Saturday, August 21, 2010

RobSten ParentHood

Rob, Jr.: "Daddy? Where did I come from?"

Rob: *Fidgets* "Um... Son, when a man and a woman fall in love... They, uh, express their feelings in a very intimate way."

Rob, Jr.: "Intimate?"

Rob: *Runs fingers through his hair nervously* "Ah, yeah! It means in a loving way."

Rob, Jr.: "Like when you kiss mom or when you bite her neck... or when you..."

Rob: "Yeah! Yeah!" *Shakes head and make a mental note to cut down "PDAs" to minimum in front of Jr.*

Rob, Jr.: "I don't get it! How did that answer my question?"

Rob: *Getting frustrated* "Well... When daddy and mommy fell in love... *inhales/exhales*... they kissed a lot... loved a lot... um... bit a lot...umm.. even rolled a lot..." *Starts to drift with a smile* "Ahhhh... those were the days... before diapers and---"

Kristen: "Rob! What the--?"

Rob, Jr. "Mommy! Daddy is telling me where I came from?"

Kristen: *Slaps Rob on the arm* "Really, Rob? Did you have to narrate to our son how he came about? Did you even ask him why he wants to know?"

Rob: *Frustrated* "Well, you tell him!"

Kristen: "Sweetie, why do you want to know?"

Rob, Jr.: "Well, it's my Kindergarten Social Science Homework!!! Teacher Ann wants us to trace our roots! My classmate, Kwei Ying, came from China. But I'm confused because Daddy is from England and you are from here. So, did I come from England or America?"

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  1. I can totally picture rob as a goof dad hehehe