Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Best Pals: Tom and Taylor

Taylor:  "Wow, Tom!  Nice to hear from you... Umm...  You've had it, ha?"

Tom:  "So you know."

Taylor:  "Are you kidding me!  It's a good thing they are so together now.  You should have seen them when they're still in the "getting to know you stage!"  It's more like, "getting to get in your pants stage" if I may be so bold!  Damn!  The sexual innuendos and all the crap that came with it drove me crazy.  Goo-goo eyes... flirting... touching... Ugh!"

Tom:  "You saw the photos, right?"

Taylor:  "I feel you man.  Those two don't know how to tone it down when they're in private."

Tom:  "It's sick!"

Taylor:  "Then the baby talks... Jeez!  'Oh, baby" this; 'Oh, baby' that!"

Tom:  "And then they bitch they got caught!"

Taylor:  "With you watching!"

Tom:  "Shut up!"

Taylor:  "Just bustin' your balls!  Sorry!  So how are they?"

Tom:  "Do you have to ask? I'm sure they're locked up somewhere.  You know Rob!"

Taylor:  "You know Kristen!"

Tom:  "Yup!"

Taylor:  "Two peas in a pod!"

Tom:  "We're actually talking about them!  Shit!"

Taylor:  "Yup, we are!"

Tom:  "Thanks for listening, Taylor."

Taylor:  "Oh no!  Don't thank me.  Shooting Breaking Dawn is coming up in a few months.  You'll be hearing from me... and you'd better be available when I'm sick of their love fest!"

Tom:  "I'd do that.  Later!"

Taylor and Tom:  *Thinking*  I got me a new friend! *Smile contently*


  1. hahaha yet again another funny this new?...I cant believe I missed this =)

  2. lol! good thing they have each other! i feel sorry for them sometimes!