Monday, August 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

I love my daddy with all my heart but, really...! This serenading thingee has to stop! Sure, mommy loves it! My daddy singing to my mommy makes both of them giddy and giggly.  For some reason, though, no matter what song daddy sings, mommy always ends up on daddy’s lap… which I think is a good thing because, then, daddy would stop singing (thank god!) would drop his guitar on the floor (that's why daddy buys a lot of guitar--- sometimes they get broken when daddy carelessly drops them on the floor!) so he could wrap his arms around mommy’s waist… But hugging makes them hungry ALL THE TIME.  Daddy would, then, start licking and biting mommy...  This makes mommy really,really, thirsty; because she'd pull daddy's head to her and suck daddy's mouth.  Yeah...  Daddy loves mommy very much because he would give anything to mommy; even his saliva!

Well, daddy sings a lot.  He writes songs about mommy.  Never about me! This makes me sad.  I know the reason why daddy doesn't write songs about me.  One time, Uncle Tom told daddy that he's pussy whipped!  I was stunned, dear diary.  I never once whipped daddy, I swear!  I would never whip daddy!  Sometimes when I wiggle my tail it hits daddy but he never once scolded me!  I will continue to be a good boy and maybe one day daddy will write a song about me.

As I've mentioned... Daddy writes and sings songs about mommy.  It's funny because daddy sings angry songs when he's pissed at mommy.  He thought mommy doesn't know this.  Mommy would then raise an eyebrow, hands on hips, and ask:  "What?"  But daddy's good!  He has his own super power, too:  His pout!  I don't know how he does this... because when daddy pouts, mommy melts.  The loud song, the guitar, the anger... they're left forgotten... ALWAYS!  Mommy always ends up on daddy's arms, then daddy carries mommy in their bedroom.  Sometimes they fail to make it to the bedroom.  Daddy does this thing to mommy I would do to my mate if I have one; and if I'm not neutered.  I know some of these things, too!  I watch animal planet!  And I'm an animal.  I have instincts!

Now, don't let me start telling you about how mommy and daddy cried when mommy left to go somewhere for work!  She'll be gone for a while.  I'll write about that next time... For now, I have to go entertain daddy.  Again.  He's been sulking in their room, hugging mommy's shirt.  When his phone rings, he lits up but if it's not mommy who's calling, he just lets his phone ring... Mommy called multi-gazillion times already and she's only been gone for a day!  I have a feeling, daddy will follow mommy very, very soon!  I bet daddy's going to take me with him!  I can't wait.  I miss mommy, too.  Now I'm depressed... just like daddy.

I hope that the next time I write to you, dear diary, I'll be a happier cat... with mommy and daddy beside me.

Until next time,


  1. i loooooooooooooove it ate ofie...keep them coming lol

    great job on your new blog :D

  2. jella, i hope your daddy will write a song about you soon,coz you are a good cat ;)
    and dont worry about the "pussy whipped" haha

  3. yes jella, i too hope yor daddy and mommy will be together soon! i love it! i love your work so much!

  4. aawww so sweet :)
    i love poutting Rob