Tuesday, November 9, 2010


BC:  “So, are we all set?  You have everything you need?  Rob?  Kristen?”

Rob: “Yup!”

Kristen: “Everything, Bill!”

BC:  *Looks at Rob’s and Kristen’s bags*  “Um, we’ll be staying in the island for a couple of days, you know.

Rob & Kristen:  “Oh, we know.”

BC:  “That’s all you have?”  *Glances at R/K’s bodyguards bags*  “Damn, your bodyguards have more stuff.”

Rob:  “That’s because they have to bring their pajama and day clothes and what not…”

BC:  “And you don’t have to?  I’m confused!”

Rob:  “Oh, I’m good.”

Kristen:  “Don’t worry, Bill.  EVERYTHING WE NEED IS IN OUR BACKPACK!”

BC:  “Everything?”

Rob:  “Yup.  Including toothbrush, and other toiletries.”

BC:  *Shakes head*

Rob:  “You don’t believe us, do you, Bill.  My baby packed her bikini and I packed my swimming trunks.  We do share T-shirts, so we’re good!”

BC:  “And your nightwear? Like YOUR Pajama?”

Rob:  *Whips Bill a confused look*  “WHAT PAJAMA?”

Kristen:  “PAJAMA? John and Dean brought theirs?  Do you need a pair, Bill?”

BC:  *Coughs*  “W-Well… I mean... YOU WILL BE SLEEPING AT NIGHT, RIGHT?  RIGHT?  AND I MEAN, SLEEP. QUIET.  NO SOUND.  Zzzz.... SLUMBER... You need to wear jammies to sleep comfortably."

Rob:  *Realizes what BC was talking about*  “OH!!!  Yeah…”  *Shakes head*  “Kristen and I don’t need THAT!”

BC:  *Stern, no-none-sense voice*  “Rob, we’re all going to be staying in one house!”

Rob:  *Looks straight into BC’s eyes*   “And we’re all going to be okay.  WE WON’T BOTHER YOU.  My baby and I are very quiet.  It's like we're not there at all... You'll see!”

BC:  *Mutters to self*  “That's not what I heard."  *Looks Skeptical*  ".... So what exactly did you, two, bring?”

Kristen:  “As my baby said... we brought toiletries, um…shirts…towels… books to read during downtime... Um, cookies, gum... Ooh, I brought Hot Cheetos, too, if you want some.  Just let me know..."  *Thinks* "...And we even brought a deck of cards, we have UNO… Oh, oh… we can have a game night, Bill!!!”

Rob:  *Smiles at Kristen* “You’re awesome, baby!”

BC:  “Ahh… what else are in your backpacks?”

Rob:  *Grins*  “My girlfriends sexy bikini and bikini top… Five fucking sets!!!  There’s that red piece with gold clasps…”

BC:  “Okay…okay… How about clothes?  I don't know... like when you’re in the house lounging or cooking... or by the pool relaxing or something… a sun dress or a pair of khaki shorts or a pair of denims…”

Robs eyes grew wide!!!


BC:  *Sighs*  “I knew it!  This is too good to be true.  You can’t travel that light!”

Kristen: *Pats Rob’s back* 

BC:  *Takes deep breaths*  “We can’t go back to the hotel,
Rob.  We’re behind schedule as it is.  I brought plenty of new clothes.  You can have a shirt or two.  I don’t mind.”

Rob:  “Thanks, but I don’t need clothes.”


Rob:  *Sad, puppy eyes*  “MY GUITAR!!!”

Kristen:  *Gasps* “Oh, my poor baby!!!” *Hugs Rob tightly*

BC:  *Rolls eyes*  “Really?!?” 


  1. No jammies for R/K! They sleep in the buff and make love like wabbits. haha Holy hell!

    Thanks dear!

  2. Why do they need clothes when they are on 'their honeymoon', Oh BC needs to pay more attention to details, he needs to follows us on TWITTER! LOL
    MY GUITAR was awesome: Rob+Kris+guitar+Paraty(oh gosh that place is awesome)=Paratyse ops Paradise!