Saturday, August 21, 2010


Rob:  *Looking sad*  "Baby, I think we should rename Jalla and then let's do some sort of a celebration, like an official christening for him... you know...for his new name."

Kristen:  *Sighs in defeat*  "I guess..."

Rob:  "I don't like Max because it can be spelled as MAKS..."  *Frowns* That's, like, the initials of your ex's and yours combined."  *Frowns some more*

Kristen:  "That's why we call  him Jella..."

Rob:  "Yeah, but that's like Jacob and Bella combined!"  *Now frustrated*

Kristen:  "But, baby... You're Jacob, too, in Waters for Elephants. Right?"

Rob:  *Still frowning*  "I still don't like it!"

Kristen:  "Okay.  Have you thought of a name?"

Rob:  *Finally a smile on his face*  "How about..."

Jella:  "Oh, dear God!  Daddy is naming me.  This isn't good!  It's bad that I'm named Jella when I'm a male-cat.  If daddy's naming me CLAUDIA, I swear to cat-god I'd move in with Uncle Tom!"


  1. Oh dear you are amazing! You have no idea how your RK dialogs are pretty good! LMAO this thing of mom, dad and ucle tom is awesome!

  2. Fantastic! I love your dialogues R/K.. :D