Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Who the fuck hurt my baby?"

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Thank you to my dear friends, Anna (@patronuska)
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Kristen, as we all know, is very precious to Rob; and to all of us, naturally!  We love her hella lot.

We’re sort of aware that Rob’s more protective than Edward to his Princess, Kristen.  If Rob’s Edward, he wouldn’t have left Bella in New Moon; and Jacob would never have a part in Twilight! There wouldn’t have been New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because he would have changed Bella in Twilight (made her a vampire); married her; and started their Forever there…(Eclipse commentary says it all…lol).


What if Rob was already in Los Angeles when his Little Doll got hurt?  How did he react when he got the call that his baby was hurt?

Here’s one scenario:

Rob at Waters for Elephant press conference: 
 *Phone buzzes.  New text message received*

KText:  “Baby, I’m in pain.  I think I broke my thumb.

Rob:  *Eyes bulging… Started to fidget… His face contorting… Abruptly stood up, excused himself and left the room.  Dialed Kristen’s number.*

Kristen:  *Sobbing*  “B-Babe?”

Rob:  “Baby, what happened?  Who fucking hurt you?  What the hell are they doing to you?  Why haven’t they called an ambulance?  Who’s there with you right now?  Are you in pain?  Did you take some meds?  Is your heart rate normal?  How about your blood pressure?  Are you lying down… Fuck… What’s taking it too long for the paramedics to arrive?  Baby, talk to me!  I’m dying here!”

Kristen:  *Cried harder*  “I’m here!”

Rob:  *Started to pace*  “Sweetheart, you gotta calm down… Take a deep breath!  What happened?  Who broke your thumb?  And where the hell is the doctor?  Goddamn it!  Baby… please…don’t cry…” *Inhales*

Kristen:  “I wish you were here!”  *Yells in pain!*

Rob:  *Now, really worried* “Oh my God, baby… What can I do? Oh, please, be okay for me, baby… Tell me what you want, you got it… Just… Just be okay…” 

Kristen:  “I’m okay, baby… I have an icepack over it.  I’m waiting for the car to get here.  They’re taking me to see a doctor.”

Rob:  *Cussing*  “I’m going there.  I have to be there.”

Kristen:  “Baby, no.  It’s okay.  I’ll be there soon.”  *Sighs*  “I guess it’s my fault, too, because I wasn’t paying attention.  I was missing you and I was thinking of you. We were rehearsing a fight scene, then, I guess, I did something wrong because I was suddenly on the floor yelping.”

Rob:  *Now in tears*  “It’s my fault!  I shouldn’t have left you there!”

Kristen:  “Stop!  Don’t say that.  I can’t help missing you.”

Rob:  “I miss you, too, baby.  I love you.”

Kristen:  “I love you, too.  The car is here.  I got to go.”

Rob:  “I want to be with you.”

Kristen:  “You’re with me, honey.  I’m wearing your sunglasses, our necklace, our ring, and your shoes!”

Rob:  “Then keep those with you until you’re back in my arms, okay?!”

Kristen:  “Okay, baby.  I love you.”  *Hangs up*

Rob:  *Dials another number; phone rings; someone answers*  “WHO THE FUCK HURT MY BABY?”

**** AH-OH!****


  1. Awwww funny yet sweet post from you Ate Ofie! I bet Rob is playing a doctor now to his bb Kristen..he must be sooo worried when he saw K with a splint in her hand..hope our bb K gets well soon so Rob won't be sooo worried:) love this post Ate Ofie:)

  2. awwwwww sweet :) Sweet posts are my favorite :)
    ... she wears his shoes... hahaaa :D

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. LOL at the shoes. I'm glad I am not the only who noticed that something was a little off about her footwear. Great post as always.

  5. wait??? really? is it rob's shoes?? ohhhhh kristennnnnn, hahahaha
    and i like when rob so protective to his lil doll :D

  6. So sweet! I was imagining this scene too, but lack the eloquence to do anything more. Thanks for feeding our imagination with your fabulous dose of Robsten love.

  7. what?? these shoes are really rob's??? I thought you were kidding :D

    and what's going on with "Little Doll" and "Princess"? I read it also somewhere on twitter :D

  8. No those weren't Rob shoes. Too small to be Rob shoes. But I think Rob owns a similar pair and these shoes were a little different from what Kristen normally wears with the double blue shoelace tie around the ankle. I just thought it was funny that someone else noticed that too. Ate_Ofie, you are best. Can't wait for the next update.