Wednesday, February 2, 2011

KStew Has the Best Legal Team... Ever!!!

Kristen Stewart and Universal’s
Snow White and The Huntsman
Negotiation Meeting

Universal:  “Ms. Stewart, thank you for coming.  Shall we begin?”

KStew:  “If we can wait for a minute or two, please.”

Universal:  “Certainly.  We’re waiting for your legal team?”

KStew:  “Um… Yeah.  You can say that.” *Clears throat*  “Yes.  My legal team.”

Universal:  “Wonderful.”

Two minutes later…

RPattz:  *Enters the room.  Sits next to KStew*

****Cricket**** Cricket**** Cricket**** Cricket****

Another minute later…

Universal: *Glances at the wallclock*

****Cricket**** Cricket**** Cricket**** Cricket****

Two more minutes…

Universal:  “Ah, Ms. Stewart, is you legal team arriving soon?”

KStew:  “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be rude.”  *Glances at RPattz*  “You know, Robert Pattinson…”

Universal:  “Of course!  Nice to meet you in person, Mr. Pattinson.”

RPattz:  “The pleasure is mine.  Thank you.  Shall we begin?”

Universal:  *Confused*  “By all means!  But should we wait for Ms. Stewart’s legal team first?”

RPattz:  *Shows his famous crooked smile*  “No need.  I’m here!”

KStew:  *Glows*

Universal: *Thinks:  Oh, we got her!  She’s our Snow White.  We could even get her man to play the prince for a fraction of the price!!!*

RPattz:  “Now… If you could address some of my… uh… client’s concerns, please….”  *Pauses, then sips water from the bottle he and KStew share*

Universal:  *Eyeing RPattz… Questioningly*  “Yes?”

Rpattz:  “Don’t you think seven dwarfs are too many?”

*** Tee-Hee***

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  1. Dear Universal..yeah, u can ask him to be her prince in SW, they dont really care bout money, they just wanna spend time together more longer..

    i want to be one of her best legal team, just sitting in the corner, more fine by me LMAO

  2. Great !! you've got so much imagination !!!
    thanks for all your post...