Saturday, January 1, 2011



Rob has the flu: (Poor baby L)

Kristen: “Baby, the doctor said you have to rest.”
Rob:  *Puppy eyes* “Last one for tonight, promise.”
Kristen: *Thinking: Three times and he’s not satisfied!*
Rob: “… and we start to count in the morning when I wake up. Okay?”

Tom: “So, is Rob resting?”
Kristen: *Looks away* “Yeah!”
Sam: “Is he taking his medicine?”
Kristen: *Sheepish grin* “Every four hours, yes.”
Marcus:  “Did he keep you up?”
Kristen: *Blushes* “Umm… To take care of him, yeah. But that’s okay.”
Tom: *Eyes Kristen* “Yeah… Rob will be sleeping the whole day now.  He’s MEDICATED and sated!”

Rob: “NurseBaby, I want soup.”
Kristen: “Okay, baby, I’ll go get it for you.”
Rob: “But you already have it!”  *Gets up and pulls Kristen to him*


Rob: "Yeah, right there baby. I'm aching there."
Kristen: "Did you take your meds?"
Rob:  *Grins* "I'm about to take it now!"
Kristen: "YOU'RE HOT!"

Rob: "Baby, hold me tighter, the nurse said I have to keep warm & should not leave the room!"
Kristen: *grins* "I'm such a great nurse!"

HollywoodLife next story: "Rob faked flu to keep Kristen beside him at all times!" Hahaha... Kidding! #Robsten

Rob to Kristen: "NurseBaby, It's time for my 2am medicine! Feel me now!"


Tom: "What your new year's resolution?"
Rob: "I'll try not to be apart from Kristen..."
Tom: "I said resolution, dude; not devotion!"

Tom: "Kristen, what's you new year's resolution!"
Kisten: "I'll try not to be apart from Rob..."
Tom: "Oh, fuck it! Why do I even try?!"


In a few years, #Robsten will celebrate New Year in the Isle of Wight with their children, family, & friends! *Sigh* #RobstenTradition

Then, as #Robsten put their kids to bed, #RobstenTradition continues, making love in that same spot as the previous years!

When the morning comes, #Robsten Family walks hand in hand, greeting the first sunrise of the year! It's a fucking #RobstenTradition

Tom will still be wondering how he ended up babysitting #Robsten's kids while his bestfriend, Rob and his wife, Kristen are out christening some parts of the castle! #RobstenTradition

It's a #RobstenTradition to come together, preferably at the same time, in the Isle of Wight on New Year's Eve... and Day!!! #Robsten

True to #RobstenTradition, Rob will still be hopping which he calls dancing; and Kristen giggles, thinking her baby is fuckawesome! #Robsten

It's Friday,12/31/2010 in UK, 3:10am! Weather is 4°C, cloudy, & a big chance of #Robsten super hot 'precipitation'! Bring out the earplugs!

It's Friday12/31/2010, 8:26pm in UK, 3°C, Humidity Pressure is 97% due to some #Robsten INDOOR activities fogging the entire island!


Tom: "I thought vampire sex was wild and brutal."
R/K: "And?"
Tom: "Edward&Bella have nothing on you! The island felt the tremor!"

One hour before the New Year in UK; a little drizzle possible here and there but otherwise DRY! But it's hella MOIST in the #Robsten "CAMP!"

Mostly cloudy in the Isle of Wight; some occasional breaks in the cloud; may allow a slight frost to develop in places; BUT #Robsten is HOT!

New Year.  Midnight.  He pulled her to him, tight and passionate; She...taking all of him...They kissed their first kiss of the year - Filled with love! #Robsten


#Robsten New Year’s Kiss:

Tom: "Um.. Rob, Kristen... You gotta stop! You've been kissing for 3 minutes straight! People are looking!!!" #Robsten

Tom: "Nope! They're not done kissing yet! I'm gonna go get another beer!"

Tom: "Damn it! That's enough! New Year's kiss is 10 seconds, not forever! You've missed the fireworks! Fine, don't listen to me!"

Tom: "Fine, have it your way, Rob & Kris! Kiss till you drop; but do not whine when your photo is all over the internet & tabloids!"

Tom: "Finally! Wow, THAT was a LONG New Year's Kiss!.. Wait, where are you, two, going?"
Rob: "We'll be back in, um, 15 minutes!"

It's 3:20am in the Isle of Wight, 3°C, & it's gonna get colder but #Robsten are warm, cocooned in their human blanket: EACH OTHER!

Rob: "I love you, Kristen, baby!"
Kristen: "I love you too, Rob, my baby!"
Tom: "Oh, shit! Drunk #Robsten are wild & loud Robsten!"


For Rob to fall that hard for Kristen, adoring & praising her, Kristen must be all that & more! #Robsten

Those who don't like Kristen will always find her rude no matter what. It's sad but she's cool to take all the beating... for Rob! #Robsten

Crazy Tweets that Could be True…LOL


  1. You are one funny dude or dudette LOL... I am always enchanted with your little stories and you are sooo right.... They could very well be true... and probably are. Rob & Kristen have a very special bond.

  2. always...very well done my dear...those two are meant to be...if the nostens like it or not! thank you so much for a wonderful year with your storys...please continue...

  3. yay! first post in new year
    happy new year ofie,
    i always love reading this blog :)

  4. always love ur mini robsten funnies dear,,,,,
    hope it's true..... ^^

    yeaaaaaaay #robstentradition

  5. Hi Ofie, Happy New Year and thank you for all of your little stories. The first thing I do in the morning is read them and it starts my day. I love these kids and have taken the ride since Twilight. It's a beautiful real fairytale!