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Dear Diary,

When I realized that I am the cat-son of one of the most famous couple in the whole universe, I promised that I’m going to strive to be good; especially when mommy and daddy are home.  They work hard.  I know that rest is what they need when they’re home.  Of course I become overjoyed every now and then and I couldn’t help to be overzealous.  So, sue me!  Well, you can’t!  I’m a cat! 

Like presently… I’m super happy, Dear Diary.  Dad and Mom are home.  Well, Daddy came home first.  Then, a few days later, mommy followed.  It was difficult on my dad being away from my mom.  When daddy heard that mommy got hurt… OH.MY.GOD!  I thought daddy was going to trigger world war two and a half!  He was livid!  LIVID!  Not at mom, okay? Jeez!  Dad will be mad at the whole world, including at himself but never at mom; even when he is, hehehe… Of course I know! 

Dad was inconsolable.  He didn’t want mommy hurt.  Mommy, however, managed to calm him down.  But that didn’t stop daddy to investigate further.  He called so many people in Baton Rouge inquiring about what truly happened.  “Freak accident?!?  Are you fucking kidding me?”  He yelled at someone.  “What the hell is wrong with you, people?  My Princess got hurt.  She’s not a freaking vampire!  Did you think of using a double?!”  Um, it went on for hours until Dad got tired yelling.  But the worrying never stopped. 

I guess Dad only stopped worrying when mom was finally in his arms.  Did I mention before that dad was a doting “hubby?”  Well, I think that’s understating it.  “Baby, are you okay?” he asked mom a million times.  A single movement by mom, dad was there… beside her… in front of her… behind her… over her… under her… blah…blah…blah!  At one point, mom got annoyed because later that night, I heard mom yelled, “Robert, it’s just my thumb! Just freakin’ do it!”  Maybe dad was being slow and careful doing what mom had asked him to do.  I Can’t blame my dad, though.  Mom was hurt.  Of course, dad was treating mom like fragile china! 

Then, around midnight, mom woke up.  I guess she was hungry because she raided the fridge, then the pantry.  Dad was sleeping like a log by then.  He got really tired, mostly from worrying (hehehe). 

“Cheetos? Nah!”  Mom mumbled.

“Chips Ahoy?” She shook her head.

“Hmm… I am craving for Oreos.”  Then, her hunt for the “elusive” Oreos began.  Five minutes later, mom gave up and was back in their bedroom, showering daddy’s face with butterfly kisses.  Dad didn’t even budge.  He was really deep asleep.  Poor dad!

“Baby, wake up!”  My mom rode dad, trying to wake him up. 

Dad slowly opened his eyes.  “Are you okay?”  Dad was suddenly up, inspecting mom… hee-hee.  He felt her forehead, her neck, her hands… with his eyes barely open.

Mom, chuckled and rolled her eyes.  “I’m fine.  But I’m craving.”

“Already?!”  Dad asked incredulously but with a big fat smile on his face. 

“Hm-hm,” Mom responded, also chuckling.  “Get up.  We’re going to Ralph’s.

“What time is it?”  Dad inquired, rubbing his eyes.

“Twelve, I think.”  Mom knows how to wake dad up. 

“If you continue doing that, Kristen, we’re staying here.”  But dad flipped my mom carefully until he was over her.  “What do you want?”  Dad asked.

“Oreos.”  Mom stated, a little hesitant at this point.

Of course, dad can never say “no” to mom.  I know he didn't want to, but he slowly got up.

“Let me call, Dean.”  Dad said, as he put on his rumpled clothes.

Mr. Dean was a kind man.  He deserves an award.  Because, 15 minutes later, he was outside ready to assist mom and dad to the grocery store.  Mom and dad weren't even finished getting ready.  So, they left without fixing their hair or straightening their clothes.  I guess it didn't matter.  They looked perfect regardless.  

I wanted to go, too, but famous people get mobbed.  I know I’m not human but I’m a famous cat and I’m not ready for that just yet; get mobbed I mean.

