Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dear Diary,

As responsible citizens of this world, my baby and I devised methods to be economical.  We thought that regardless of our success, it is still our obligation to contribute what we can to help the planet earth and the drowning global economy.   This way, we’re also saving for our future.  The less money we spend now, the more money we save for our future.  For us and our future children. 

Here’s what we came up with: 


WE SHOWER TOGETHER:  We're sure that we'd save gallons of water by showering or taking a bath together.  Ah, well... We tried... We really tried.  Hard.  Fast.  Then slow; unhurried and sweet… Then fast again… Then… Oh, wait… I’m still talking about saving water not the fun we did with water in the shower or in the bathtub.  Sorry.  I got carried away. 

So, as I was saying, this didn’t go well.  It still boggles our mind how we always end up using more water.  Our electric and water bill indicated that our plan was a mess.  Of course, we drain the hot water, thus utilizing electric and water twice as much.  Our hearts sank at first.  Our happy days in the shower had to end... and it did... for a while.  Because, we, then, decided to shower separately.

Umm… this didn’t go well either.  Every time I was in the shower, the memories of my baby’s naked, hot body, all mine to touch… to kiss… to nip… to suck… Fuck! My hands and my throbbing, urr, little buddy, burnt the words SAVE WATER in my mind and resulted to spending too much time showering (yeah, showering myself with some do-it-yourself lovin’lol).  This held true as well with my baby.  Showering separately was eliminated permanently.  We, therefor, concluded that we save so much more by simply doing it together.  There.  Our little contribution.  For as long as we’re in the same place, we’ll always bathe each other… I mean, take a bath together!

LAUNDRY:  Ah, yeah!  This is where we’re truly successful.  You see, we don't do laundry as often as other couples do.  Our technique has always been simple.  We sleep in the nude!  We wake up in the nude!  We linger in the nude!  When we're done being nude... that's after our delicious shower, of course, then we wear as little sa possible.  Unless, of course, we have company or if we're obligated to leave our room or our home. 

Also, we share t-shirts.  What's hers is mine and what's mine is hers.  My baby shops not only for herself but for me as well.  It's funny how people sometimes think that she takes my t-shirts.  It's sexy when my baby wears our shirt.  Some fans hated us sharing our clothes which I find really funny... yeah, like they have a say on what my baby and I wear!  Ha!  These people will go crazy if they saw me wearing Kristen's clothes... Wait... my baby is saying something...

Haha!  My baby's a joker!  She said the ladies will enjoy seeing me in her shirts coz it's going to outline my hot bod!  Maybe I should tie the hem of the shirt on the side as well to expose a little skin!  Whoa! Now my baby is glaring at me. 

Another way to save water is to KISS A LOT!  Whenever I'm thirsty, before I quench it with water, I grab my baby and kiss her and drink her... The most satisfying thirst-quenching method ever.  Remember that kiss in Montreal?  Well, let's just say my baby got thirsty; and being the doting boyfriend that I always am, I offered her my mouth! 

But it does hurt, more often than not, when we're in public... when I can't just grab her because of the prying eyes around us.  The thirst becomes this evil want, taunting me... calling me names, like "pussy" or "chicken."  Then, it doesn't help that she knows it!  My vixen babe, leans to me and whispers, "whenever possible, baby!"  In fact, we've been caught whispering to each other at the twicon.  The fans didn't know what we were whispering about... but some got it when I got up and I had to adjust, um, my pants!

Um, yeah, my baby just told me that I save water by drinking beer.  Haha, baby! 

Washing the dishes:  Now, everyone knows how good a cook my baby is.  When she cooks, I do the dishes.  I don't enjoy doing the dishes; no one I know likes this chore.  So, I kind of forced this technique on my baby.  Now we both love it!  I'm genius like that.  It's hella sexy, dear diary.  We do this every now and then.  When we eat, we only use a bowl and a spoon or fork (not both) to scoop off the food.  I feed her and she feeds me.  We use our body as our plate and our tongue as our fork.  It's fucking the best way to eat!  Especially dessert!  You have two desserts at the same time!  The licking is just the appetizer.  The main dish is always loud.  But the dessert is slow and sweet.  And when we're done "eating," I wash that spoon and bowl with a fucking big grin on my face; then wash mine and my baby's body... now that's the kind of washing I don’t mind doing over and over…

This is just the first item in our list:  SAVING WATER.  Next, time, dear diary, I'll share with you other ways my baby and I save.  Like, how we save energy by generating our own energy!  A lot of pumping, hissing, screaming, panting... but always satisfying... more than I've ever imagined, I tell you.  But, that's next time.  Right now, I gotta go and... well, I'll tell you all about it soon.

It's just me,

K's R


  1. I'm feeling thirsty... Smooches. I love the laundry & dessert.. nom nom nom.

  2. aww i love the way they save water..........yeahh i will do the same with my boyfriend..ahaha ;)

  3. i love robsten more for this..go green robsten!haha..i love this post <3