Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Kristen:  “Baby!  Don’t throw away the receipts.”

Rob:  “Why not?”

Kristen:  “Well, who knows if we can use it as tax deduction… You know, when we file our taxes”

Rob:  “Oh, really?”

Kristen:  “I don’t know.  But it’s better if we keep the receipts, then the accountant can tell us whether or not it’s tax deductible.”

Rob:  “So, what do we have so far?”

Kristen:  “Well, we have our charitable contributions, medical and dental expenses, our properties…”

Rob:  “Wait..Wait… When you said properties...?”

Kristen:  “The house… the duplex…”

Rob:  “Tax shelters?”

Kristen:  “Yes, Babe.  Common tax shelters include rental real estate, natural resource prospecting, film production, and alternate energy sources…Babies…”

Rob:  “We-Wait… What?  What do you mean when you said babies?” *Grins from ear to ear*

Kristen:  *Winks* “Yes, babe.  Babies!  The products of some hot lovin’”

Rob:  *Smiles wider* “Hmmm… So I know of two other things that should be tax shelters or tax deductibles?”  *Gets closer to Kristen*

Kristen:  “Okay?  Humor me! Do we have a lot of that?” *Kisses Rob’s lips*

Rob:  “Hell yeah!  I’m sure we’ll never have to pay taxes again!  Ever!”

Kristen:  “So, tell me… So I could discuss this with the accountant.” *Licks Rob’s lips*

Rob:  If babies are tax shelters… Then, shouldn’t love, too?”

Kristen:  “We do have plenty of that, don’t we?”

Rob:  “Damn right, love!  That should knock off half of our tax payment.”

Kristen:  “And what should knock off the other half?” *Starts to unbutton Rob’s shirt*

Rob:  *Focuses on Kristen* “FUCKIN' HOT SEX!!!  Damn, baby! With the way we’re going, the federal government and the State of California should be paying us tax instead!  We should start charging them!”

Kristen:  *Giggles* “Right! Are you sure we get enough?  We’re always working and we spend time apart…”

Rob:  *Laughs* “Baby! You’re kidding me, right?  I mean… Sure we’re apart every now and then but when we’re together…”

Kristen:   “What?” *Hands start to roam*

Rob:  *Breathes unevenly* “We even forget to eat… Hell!  We even forget to breathe sometimes!  We rock, baby!  We make up for the times we’re apart and more!”

Kristen:  “So, are you complaining?” *Grips something*

Rob:  “Fuck, NO!!!  We should contact the accountant and tell him what we have as tax deductibles!... Wait!  Could Jella be a tax shelter?”

Kristen:  “Hmm… You’re right!  He is our baby… Hell, we do have so many things to include as tax shelters…”  *Continues to grip Rob’s, um, masculinity* “And what are we going to do with our tax return, ha, sweetie?”

Rob:  *Nips Kristen’s skin* “Well, baby… We’ll use it to create more tax shelters!  We’ll buy rental real estates where we’re install solar panels… Establish our own film production… And best of all… We’ll have our alternate energy sources that will be generated by our love… our hands… our bodies… our mouths… which will then produce babies!!!  OUR BABIES, Sweetheart!!! More tax shelters!!!”

Kristen:   *Moans* “Sounds like a plan!”

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  1. bwhauhahahhahahahahahahhaha..they will def be a great governor n lady in california LOL