Mom and dad were giggling when they returned.  Dad took the gallon of milk to their bedroom and they “camped out” there with bags of Oreos until the wee hours of the morning.

I still couldn’t figure out how mom and dad managed to dunk the cookies because they didn’t bring glasses to their bedroom.  Did they crumble the cookies to fit the mouth of the gallon milk container?  But they did not bring spoon with them either?  Oh, I sometimes wonder, dear diary, if my parents truly have super powers. 

With all the activities that took place the night before, I wasn’t surprised when mom and dad slept like babies and woke up late that day.  Mom groaned and complained being sticky.  Dad laughed and said it was my mom’s idea. Dad was more relaxed.  He didn’t spring from the bed when mom groaned to ask, “are you okay?” Maybe midnight snacking did relax my dad.  Mom really is a genius.  She knows what dad needs to relax.  Oh, she really, really loves him.  Dad knows that, too.

“How’s your thumb, baby?”  Dad asked, giving mom’s thumb a kiss… or was it a lick?  Wait… did dad suck mom’s thumb?  I wasn’t sure anymore because I looked away. 

Mom and dad are truly happy.  They even did chores together after they’ve taken a long bath.  They changed their beddings and did laundry.  After that, Dad helped mom in the kitchen.  They were smiling the whole time.

Love is a wonderful thing, dear diary.  I’m lucky to experience it everyday with my parents, Rob and Kristen.  Their future children are lucky to have them as their parents.

Sorry, I’m a little bit emotional.  Please don’t mind the happy tears!

Jella Stewart-Pattinson

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All copyrighted photos belong to their rightful owner/s.
No copyright infringement intended.
This is fiction.  Thank you for reading.

Thank you to my dear Anna (@patronuska)
for sharing her great talent with us!  Luvyah, girl!

ROB: "Oreos? Really? Baby, we have Chips Ahoy--"
KRISTEN: "I said Oreos!"
ROB: "Ok! Ok! I'm getting up!"
KRISTEN: "That's what I thought!"

ROB: "Princess, it's 12midnight!"
ROB: "So, um, I'm starting the car. Get ready!"
KRISTEN: *Smiles*
JELLA: "Dad is whipped good!"

ROB: "Dean! We're going to the Supermarket!"
Dean: "It's 12 o'clock!"
ROB: "You wanna go at 1am?"
Dean: "Ok! I'm up!"

ROB: "Baby, Do you prefer Vanilla or Chocolate Oreos?"
KRISTEN: "Have I ever been a Vanilla girl, Rob?"
ROB: "NEVER!” *Smirks* “Damn.  Let's go home!"

*Now at home*
KRISTEN: "OK, babe. I'm going to bed!"
ROB: "B-But... Your Oreos!"
KRISTEN: "Tomorrow. Not hungry anymore!"

ROB: "Baby, do you want milk with your Oreos?"
KRISTEN: "Yes. I'll be waiting in our bedroom" *WINKS*
ROB: "Yes! Yes!"

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  1. Yay so happy to know that RK were together last night having some relaxing time i guess, these two really are inseparable! Just be safe being out at night! that expression of love in the last photo:)

  2. as always you amazed me with your blogs. Your blogs always makes my day. you are really really good. keep up the good work ladies. xoxo

  3. So hot and sweet, but now I can't have Oreos with my kid without thinking about that lemony goodness! Amazing post as usual.

  4. Hahaha...Love how U explain the situation in that midnight with Oreos stuff...Ur imagination and creation always make me Happy,laugh,smile and litlle dirty mind...specially that things about oreos and milk..Ohhh Jella..hahhaa..And I like that U use that nn of our Robsten with "Princess',"Litlle doll", "Baby'...Love it BB..And thanks 4 make it 4 Us...

  5. You make me smile, warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for your kind words/comments and thank you for coming here and read my blogposts.

    With Rob and Kristen, love is always abundant! :)