Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jealous? Who, Kristen? Nah!!! She's just serious being Bella... Yeah, that's right!

I know that I don't have to tell you... 
But just to be sure:  THIS IS FICTION!
 MyAnna Buring:   as Tanya
Casey LaBow as Kate
Mia Maestro as Carmen
Christian Camargoas Eleazar

Shooting Edward & Bella’s 
Wedding Reception:

Bill:  “So, you know this scene by heart.  It is as you read it in the book.”  *Sways hands as he speaks*  “Edward and Bella greet the Denalis and Bella felt a little inferior… then Tanya holds Edward.”

MyAnna:  *Fidgets*  “Do I really have to hold Edward?”

Kristen:  *Looks up*  “No!!! But the script calls for it.”

Bill: “Um… T-that’s right.”  *Clears throat*  “So, lets do this!”  *Counts*  “ACTION!”

MyAnna:  “Ah, Edward… I’ve missed you!!!”

Bill:  “CUT!”  *Walks towards MyAnna*  “MyAnna, you don’t just stand there when you say your lines!  You have to move closer to Rob, pull him into your arms, then hold him tight.”

Kristen:  “That’s not what the script said!  It just said, “HOLD!”  It didn’t say “Pulls Edward into her arms.”  Can’t she just hold his hand, Bill?”

Bill:  “It’s on page 54 of the book, Kristen…”

Rob:  *Smiling from ear to ear*  “You okay with that, baby?”

Kristen:  “Why shouldn’t I be?”  *Narrows eyes*  “Let’s go again!”

Bill:  “Okay… Position!”  *Counts*  “ACTION!!!”

MyAnna:  *Grabs Rob in her arms*  “Ah, Edward.  I’ve missed you!”  *Suddenly pushes Rob from her*

Bill:  *Shakes head*  “CUT!!!  What was that?  Why did you push Rob?”

MyAnna:  *Bows head*  “Um… I’m sorry.  It’s just that…”

Kristen:   *Smiles* “What?  Don’t worry about anything, MyAnna.  It’s okay. It’s only a very short embrace.  I’m cool with that.  We’re all professionals here.”

MyAnna:  “Okay… Okay… I’m sorry!”

Rob:  *Smirks*

Kristen:  *Whispers to Rob*  “You touch her where you’re not supposed to and you’re...” *Smiles sweetly*  “... Well, baby... I don't have to spell that out for you, do I?"

Rob:  *Grins wider*

Bill:  *Counts*  “Action!”

Shooting moves on…

Rob:  *Chuckling*  “It’s been too long, Tanya.  You look well.”

MyAnna:  “So do you.”

Bill:  “CUT!”

Rob:  “Oh, did I mess up my lines?”

Bill:  “No, Rob.  It’s not you.”  *Turns to Kristen*  “You were mumbling, Kristen.  Are you okay?  Do you need a short break?”

Kristen:  *Furrows brows*  “No, I was not!  And No, I don’t need a break.  Let’s get this thing over with!”

Bill:  *Breathes*  “Okay… ACTION!”

Rob:  “Let me introduce you to my wife.” *Pulls Kristen to his side*  “Tanya, this is Kristen.”

Kristen:  *Mutters to self*  “Damn right I am!”

Bill:  *Yells*  “Cut! Cut! Cut!”

Rob:  *Oblivious*  “Why?”

Bill:  “Rob… you said Kristen’s name instead of Bella’s!”

Rob:  *Smiles*  “Oh… What's the difference?”  *Coughs*  "I mean... you know..."  *Smiles even wider!*

Kristen:  "I didn't notice Rob called me Kristen.  No big deal,right?  Edward, Rob... Kristen, Bella... Edward, Bella... Rob, Kristen..."

Rob:  "Engaged... Married... So on... and so forth..."

Bill:  *Sighs*  “We really need a break.  Five-minutes!”

Rob:  “Can we make it ten?  I want a few moments with my wife!”

Bill:  *Rolls eyes*  “Jiminy Cricket!  Fine!” 

Rob:  *Grabs Kristen’s hand*

Bill:  *Watches Rob and Kristen walk away… Turns to MyAnna*  “Are you okay?  What’s the matter?  You look rather… scared?”

MyAnna:  *Takes deep breaths*  “Kristen… She’s really intense…”

Bill:  “That makes her so amazing!”

MyAnna:  “Is she a jealous girlfriend?”

Bill:  “Who?  Kristen?  Not at all!  Why?”

MyAnna:  *Looks away*  “Oh…  Ah… It’s… It’s just that…She looks at me as though she wants to beat me up!”

Bill:  “Nah!  She’s just interpreting Bella’s feelings… internalizing… She’s a really, really good actress!  She’s just playing Bella, MyAnna.”  *Prays MyAnna believes him*

MyAnna:  *Looks questioningly at Bill*  “Really?”

Bill:  *Looks away and laughs nervously*  “Oh, absolutely!”

Crew:  *Sing-songs softly* “Lier…Lier... Pants on fire…”

Bill:  “Shhhh….”

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  1. haha LOL it is as if Bella's eyes could eat Tanya LOL..if ever i'll have a chance to add a script in BD i would include a scene like this..Edward(talking to himself while wearing an apron and washing clothes): "Oh my dear wife Bella could you please slow down a bit and plsss be careful while sucking those blood and besides you're wearing a white blouse..think of me my dear it's really quite difficult to wash your clothes when it's stained with blood..have mercy on me my dear" LOL!!!

  2. Haha :D I love the jealous Kristen... um... Bella :D Very funny! :) Thank you :)