Friday, February 4, 2011

Rob, Jr.’s dilemma

Rob, Jr.: *Sulking*

Kristen:  “Hey, sweetie.  What’s the matter?”

Rob, Jr.: *Narrows eyes*

Kristen:  “Tell mommy what’s wrong.”  *Sits beside her son*

Rob, Jr.:  “Mommy, I want to be a Prince for the Halloween.”

Kristen:  “Well, that’s fine; if that’s what you want.”

Rob, Jr.:  “I do! But daddy said I can’t.”

Rob:  “Son, there’s nothing wrong with what you already have.”

Kristen:  *Suppresses giggle* 

Rob, Jr.: “Well, if I can’t be a prince, can I be Superman then!”

Rob:  *Clears throat*  “But then there’ll be so many of you at school wearing the same costume.  You have to be original.”

Rob, Jr.:  *Glares*  “Dad.  There’s nothing original about the costume you chose for me.  I’ve been wearing that every Halloween since Pre-School!  I’m on first grade now, Dad!”

Kristen:  *Smiles*  “So pick something else.  There are so many superheroes to choose from.”

Rob:  “Just not Superman or a Prince.  Okay!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Whines* 

Rob:  “Or stick with what you already have!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Stares at Rob seriously*  “Daddy.  Again.  I can’t be Edward Cullen every year!  The pea coat barely fits me now.  Okay?  AND IT’S BORING!”

Kristen:  *Now laughing hysterically*

Rob:  “Then, we’ll sprinkle you with glitters so you’ll sparkle in the sun. Ha? Ha?  You'll have the best costume in your entire school!”

Rob, Jr.:  *Turns to Kristen*  “Mommy, talk to your husband!”  *Walks out*

Kristen:  *Guffaws*

Rob:  “A little help would have been nice”

Kristen:  "Aww, baby... You still hold grudges against Prince and Superman?"

Rob:  "Do you want to see my list? Tron's number 3!"  *Tickles Kristen*

*Nine Months Later, another Robsten baby's born!* 


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  1. haha i guess it's quite dangerous to be tickled and guess what? 9 mos later a baby will be born again lol:) awwww Rob Jr. is really cute like his Daddy Rob :)

  2. Awww, Rob Jr. is ja cutie!
    Thanks again for all your hilarious posts! :)
    I love your blog! :)