Monday, February 14, 2011


Tom:  “So, Rob… have you decided what gift you’re going to get me for Valentine’s Day?”

Rob:  “What?  You?  Why should I get you a present for Valentine’s Day.”

Tom:  *Smirks*  “You do realize that Kristen is yours because of me, right?”

Rob:  “What the hell are you talking about?”

Tom:  “I could have been Edward Cullen you know…”

Rob:  “Could haves don’t count, Tom.”

Tom:  “And think about it… If you weren’t Edward Cullen, you’d have to butter me up to meet her coz Kristen and I worked together in On The Road.”

Rob:  “You’re offline, dude!  I would have done the impossible to meet her!”

Tom:  “Hmm… Eddie Redmayne could have helped you, too.  So, you owe him a Valentine’s Day present as well.  If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be celebrating the Love Day with your Kristen.”

Rob:  “If I owe anything to anyone, it’s gotta be fate!”

Tom:  “Shit!  That’s fuckin’ lame, Rob!  Corny as hell, too!  If fate has something to do with this, Kristen could have been mine.”

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “You’d be the third wheel watching over us while we kiss.”

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “I’d be the one writing songs about her beautiful green eyes!”

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “I’d be the one worrying over her leading man when she makes a new movie!”

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “You’d be the one taking care of Jella while we go on a date or something!”

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “I’d be the one meeting her in New Orleans or Toronto, or Budapest… having a nice home in L.A. area… Romancing her at a secluded place… Playing the guitar with her… Whispering with her…”  *sighs*

Rob:  *Quiet*

Tom:  “Then, every New Year… I’d be spending it with her… Kissing her in the PUB when 12Midnight comes… spending New Year’s morning with her… cuddling with her…kissing her… making love to her…”

Rob:  *Narrows eyes*  “What made you think that you could have been all that?  What made you think that she’d have fallen in love with you?  That, if you auditioned for the Edward Cullen part that she would have insisted they cast you?  That, you’d even catch her attention?”

Tom:  *Swallows*  “Well… Um…”

Rob:  “If anything, if what you said were true, we won’t be friends now coz I would have fallen for her and she, for me!  Because WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!”

Tom:  “Jeez!  I was only kidding…”  *smirks*

Rob:  *Mumbles*  “…Kissing her in the Pub when 12 midnight comes…” *Throws Tom a dagger-look*

Tom:  “So, if Kristen isn’t yours….”

Rob:  “She’s mine!”

Tom:  “No… I’m just saying…”

Rob:  “She’s always been mine, Tom.  End of story!”

Tom:  “And you’re saying, I’m meant to be the, um, third wheel?  The couple’s friend?  Um, Jella’s uncle?  The good friend?”

Rob:  *Smiles*  “You are all that, Tom.  But Kristen and I appreciate you.”

Tom:  “Okay.  Fine!  I have another question.”

Rob:  “What?”

Tom:  “If Kristen gives birth to your child. Gains weight.  Will you still love her?”

Rob:  “What kind of a fucked-up question is that?  I will love her even more!”

Tom:  “Okay… What if she becomes this mean-spirited person, like a witch-bitch, psychopath woman… Will you love her then?”

Rob:  “So much so that I’d help her get the help she needs. I’ll never leave her.  Ever!”

Tom:  “Okay… You know what they say… Women age faster than man.  What if she’s wrinkled and gray… Will you still love her then?

Rob:  “With all my heart and soul.”

Tom:  “What if she turned into this super ugly woman…”

Rob:  “As long as she’s Kristen, I’ll love her until the day I die!”

Tom:  “What if she realized she loves me!”  *grins wickedly*

Rob:  *Grins back*  “Then, I’ll just have to kill you!”

Tom:  “What?!?”

Rob:  “You heard me!”

Tom:  “Dude!  That’s fucked-up?”

Rob:  “You asked for it, man!”

Tom:  “What if she finds herself in love with another man.”

Rob:  “As long as that other man is me, that’s okay!”

Tom:  “Are you even listening to yourself?  How could that be possible?”

Rob:  “Do you know why we’ve lasted this long in spite of the many break-up or cheating rumors?  In spite of the many temptations in the world we live in?”

Tom:  “Because you, two, are married?”  *Laughs*

Rob:  “More than that!  Because we believe in what we have.  We have faith in each other.  We embraced the fact that we love each other more than anything and we are each other’s soul mate!  We’ll put us first before anything else!  We make each other happy.”

Tom:  “Wow!  Being in love turns you sappy, man!”

Rob:  “Dude.  I have the perfect girl!”

Tom:  *Sighs*  “I know… She’ll be a good mom!  She’s a good woman!  She takes really good care of you.”

Rob:  *Beams with pride* 

Tom:  “So, I expect my Valentine’s gift tomorrow.  Okay?”

Kristen:  *Enters*  “What gift?”

Tom:  “I’m just telling Rob that if he wasn’t Edward Cullen, he wouldn’t have gotten you as his girl!”

Kristen:  “Says who?”

Tom:  “Um…ME!”

Kristen:  “Why’d you say that?”

Tom:  “Coz!”

Kristen:  “Tom, listen.  It was love the first time we laid eyes on each other.  Rob and I are meant to be together.  We – ”

Tom:  “Oh, God!  Not again!  I don’t want to hear it again!  Okay?  Do you, two, practice your daily dialogues or something? God!  You’re like a broken record!  You should record a duet!”

R/K:  “We have!  You want to hear?”

Tom:  “What the fuck?  For real?”

R/K:  “For real!”

Tom:  “Damn!!!  Valentine’s Day is over-rated anyway.  Fine!  I don’t want any present!  Just… Just… let me be!  Okay?”  *Leaves*

Kristen:  “What’s up with Tom, Babe?”

Rob: *Takes Kristen in his arms*  “Baby, he can’t handle the truth!!!”

Tom:  *Yells*  “I heard that!!!”

R/K:  *Laugh*  

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Happy Valentine's Day, sweeties.

Happy Romantic Valentine's Day to Rob & Kristen!

(This is my pre-valentine post... 
I'm still thinking/writing my 
Robsten Valentine's Day Post!
I hope I'll think of something sweet & romantic
and hella hot!  Well, I can hope.  Right?)


  1. Ohhh BB...Love this post like always...and I cant wait whats next 4 Valentine days...Tomm...Tommm..Tomm..How sweet of him being a BFF 4 ROBSTEN...They are a good time..hehee..Thank U say,hope U have wonderfull Valentine day and gift from people who LOVE U...

  2. Hahahaha omg this is hilarious hahahaha I just found that I can actually comment on the blog LMAO I didn't know hahaha this was so funny and sweet haha I can imagine them so perfectly. poor tom haha thanks for this bb!

  3. Haha Awwww love RK and BFF Tom! Tom has always witnessed RK's sweetness and love with each other:) I hope RK's gift for Tom would be a woman who would truly love him awwwww! Happy Hearts Day Ate Robsten and your blog for life LOL :)

  4. It's been a while since I've been here... what better way to start the update than with a Valentine's Day post.
    "They're meant to be together... it's fate." deal with it Tom! lol
    I loved Rob and Kris's arguments. Are consistent, strong and nobody can bring them down. <3
    Amazing dialogues bb.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  5. This blog is yummier than Godiva truffles!Happy Valentine's to you Ate Ofie.Love the dialogues, as usual, you keep raising the bar for RK fiction!

  6. @Fiorels (February 14, 2011 5:58 AM), are you THE Fioreles90x who made the beautiful Kristen fan vid of "You don't meet many people like Kristen"? I LOVE that one. Glad that you upload it again despite the fact that the old one has been taken down!!!!~~~~~