Thursday, January 27, 2011

"In Bill (Condon) we trust... Well, you know what I mean..."

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Bill:  “You’re serious?”

Rob:  “Yeah!”

Bill:  “And Kristen agrees?”

Rob:  “Uh, YEAH!!! Most definitely!”

Bill:  “I don’t get it!”

Rob:  “What don’t you get, Bill?”

Bill:  *Scratches head*  “All of it!  I want to know...Why?”

Rob:  “Well, Kristen and I thought that our life together as a couple entwined with Edward & Bella’s; so it’s just right to authenticate the union by…”

Bill:  “And your family and friends will be in attendance?”

Rob:  “Naturally!  Kristen’s, too, of course!”

Bill:  “…And you’re not just being stingy?”

Rob:  “Of course not, Bill!  I’m offended.  I'll spend my last dime if that's what's going to make my Kristen happy!”

Bill:  “I’m just kidding, Rob.  What do you want me to think?”  *Sighs*  “First, you want to add a scene in the movie where Edward gets a marriage license to marry Bella… But you’re requesting to register yours and Kristen’s real name instead of the two characters'…” *Shakes head*  “Then, you went to ask  Wyck Godfrey… and now me… if we could use a real, ordained priest to officiate Edward and Bella’s wedding…”  *Furrows brows*  “But on the first take… you and Kristen want to use your real name… and I should not be allowed to say, “CUT” until the priest proclaims you and Kristen husband and wife…”

Rob:  *Jumps*  “You got it!  See, it’s not that hard!  Yeah.  It’s that simple.”

Bill:  *Dumbfounded*  “So… In reality, it is your real wedding.”

Rob:  “That's is correct.  Yes.”

Bill:  “And what will I tell the casts.”

Rob:  “Um… That’s the other thing I want to discuss with you, Bill…”

Bill:  “Oh, God… but go on… I’m listening…”

Rob:  “We tell them call time is 6pm instead of 5pm… So that Kristen and I can get married first… and Tom can be my best man… But you’re invited of course…”

Bill:  “Of course!” *Coughs*

Rob:  “So…”  *Looks at Bill expectantly*  “What do you think?”

Bill:  “Why not just get married after the shooting, Rob.”

Rob:  *Looks at Bills intently*  “You mean kinda-church-wedding?”

Bill:  *Confused*  “What?  Yeah!”

Rob:  *Heaves a long sigh*  “Well, this way, the media won’t know it’s our real wedding.  They’ll think we’re just shooting the wedding scenes in Breaking Dawn…  They won't bother us.  Then we’ll achieve a solemn and intimate wedding ceremony.  Bella and Edward mean so much to us!  In a way, Edward and Bella united us.  If not for them, we won't be where we are now!  They're like our guardian angels... I mean... well, you know what I mean...”

Bill:  “I can’t believe Kristen agrees to this.”

Rob:  *Wide eyes*  “She did the first time!  We’re in the same page.  Always.”

Bill:  *Stunned*  “Rob... Um...When you said the first time…”

Rob:  *Stares at Bill*  “I, uh…”  *Clears throat*  “So… Yeah… What do you think?  Can we do that?”

Bill:  “You really are serious?”

Rob:  “One hundred and one percent!”

Bill:  “If you’re going to tell me next about the wedding reception, Rob.. I’ll…”

Rob:  “How did you know that was the next in my request list!”

Bill:  “Thank, God, we’re done shooting the honeymoon…”

Rob:  *Smiles*  “We did have a great honeymoon, Bill!  It was awesome!  Thank you, by the way!  How you staged the feather thingee was just perfect!”

Bill:  *Just couldn’t find the words*

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  1. LOL!!!! I can't stop laughing. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. OMG. Poor poor Bill, but yay for real marriage licenses, first times, well my perv mind wouldn't mind seeing a few feathers out of place. JS. This was another great one.