
that lasts beyond forever!


  1. K-"God I love you"... R-"I know"....Awwwwww love that ate ofie :) Glad that I have found such a lovely couple in Robsten..I love them because I see them as truly in love with each other:)..That's why I could understand why most of us "heart" them esp you!..And how humble these two are as a couple..for keeping it simple..just trying to stay true to themselves as much as possible.. that's what makes me love them even more..bigla akong naging seryoso ate Robsten kasi sobrang cute:) on this Valentine's Day I wanna say thank you Robsten for just being you..a young couple in love with each other with a bright future ahead :)..May God keep you safe always:)hay nakakakilig:)

  2. Thank you, too, Sollee, for the love!!!

    I meant to do a sappy, romantic post but I went out last night after work. Then, when I got home, a friend called and we talked for, like, forever! So, it was already late to come up with a post I meant to write for Robsten For Life.

    So, this is kinda rushed! And I'm glad that you liked it.

    Thank you, again.