Saturday, August 21, 2010

Payback is a Bitch!

Rob: "Glad you called, Tom. How ya doin'?"

Tom: Umm... Rob? is Kristen there?"

Rob:*Furrows brows* "Of course. Why?"

Tom: "I want to talk to her."

Rob: *Grips his phone tightly* "WHY?"

Tom: *Serious Tone* "I MISS HER!"

Rob: *Stern voice* "WHAT THE FUCK, TOM?"

Tom: *Quiet*

Rob: *ANGRY TONE* "You asshole!"

Tom: *Guffawes* You deserve that for what you, two, put me through. Did you see the photos? Fuck, Rob! I looked like a perv enjoying the scene before me... You, sucking the life out of each other in fucking public! Private life, my ass!

Kristen: "Babe, who's that?"

Rob: *Grins* "It's just the perv who took front seat during our very public display of affection!"

Kristen: *Yells* "Hi, Peeping Tom!"

Tom: "Fuck you, two!"

Rob: "That we did, my friend. That we did!... Hello? Tom? You there?"

1 comment:

  1. LMAO it was perfect! I think poor Tom is tired of so much PDA he is seeing lately, you know he does see it.Poor Tom!