Friday, November 12, 2010


Bill:  “CUT!” *Shrieks* “That was beautiful.  Great shot, you, guys!” *Waves hand* “Rob, Kristen, you can get off the water now.  It’s time to celebrate!”

Rob:  *Clears throat* “I-I CAN’T"

Bill:  “Oh, sure you can, Rob! We already got the perfect shot for this scene.”

Kristen: *Smirks*  “BILL.  HE. REALLY. CAN’T!”

Bill:  *Panics*  “Are you okay?  You have cramps, Rob?  Do you need help!”

Rob & Kristen:  “NO! NO!”

Rob:  “It’s, uh… my… uh… my thigh! Yeah… My thigh! Um…Muscle pain!”

Kristen: *Smile naughtily*  “Don’t worry, Bill… I got it! I’m, ah, making it better for him!”

Bill:  *Eyes R/K knowingly*  “Oh-kayyyy….”

Kristen:  “Don’t worry.  My baby’s okay!” *Smiles wider and continues to take care of Rob’s “muscle-pain”*

Bill:  “Are you sure?”

Rob:  *Screams.  Eyes shut tightly*  “YES! YES!”

Bill:  “Okay! No need to yell… Jeez!” *Turns and walks away… then stops… attempts to turn around… but stops again… shakes head… chuckles*  “HORNY ASS KIDS!”


  1. haha omg ate ofie they're going to shoot breaking dawn for 6 mos lol and there will be sooo many muscle pains to come ehem ehem lol hehe...remember in eclipse naughty bella was begging edward to "please just tryyyyy" ehem ehem edward is always trying!!!haha i can't blame edward !!!^_~

  2. @SOLLEE... Six months of hot, sexy, Robsten... I can take that... Billy must already be exhausted by now! He-he-he!!! Thanks for yoru comment, luv.

  3. LOL!!! I do feel sorry for Bill because Rob and Kristen are sure to be a horny handful for him. Love it. It will make for a great movie and great sexy times in real life.

  4. These two just need to 'leak' a sex tape already and get it over with. I think it would outsell Paris' AND Pam & Tommy Lee's tapes! hahahaha