Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rob's Good Friend, Tom!

Tom: *Wonders* "So, Rob... I know you've turned caveman; possessive son-of-a-bitch on Kristen when you two hooked up... *Laughs*... And Kristen?... No shit! She watches you like a hawk with her ever-alert, big green eyes..."

Rob: *Big Smile* "She does, doesn't she? Oh, you should see her when she turns into this jealous-bitch! *Eyes twinkle* Man! She fucking makes sure I only belong to her... Fucking hot!"

Tom: *Rolls eyes then mumbles...* "Whipped!" *Clears throat* Well, I just want to know how you've gotten her to agree that you do Bel Ami. I know you consult each other on choosing roles but you're a man-whore in that movie."

Rob: "We do have a process..."

Tom: *Thinks to himself* Ah-Oh, I shouldn't have asked... Here we go! "Go on... Enlighten me."

Rob: "She makes sure all intimate scenes are done in 1 take or as little as possible!"

Tom: "How?"

Rob: "We act out the delicate scenes together! Practice, ya know...plenty of it... Kissing, making! Then we add our own twist and it's hella awesome! I mean, dude... BEST SEX EVER!"

Tom: "But wouldn't that make you more aroused when the actual scene in being shot coz you're reminded of her?"

Kristen: "ROBERT THOMAS PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tom: "Fuck! I'm out of here!" *Laughs* "You're totally dead, CLAUDIA! Don't worry, I'll take care of your vintage guitars!"

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