Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Prince, Superman, and Edward Cullen!

Prince:  "What’s your problem Krypton Boy?  I come out asking Kristen Stewart to be my Snow White and a day or two later you go talking to the press announcing that she is your Lois Lane?   You are a…”

Superman:  *Laughs Sarcastically*  “Do you think Kristen would rather sing operatic songs with you than fly with me, huh?”

Prince:  “Oh, shut up, Superman!  You think you’re so hot going about playing god to mankind in your, um, blue leotards and red cape?  Please!  That is so gay!”

Superman:  “Look who’s talking!?! One more word about my costume and I’m throwing you to Mars, PrinceWithNoName!”  *Mocks Prince*  “Or would you like me sing that to you so you’ll understand better?”

Prince:  “I’ll have you know that my sword’s hilt is decorated with kryptonite stones.”

Rob:  *Now really, really pissed*  “I’ll have you both know that only I can make the decision as to whether or not MY Kristen could be your Snow White or Lois Lane.  So, you, two, better shut it!”  *Mumbles:  It’s fucking hard to be a supportive boyfriend… I’d rather keep my girl to myself… but yeah… I have to let her grow as an actress… She’s so awesome*

Superman:  “She is!  And her legs…. Damn!”

Prince:  *Sings* “She's got these big green eyes; and they're as wide as the moon; and they can take you to bed; without you leaving the room—”

Rob:  *Growls*  “Oh fuck!  Leave.  Now!  Just so you know, I'm the world's most dangerous predator.  Every thing about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell.  As if I would need any of that... as if you could outrun me... as if you could fight me off.  I'm designed to kill.”

Kristen:  *Enters room*  “Baby?  Who are you talking to?”

Rob:  *Stands up straight*  “Oh, um… no one, baby.”

Kristen:  “Why the scowl?”

Rob:  *Sighs*  “This Prince dude and this Superman guy…”

Kristen:  *Embraces Rob*  “You know… I prefer Edward Cullen the most.  I don’t need a Prince… I don’t care about Superman.  To me, Edward Cullen is a hero.  He is impossibly fast… And strong. His skin is pale white and ice cold. His eyes change color... and sometimes he speaks like - like he’s from a different time. And he sparkles in the sunlight!  He’s perfect!”

Rob:  “Perfect?”

Kristen:  “But not as perfect as you, Rob.”

Rob:  *Grins happily*

Prince:  “Fuck, I want her!”

Superman:  “Let us see about that!”

Rob:  *Furrows brows and turns to Kristen*  “Baby… I have an idea…”

Kristen: *Wraps hands around Rob’s waste*  “Let’s hear it!”

Rob:  “I think that after Breaking Dawn, you should play the role of the young Sister Teresa of Calcutta.  You know… A nun!  That role is perfect for you!”

Prince & Superman:  “Smart dude, that Robert Pattinson!  No wonder Kristen fell for him!”


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Thanks, bbs!


  1. Yeah, definitely smart dude! LOL!
    Ofie, you did it again *grins*


    OMG!my eyes are wet!!u really cracks me up bb!

    "He's my perfect Edward" - Kristen on Edward
    "He's my everything" - Kristen on Rob **

    i give u all my tumbs up for this post..did i said for this post??!i mean FOR THIS BLOG!!

    Thank u so much :D

  3. yay! and i love your blog too ate ofie:) you always make us swoon on R/K's super duper sweetness lol:) awwww!

  4. lol Gotta love the supportive boyfriend.

  5. LOL sooo cute bb! ahahahaha
    thanks for doing these :D

  6. Go Edward! You are the best!OMG i'm so obsessed with Robward and of course ROBSTEN!ROBSTEN FOR EVER!

  7. Sorry i missed to congratulate you about the post and the blog, too!Go on!GREECE love ROBSTEN!They are the best couple ever!

  8. Sorry to respond so late, bbs! Thanks for your comments. There is no one like Edward Cullen. But he's fiction. So, no one is as perfect as Robert Pattinson for our dear girl, Kristen Stewart!

    They're perfect together! :)